Top Designer Cakes to Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday That Encourages Outdoor Activity

A cake can add glamour to any function, and if you are celebrating the birthday of your friend who loves to travel, then you can choose a cake that can encourage outdoor activity.

In this article, we have compiled top designer cakes that are delicious and that can add fun to the celebration and also can be used as a hint for an outdoor trip. So, let’s take a look at some top designer cakes that you can buy online and have delivered to your doorstep.

1] Car Shaped Theme Cake

Car-shaped theme cake is an amazing fondant cake that is made with rich cream and exotic ingredients.

The car-shaped cake is visually awesome and can charm your best friend, and it will surely deliver your message for an outdoor trip without saying anything.

This cake can fill your friend’s birthday celebration with fun, and also it will treat everyone’s taste buds at the party. 

2] Jungle Theme Fondant Cake

Jungle theme fondant cake can be the perfect choice for your friend’s birthday, and it may surely fix an outdoor trip with your friends.

This is a beautiful two-tiered fondant cake that is artistically decorated with the entire crew of the jungle, like a lion, an elephant, and a giraffe, along with a tree. The sponge of the cake can be customized with your favorite flavor.

3] Playful Pitch Football Cake

Playful pitch football cake is sure to impress any sports fan, and if your friend is also a sports fan, then surely it will impress him.

The cake is rectangular, just like a football ground with a delicious sponge that can be made with your preferred choice, and fondant characters like a football and a white jersey enhance the look of the cake. 

Order this cake online from any online shop with convenient delivery, such as FlowerAura Cake delivery in Delhi is very convenient for such a themed cake, so if you are living in Delhi, you may consider them and get this fascinating cake along with some fabulous gifts for your friend on his birthday. 

4] Sweet and Speedy Car Cake

Sweet and speedy car cake will treat you and your friend’s taste buds as this creamy cake is so delicious.

The cake is decorated with colorful stars made of sugar sheets and a red car made of fondant perched atop a bed of fluffy cream. Order this cake online and get your friend ready for a picnic at your favorite place.

5] Cricket Craze Cream Cake

Cricket craze cream cake will surely impress your cricket lover friend, and after the birthday celebration, you may plan to watch a cricket match in the stadium with your friends.

The round-shaped cake looks like a cricket field, and fondant characters like a bat, ball, and wickets on the top complete its look and is best for a cricket lover.

6] Quirky Cricket Fondant Cake

Quirky cricket fondant cake is made of fondant and sponge that can be made with your favorite flavor. On the top of the cake, fondant characters like knee pads, a ball, wickets, and a blue jersey give it a quirky cricket ground look.

You can surprise your friend with this cake on his birthday, and after looking at this cake, they will definitely be bound to play a cricket match that will make the celebration more memorable.

7] Colourful Car Fondant Cake

Colorful car fondant cake is irresistibly tasty and visually stunning that will surely impress your friend. The cake is beautifully crafted with fondant featuring cute white clouds, the sun, and beautiful flowers on the side, and on the top, a red car enhances the look of the cake.

This colorful car fondant cake will make you crazy to have an outdoor adventure with your friends.

8] Tom And Jerry Adventure Fondant Cake

Tom and Jerry adventure fondant cake will surely bring back old happy memories with your friend, and after the birthday celebration with this delicious cake, you may consider an adventure trip together.

This delicious cake is decorated with the famous characters Tom in the front with his tongue out and Jerry on the top, holding a hammer that is made with cheese. Also, beautiful stars are made of fondant, completing the look of this delicious cake.

9] Blue and White Aeroplane Cake

Blue and White airplane cake is a beautiful and irresistibly delicious cake that can add charm to your friend’s birthday celebration. The round-shaped cake is made with chocolate flavor and topped with an airplane made of fondant.

The cake will deliver your message to your friend that it’s time for an outdoor adventure, and it will surely impress your friend.


Celebrate your friend’s birthday with awesome designer cakes that can also deliver a message to your friend for an outdoor trip. We have suggested to you the top nine designer cakes, from car-shaped theme cakes to blue and white airplane cakes that can be funny, quirky, and colorful.

Choose any of the suggested cakes and some handy gifts available online to celebrate your friend’s birthday and create memories.

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