11 Experiences to have in The British Countryside

The British countryside is a bastion of natural beauty that’s perfect for all kinds of walks. From short to long walks, there are plenty of experiences in the British countryside.

If you want to enjoy a countryside walk without worrying about anything, go during the summertime. However, even during other seasons, there are plenty of activities and experiences available that you can choose from.

For a truly unique experience, the British countryside offers visitors attractions far beyond your typical tourist hotspot. From breathtaking hikes and charming towns to heritage sites and outdoor activities,

For many people, the countryside is a place of tranquility and beauty. But it’s also a great place to explore diverse landscapes, experience unique cultures, and meet amazing people. What better way to spend your summer than going on one of these adventures?

With a bit of planning and effort, you can find a lot of attractions throughout the countryside. Here are eleven experiences you will want to experience when visiting the British countryside


1. Get a Glimpse of Stonehenge’s Ancient Ruins

Built during the late Neolithic period (2500 – 2000 BC), Stonehenge is a mysterious circle of stones located on Salisbury Plain. A must-see for any fan of folklore and ancient cultures, Stonehenge is one of the most awe-inspiring attractions in the British countryside. Explore its otherworldly landscape, and try to unravel some of its many mysteries.

Stonehenge is one of the most iconic prehistoric sites in the world and one of the best-known megalithic monuments in Europe. Explore the fascinating site, learn about its history, and take in the stunning views of the countryside.

2. Take a Zipline Ride Down Mount Snowdon

Mount Snowdon is the highest peak in Wales, and with its rugged terrain and stunning views, it’s also a fantastic place for zip-lining. With two zip lines reaching up to 1,198 feet/365 m of vertical descent, you can be sure that this experience will leave you feeling brave and exhilarated.

In addition to being the tallest peak in England and Wales, Mount Snowdon also has the longest zip line in Europe. The sights are breathtaking at the top, and they grow more beautiful as you speed past the mountain and the beautiful British countryside.

3. Get on Board the Hogwarts Express

A must-do for Harry Potter fans, the Hogwarts Express is a magical way to travel through the countryside. Ride in an old-fashioned steam engine and cross over viaducts, visit charming villages straight out of fairytales or try to spot real-life haunts.

Enjoy excellent food on board, take photos of quaint English scenery, and even bump into some familiar characters from your favorite story. Experiencing the splendor of the Highlands through a journey across the countryside is an unforgettable experience.

While you enjoy your visit to Hogwarts express, you don’t want to miss Castle Combe, Bourton-on-the-Water, Painswick, Bibury, Stow-on-the-Wold, and Chipping Campden are some of the best places to visit in the Cotswolds.

4. Experience the British Countryside by Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning across the English and Welsh country is a unique experience that can’t be found elsewhere. Glide over rivers, valleys, and hills, enjoying the beauty of nature. This activity usually takes an hour to complete, so bring your camera and binoculars to ensure you get the most out of it!

There is no better way to see the British countryside than from a hot air balloon. Additionally, you could wear hiking boots and wander through the countryside.

5. Take a Walk Along Hadrian’s Wall

There are several walks you can take, ranging from easy to strenuous. Popular walks include the Housesteads to Steel Rigg Circular Walk, the Sycamore Gap to Caw Gap Walk, and the Chesters and Aydon Castle Walk. Each walk offers breathtaking views, steep inclines, and a rich history.

A Roman defensive barrier built during the 2nd century AD, Hadrian’s Wall is a testament to the power of the Roman Empire. Spanning 73 miles, it’s an impressive sight and one of Britain’s most iconic archaeological treasures.

Taking a walk along provides an opportunity to learn about the stunning countryside and get a glimpse of history in action. Plus, there are some spectacular views to be had!

6. Get a Taste of Italy While You’re in Wales

Wales is home to a unique village called Portmeirion. This picturesque village was built in the style of an Italian fishing village by renowned architect Clough William-Ellis.

Explore Mediterranean-style architecture, stroll through gardens and around a serene lake, or participate in one of the many events held annually. Portmeirion is the perfect place to spend a day escaping and marveling at its beauty.

The train ride out here is initially rather picturesque, and you can even pause at Harlech Castle, which you still need to bid farewell to before arriving at Portmeirion.

It’s an impressive site to spend a day in and was constructed in the form of a medieval Italian village over the course of 50 years. Along with lovely, colorful houses, it also has a nice beach.

7. Take a Trip to See Puffins, Seals, and Whales

Experience wildlife first-hand by going on a wildlife safari in Britain. There are plenty of boat tours and small cruises around the country, each offering chances to see seals, sea birds like puffins and guillemots, dolphins, whales, and even basking sharks! Tours from Bristol, Scotland’s Shetland Isles, Cornwall, or Wales make for the perfect family day out.

Popular destinations include Skomer Island in Wales, Headlands, and the Hebrides and Isle of Mull. Skomer Island is the best place to see puffins, Cornwall Headlands is the best place to see basking sharks, and the Hebrides and Isle of Mull are the best to see whales.

8. Enjoy Afternoon Tea in a Traditional British Inn

Enjoy a quintessentially British experience of afternoon tea in a traditional English Inn. Inns have been around for hundreds of years, and many still remain, providing a unique and charming atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying your freshly brewed tea and homemade cake.

Not only does it provide a welcome break from exploring the countryside, but these inns also serve delicious meals so you can refuel quickly on your journey.

Enjoy afternoon tea in a traditional British Inn in the countryside at Greywalls Hotel and Chez Roux in Gullane, Scotland. This luxurious hotel offers a classic afternoon tea with fresh sandwiches, clotted cream scones, and homemade pastries. The hotel also offers a selection of 16 different types of tea, as well as an outdoor terrace to take in the stunning views of the countryside.

9. Visit Historical Sites – Castles, Manors, and Abbeys

A trip to the British countryside isn’t complete without a visit to some historical sites. England is home to many centuries-old castles, manors, and abbeys.

Visit magnificent Warwick Castle, marvel at Leeds Castle, and explore the enchanting Winchester Cathedral, among other notable attractions. Uncover the hidden secrets behind these iconic buildings and learn more about England’s fascinating past.

Other popular destinations include Blenheim Palace, the Tower of London, and Fountains Abbey. Experience the countryside’s stunning views and explore the historical sites.

10. Spot Wildlife on a Safari or Nature Tour

The British countryside is home to a wide variety of wildlife that many people never get to see. Take a safari or nature tour around some of England’s best national parks, such as the Peak District, Epping Forest, and New Forest.

Spot red deer, badgers, wild rabbits, birds, and more with expert guides leading the way. Listen out for the enchanting sounds of nightingales and larks during summer evenings at dawn! Allow yourself to spot rare species living in areas devoid of human disturbance.

Other popular destinations include the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland, Peak District in England, and Snowdonia National Park in Wales. Explore the parks and take in the spectacular views of the countryside.

11. The Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly are a group of islands located 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall. With their mild climate and exotic wildlife, they are often referred to as Britain’s “tropical” Isles.

There are plenty of activities on offer, from enjoying the beaches, exploring the gardens, and birdwatching, to visiting the historical sites and taking boat trips to the outer islands.


Almost everyone can enjoy the beauty of the countryside. Whether you’re looking for peace and solitude or want to learn about traditional British culture, these eleven experiences will have you coming back for more.

Everything from enjoying a refreshing pint in the local pub to leaf-peeping under wild hedges – there’s something for everyone on this list. Discover more about the unique things to do in London and travel like royalty.

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