Tree House Resort Jaipur | Estimated Price, & Things To do  

The Tree House Resort Jaipur is a unique and beautiful place. Here, you find luxury rooms among the trees. Adventure activities like zip-lining and bird-watching are also done in the resort. 

The tree houses jaipur are perfect for a peaceful stay among nature. The resort staff is friendly and helpful. The food here is also very tasty. Your experience by staying at The Tree Resort Jaipur will be memorable and relaxing!

Estimated Tree House Resort Jaipur Price:

Room TypePrice (Per Night in INR)Inclusions
Deluxe Nest12,000Breakfast, Wi-Fi, Nature Walk
Luxury Nest15,000Breakfast, Wi-Fi, Nature Walk
Private Suite18,000Breakfast, Wi-Fi, Nature Walk, Spa
Family Nest20,000Breakfast, Wi-Fi, Nature Walk
Water House22,000Breakfast, Wi-Fi, Nature Walk, Spa

Highlights of Tree House Resort Jaipur:

These are some of the highlights of Resort, Jaipur. All this together makes your stay memorable:

Unique Tree Houses:

Unique experience of staying in luxury rooms above the trees.

Adventure Activities:

You can also enjoy adventure activities here, like zip-lining, bird watching and nature walks.

Beautiful Scenery:

Everywhere, greenery and peaceful environment.

Luxury Amenities:

Comfortable rooms, spa services and tasty food.

Friendly Staff:

Helpful and welcoming staff who make your stay memorable.


The fun of eco-friendly stay with nature.

Convenient Location:

Easily accessible from Jaipur.

How do you make a Tree House Resort Jaipur booking?

  • Visit the official website: Visit the official website of the resort and click on ‘Book Now’ or ‘Reservations’ section.
  • Select Dates: Select the dates of your trip.
  • Choose Room Type: Preferred room type should be chosen like Deluxe Nest, Luxury Nest, etc.
  • Fill the Details: Fill your personal details like name, contact number, and email address.
  • Payment method: Choose the payment method and make an online payment.
  • Confirmation: After booking is confirmed you will get a confirmation email or message.

You can also book through online travel portals like MakeMyTrip,, or You can also book directly from the resort by making a phone call.

Things To Do At The Tree House Resort Jaipur: 

Here are some of the top things you can do during your stay:

  • Nature walks and birdwatching
  • Archery and rifle shooting
  • Wildlife safari
  • Swimming
  • Ziplining and rope climbing
  • Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Cycling and camel cart rides

How To reach:

By Air: 

You can take a taxi or cab from Jaipur Airport, which will take you to the resort in about one hour.

By Train: 

You can also take a taxi or cab from Jaipur Railway Station, which reaches the resort in 45 minutes.

By Road: 

The road from Jaipur to Tree House Resort is simple. You can reach the resort by car or taxi, which is 30 km away by following NH8.


What activities are available in the resort?

Here, zip-lining, bird watching, nature walks, and spa services are available.

Is Tree House Resort Jaipur family-friendly?

Yes, this resort is perfect for families. Here, Family Nest rooms and a safe environment are available.

How is the food at Tree House Resort Jaipur?

The food here is very tasty and full of variety. Breakfast is usually included in the package.

Is Wi-Fi available at Resort?

Well, the resort has free Wi-Fi available which is included in your stay package.

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