Not Just a Beach Paradise: 6 More Ways to Enjoy in Grenada tourism

There are several countries in the Caribbean known for their awesome beaches, Grenada tourism is one of them.
Grenada is home to the Grand Anse Beach, a two-mile stretch of pearly white sand and crystal blue waters that serves as a tropical paradise for many tourists.

It also has several other coasts that attract tourists and locals all year round. But Grenada is more than just a beach paradise – it offers more than what most people know.

The country consists of one main island and several smaller islands, all packed with wonderful things that you can enjoy in a multitude of ways. So, pack your bags, book a private jet charter, and get ready to enjoy six other things that make Grenada tourism an incredible destination:

Seafood Fest

If there’s one more thing you can get out of beaches in the Caribbean that won’t leave you sunburned, it’s seafood. And not just any seafood, mind you — fresh, vibrant, delectable seafood.

Every Friday, you’ll find some of the best fishes in the town of Gouyve (pronounced “gwav”) in what can be called “Fish Fridays.” Thanks to the abundant catch, locals and guests can get together for some delicious dishes made with lobster, lambi, various fishes, and other mouthwatering seafood.

If you decide to go there, try to arrive on or before 6 p.m., which is usually when the festivities begin. Tourists who’ve tried joining in can vouch for the flavorful meal made even more unforgettable by Caribbean rhythms and steel pan entertainment.

Nature Escape

Grenada Islands

Popularly known as the “Isle of Spice,” Grenada tourism has forests filled with different plants that can be used for cooking and medicine. However, one particular area has been transformed into a national park and became a well-known hiking trail.

Located 1,900 feet above sea level, the Grand Etang National Park is a gorgeous area found in Grenada’s mountains. Complete with a sparkling lake, walking trails, and steep and winding roads, Grand Etang is the definition of a nature escape.

Go on a day trip with a tour guide to try the best the park has to offer. If you arrive early, you can even enjoy a refreshing swim in the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. Don’t worry about getting back; the tour includes round-trip transportation.

If you time your arrival accordingly, you can also enjoy a highwire canopy obstacle course recently built in Grand Etang forest. This activity is enjoyable for the entire family as many visitors have fun bringing kids along for the trip.

Historic Forts

Grenada has a rich and colorful history that is still reflected in the architecture of the island, especially in the old forts: Fort Matthew and Fort George.
Fort Matthew is a 1,500-yard fort located in St. George’s, the capital of Grenada. The biggest of its kind in the country, the fort was named after then-governor Edward Matthew.

This structure has a unique beauty, with traces of the intricate architecture and interior design of the 18th century, complete with amenities like army kitchens and bathrooms and rum barrel tables. And because it is perched on elevated land, you can get a fantastic view of St. George and Melville Cruise Port from the place.

The town is also home to another historic fort. Formerly called “Fort Royal” during the French regime, Fort George was later named after Britain’s King George III — a name it has carried to the present.

Erected in 1705, the strategically built fort offers another majestic aerial view of Grenada tourism capital town and harbor. It is also considered the oldest fort on the island, with many of its original walls still standing and available for tourist visits.

Leatherback Turtles

Grenada is among several Caribbean islands that serve as nesting grounds for a large population of leatherback sea turtles in the region. The 2,300-meter stretch of Levera Beach in the northeastern corner of the country hosts between 200 and 900 nesting activities every year.

Also called the lute turtle, leatherback sea turtles are the largest living species of turtle and heaviest non-crocodilian reptile in the world. They are also considered a vulnerable species, with their population continuously decreasing.

Because of this, the Grenada government decided to keep them protected as they visit the island during their nesting season between March and July.

Of course, you can still witness these massive reptiles on the shores of Grenada tourism, digging up holes in the sand to leave their eggs in before heading back out to the sea. Just remember that you need to come with a tour guide in the evening to observe these marvelous creatures.

Caribbean Carnivals

Colorful carnivals are quite common in almost any Caribbean nation. In Grenada, people celebrate an annual Spicemas Grenada tourism Carnival that starts in April and peaks in August. The entire event is filled with elaborate outfits, street dances, and soca concerts.

Aside from this, there is also a smaller carnival that starts at the onset of Lent in the island of Carriacou and several music festivals sprinkled throughout the year, including:

  • The Drum Festival
  • The Carriacou Parang Festival
  • The Grenada Chocolate Festival

Citizenship by Investment

Can’t get enough of the Isle of Spice? Why not move there? Like many Caribbean countries, Grenada tourism offers an easy way to reside there legally: the citizenship by investment program.

The program also grants you access to all the perks Grenada nationals enjoy, including visa-free travel benefits and tax incentives. The citizenship application process is also quite straightforward, not to mention cost-effective.

The best part is that one Grenada citizenship can cover a family of four, including a legal spouse, dependent children below 30 years old, parents, and single siblings without children.

Grenada citizenship by investment options include:

National Transformation Fund (NTF) Donation

A donation to the National Transformation Fund (NTF) of at least $150,000 or $200,000 allows single applicants or families of four or less, respectively, to enjoy all the perks of Grenada citizenship.

This is paid with all the applicable fees for the application, including due diligence and government fees.

Real Estate Investment

A real estate investment in Grenada must be worth at least $350,000 in a government-approved property for every application, be it a single applicant or a family of up to four members.

Investing also comes with government fees, due diligence fees, processing fees, and application fees.

More Than Just Beaches

Grenada tourism is one of several Caribbean countries that offer more than just pristine beaches. From delicious dishes and rare sea creatures to colorful carnivals and rich history, there’s plenty of other reasons why you should visit – and probably relocate to – Grenada.

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