The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining Malta Citizenship After a Residence Permit

Tales of life in the Mediterranean country attract the attention of potential investors. Interest in the proposal is not waning, as Malta is actively developing. The investment for obtaining an official residence permit is a significant contribution to the development.

Financial contributions from the program are used to improve infrastructure, health care, and living standards. The demand for Malta citizenship by investment program helps to maintain high development indicators.

It is worth using the help of professionals to go through this challenging and time-consuming process. Experts can adequately evaluate the proposal and find a way to speed up the process.

According to the statement of the employee of Immigrant Invest Victoria Atanasova, the chance of getting approval for the application is relatively high.

Eligibility criteria for Malta citizenship

The naturalization path in the country raises many questions. The cost calculation depends on the conditions chosen. The search for simple explanations will lead to the study of mandatory requirements, the non-compliance with which can affect the result of participation in the program.

To obtain Maltese second citizenship, one should:

  1. Collect the package of documents. Only adults who can meet the other requirements of the country are invited to apply.
  2. Provide financial support. Foreigners are required to pay at least 600 thousand euros to the state fund to obtain residency.
  3. Purchase real estate. Renting and purchasing a home for five years will allow one to qualify for the accelerated program.

Living in the country is also included in the list of requirements. The minimum period is one year, but it requires the permission of the government authorities. A valid residence card is the first mandatory item for those wishing to obtain a Maltese passport.

The process of obtaining Malta citizenship after a residence permit

The residence permit is a mandatory item on the list of requirements. It is the first level of the procedure to go through. Next, an application must be submitted to verify eligibility. The process takes some time, and having official documents affects the review’s outcome.

The applicant for Malta citizenship must reside in the country. The Minister of the Agency considers only those applications where the applicant has met some requirements. The period of residence is from 1 to 3 years, as the country offers an accelerated option (the amount of contribution to the fund is increased).

It is up to the officials of the Community of Malta to decide in favor of granting citizenship status to a foreign investor. Successful completion of the procedure means that the resident must complete a few simple steps:

  • taking the oath of allegiance to the country;
  • obtaining a certificate of completed naturalization.

Property that is registered in the applicant’s name cannot be rented or sublet. The minimum ownership period (residential property rental) is five years. Until the specified period ends, actions with the property will not be available.

Benefits of Malta citizenship

Many benefits help to stimulate interest in the program. Since the country is known for its incredible scenery and high quality of life, many will want to obtain a Malta passport. If that’s not enough for you, it’s worth exploring other benefits:

  1. Taxation. Inheritance, dividends, and profits are not taxed. In addition, double taxation is also excluded.
  2. Travel. Business meetings in other countries can be held without prior preparation. Visas are not required to visit Europe, Britain, and Australia.
  3. Education. Obtaining quality education in public and private universities is not a problem. It is enough to get citizenship for this purpose.
  4. Reputation. Since the government is responsible for providing solutions to foreigners, it is possible to ensure the safety of residents.
  5. Landscapes. Beautiful nature and lack of enterprises allow one to enjoy the fresh air. Malta is an ideal choice of country to live in.

Waiver of first citizenship is not required, and it is eligible. A participant in the program can use two passports for travel and active business development. The lack of restrictions allows one to get a second home in a beautiful country.


A wide range of programs allows one to decide based on one’s interests. The demanding nature of Malta does not affect the offer’s popularity, and the long preparation time is not a problem.

It is necessary to take advantage of the attractive program of the Golden Visa to take care of comfortable living conditions. Residence permits and then – citizenship bring more privileges than problems. However, it is not possible to do without the help of experts.

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