Romantic activities couples can indulge in on an Israel vacation

Israel might be small, but it has so much to offer that it’s almost unbelievable. Tourists worldwide are thrilled with this country’s unique wonders, and couples are just at the top of this list of admirers.

Israel has emerged as a beloved honeymoon destination, and for a good reason: it has got everything love birds could ever ask for in a romantic location. It’s the perfect blend of history and modernity, sublime nature and majestic buildings, and an incredibly diverse culture and tradition.

So, while Paris and Maldives remain some of the classic honeymoon destinations, Israel is that breath of fresh air curious couples can immerse themselves in.

This country the size of New Jersey has a well-preserved history with a touch of modernity, so it’s ideal for both wanderers and those who want to get lost in the posh nightlife of Tel Aviv.

The truth is that few countries provide such a varied mix of experiences – soaking up the sun in the southern side of Israel is just a few hours away from skiing on the snow-covered fields of Mount Hermon.

So, if you’re looking for a memorable destination to take that special someone to, there’s nothing quite like Israel. Here’s what the country can delight you with:

brown rock formation during sunset

Pack a picnic with a view

Sunsets in Israel are considered to come from another world, so it’s no wonder why so many visitors try to find just the best spot to admire the Israelian sun.

Nonetheless, many don’t know that the best way to appreciate it is not from the middle of the Old City but from a distance. So, we recommend taking advantage of this country’s magnificent viewpoints and having a romantic picnic there.

Bloomfield Park is probably the most beautiful place to indulge in such an idealistic activity, as it boasts idyllic fountains and sculptures and lovely walking paths you can take your other half on.

Extra tip: get your picnic provisions from the Machne Yehuda market (the shuk), a famous place in Jerusalem where you can taste Israel’s culture. 

Listen to the waves smash as you dawdle along the sea in Israel 

We can’t talk about Israel without mentioning its sparkling beaches. The beachside promenade in Tel Aviv, in particular, stands out, as it gives couples the perfect spot to marvel at the sunset over the Mediterranean and admire Tel Aviv’s most amazing views after dark.

Imagine enjoying the sunset with your toes in the sand and your hands folded on Bograshov beach. What else could be more romantic?

You shouldn’t miss the enticing views of Old Jaffa, either. This neighborhood of Tel Aviv-Yafo will transport you to other realms with its breathtaking museums, theaters, art galleries, and restaurants.

Israel’s museums are a great insight into the country’s history and culture, so ensure you visit as many as possible. If your partner is a proud culture vulture, booking one of the many Israel connection tours available, which can be personalized to meet your very specific needs would be wise.

Go stargazing in the vast Negev desert

The Negev desert is an infinite source of pleasure, and couples know this well. More and more couples around the world choose to get immersed in this remote area by relaxing and enjoying the expansive sky in a secluded spot.

If you want to explore the rugged moonscape-like plains of the region, you can rent a car. And if you wish to take your romance game to the next level, we recommend having an idyllic hot-air balloon ride.

The idea of admiring the stunning desert region of Israel in a flying basket above the ground sounds tempting and more reachable than you may think.

Floating in the air over historical sites, plantations, and fields of flowers is made possible due to the many companies handling this that can be found across the area.

Have an adrenaline rush

Hot-air ballooning is a unique experience, but if you want to push your limits, you can indulge in one of Israel’s many extreme sports. With miles and miles of rivers and coastline, you can try your hand at a range of water sports, from kayaking on the Jordan river to sailing and surfing on the vast stretch of sparkling water.

You can also have a jeep safari tour through the rocky terrain of the Negev desert. Israel also has numerous tunnels, winding streets, and stone walls you can easily get lost in if an experienced guide does not accompany you.

Acre, a famous Crusader city and the city of David are two pertinent examples in this sense. And if you dare to be a bit more adventurous, ensure you immerse in some of the country’s caves – Malcham, which is close to the Dead Sea, Sorek in the Judean Mountains, and Maresha Caves in Beit Guvrin National Park. 

Get lost in Israel’s centuries-old villages

Israel is not just about Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Tel Aviv. The country also boasts numerous secluded locations that are true examples of its rich cultural heritage.

So, if you’re to spend your honeymoon in the Land of the Bible, ensure you add the following magical villages to your bucket list:

  • Safed – mysterious and holy, Safed has everything a couple might want in a romantic holiday.
  • Caesarea – if you have a love not only for each other but also for the Herodian architecture, the town of Caesarea is ideal for you.
  • Ein Kerem – nature is at its best in this village of lush vegetation.
  • Ein Hod – this is for your inner artist. Ein Hod is a great place to challenge your creative spirit due to its numerous workshops.

People here are very welcoming and polite; talking to them is a delight. However, you may first want to learn Hebrew basics. Even if locals are likely to understand English, they’d be happy to hear some words in Hebrew from visitors.

Luckily, you can learn Hebrew from scratch with the help of the various resources (online classes, textbooks for beginners) available out there. Israel might not be Paris, but it’s a unique romantic destination that should be given a chance.

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