Top 7 Attractions and Places to Visit in Basildon

Prior to the 1960s, Basildon was just a collection of villages. However, in the 1960s, a new town named Basildon was formed. Interestingly, it has quite of few attractions and places you can visit. Moreover, due to its proximity to London (just 30 miles), It is fast becoming a tourist favourite.

In the post below, we will cover the top seven attractions and places to visit in Basildon. When in London, make sure that you pay a visit to them by the best possible mode of transport. You can go for minibus hire in Basildon, as it will save your time and also guide you to explore the best plaes of Basildon.

1. Wat Tyler Country Park:

Wat Tyler Country Park is spread over an area of 125 acres. Some of the most popular attractions include:

  • Adventure playground
  • Miniature railway
  • Village Green
  • Basildon Heritage

The park is designed in such a way that individuals of all ages have something to do.

2. Towngate Theatre:

Towngate Theatre is an auditorium with a seating capacity of 550. It is located in St Martin square, which is easy to reach from any part of the town.

With regular performances from comedians, dance companies, and bands, make sure that you visit the theatre when you’re in town.

3. Langdon visitor centre:

Langdon visitor centre is situated within 461 acres of land in the park, which consists of meadows, lakes, and woodland. There are various walking routes in and around the visitor center and various cottages to explore. The volunteers are extremely friendly, ensuring you can explore the visitor centre in the surrounding area.

4. Northlands Park:

Northlands Park is perfect for tourists and residents to hang around. While it might not be as big as some other parks, the undisturbed views and flora and fauna certainly make it worth a visit.

There is a nice cafe around which allows you to enjoy nature in its most pure form. Also, while visiting Basildon, if you want to mingle with locals, this is the park you should visit.

5. Basildon Mother and Child Statue:

Basildon Mother and Child Statue has become one of this town’s most iconic structures. It was designed by Maurice Lambert and installed in Basildon Town square.

The statue is a great piece of art and symbolises the pure love between a mother and a child. The impressive sculpture is certainly a memorable one that will inspire you.

6. Hadleigh Castle:

Hadleigh Castle is a 13th-century castle that was home to King Edward III. Hubert de Burgh, an ally of King John, built it. The fortifications from time to time are the reason why the ruins of this castle still stand tall.

However, just by looking at the ruins, you can admire the overall architecture and the scale at which it was built. Nearby drum towers are another place to visit to become a part of history since these were used to catch smugglers during the eighteenth century.

The best way to reach the castle and the other attractions is to opt for coach hire. That way, you can explore Basildon and its surrounding attractions in a comfortable manner.

7. Norsey Wood:

Basildon is one of the best towns to explore nature. Norsey Wood is a nature reserve located close by and spread over 175 acres. Since it is barely 10 minutes away from the town, it is worth a visit to explore the 500-year-old of flora and fauna, which include various ancient trees of species like:

  • Oak
  • Chestnut trees
  • Hornbeam
  • And so on

Within the natural resource, there are two trails as well. Sure enough, exploring this reserve might take some time, but it is definitely worth it.

As you can see, Basildon has a lot to offer. In case you’re wondering how to explore all these places, it is a good idea to opt for a minibus hire in Basildon. That way, you can save a lot of time and explore all of these attractions without having to spend multiple days in Basildon.

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