5 Attributes that Make Your Train Ticket Booking Experience Easy

The supremely digitalizing world and its tech-savvy advancements have led all of us in the direction of convenience, efficiency, time-saving, and effortless activities. One can access anything and everything on their mobile phones with a good internet connection. No going anywhere else! Even the train ticket booking is online.  

There are various partner concerns, subsidiary bodies, and third-party service providers of IRCTC that allow you the same services as that of IRCTC. Trainman is one among those. Most of us have interacted with the IRCTC portal at least once. It has all the railway services at our disposal, just a few clicks away.

But sometimes, due to heavy footfall or some other bandwidth issues, there are chances that the application might not support it. But a lot of people coming in together implies crashing of the website and hence delays. To share the load, the trainman came to life.

Trainman offers multiple features that make passenger’s train ticket booking online journey hassle-free. Also, in the present times, where everyone has a mobile phone and access to the internet, people seldom choose the longer ways to finish their tasks. For instance, the visits to the shopping mall have an easier alternative as e-commerce shopping apps on mobile phones. 

Likewise, people do not visit train stations now because of the easy accessibility or train ticket booking apps. The following are some of the best features that make mobile applications for e-ticketing a better option. 

Train ticket

Multiple languages

A language barrier can be a huge issue for anyone. It is essential that an online ticketing app built for customer convenience has multilingual features to make sure all users can use it regardless of their native language.

With more and more businesses going online, the multilingual part is one of the most desired features in an app. Trainman’s train ticket booking online features provide hassle-free service for passengers.

As for today, most of the online ticketing apps are available in English. However, this may not satisfy everyone’s needs since there are many people who have different native languages to English.

A multilingual feature for an online ticketing app that can be used by people with any language background increases last-mile connectivity. It allows them to purchase tickets conveniently without worrying.

Search Via Voice

In recent years, voice search has been growing in popularity. Voice could become a standard way for people to interact with their mobile devices in the near future. Keeping this in mind, Trainman also has introduced its search by voice feature to find your trains.

Voice search is getting popular, and it’s not just for people to find information by speaking. With the advent of search by voice, the need to type on the phone has become irrelevant. And you can enjoy train ticket booking on your phones without having to type any text into it.

With Trainman’s latest technology features, passengers can book their tickets, know train routes, check PNR status, etc., everything on their mobile phones. 

Notification Alerts

The notification feature is an important one for the users. The application asks for your email id and phone number for this purpose. They are helpful to let you know about any upcoming discounts or offers on train tickets, train delays, updates in schedules, etc.

The app notifies the users of any changes in the program. If there is a delay, it updates them with the new arrival time to avoid any last-minute hassles. Notification alerts are a standard feature in most ticketing websites. The two best benefits of Trainman’s notification for train ticket booking online are as follows.  

  • They are timely and relevant.
  • They do not irritate or interrupt the user’s experience on the website.

Canceled train details

The weather is unpredictable, and so are the train routes. We can not know which train gets stuck with the climate conditions and has to take a halt. We all have heard that trains do get canceled. But if we do not obtain information in advance, it is simply a waste of time, money, and effort.

You would have to struggle at the railway station with your luggage, and you might not know when the train will arrive. All this is like a nightmare. But, if you have booked your train tickets online with Trainman, you can rest assured. The app sends details via notifications if there is any delay or cancellation. 

Current Status 

A PNR (Passenger Name Record) is like the travel document of the train ticket, which is generated once you pay for your ticket. The PNR status will be generated during the booking process and can be accessed on most trains’ websites.

There is nothing more traumatic than booking a train ticket and then finding out that the PNR status says that it is not confirmed in the end. But Trainman allows you to keep a constant check on your PNR.

Once you enter the PNR number, you can view what time your train is departing and how much time it will take to reach your destination. If you don’t want to miss out on a day’s work, this information will come in handy as the last thing you want to do is rush from work to catch a departing train!

Any person who has a train ticket booking online application on their phones can stay away from the stress of missing their train or getting late.

Firstly, your ticket remains on your phone as a text message and also on email. You can never leave them no matter what. Next, you receive a notification when it comes to any delay, changes, route change, fare discounts, etc. 

All this becomes overwhelming for the passenger who has never booked a train ticket over the internet. Trainman has a website as well as an application where you can avail of the services. Your trip via train is as important as it is.

So, it is vital that you choose a method that helps you enjoy every moment and relives the stress of the pre-booking procedure.

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