Top 10 National parks in the world for 202

Around the world, there are several national parks. In the USA, there’s Yellowstone, with extraordinary geysers and animals. Tanzania has Serengeti, where animals like wildebeest migrate. Canada’s Banff has pretty mountains and lakes. Chile has Torres del Paine with tall peaks and ice. 

Australia’s Kakadu has ancient rock art and lots of animals. South Africa’s Kruger has diverse wildlife. New Zealand’s Fiordland is super scenic. China’s Jiuzhaigou Valley is beautiful. Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes has stunning waterfalls. Ecuador’s Galápagos has unique animals. All these parks show how incredible nature is and why we must take care of it.

Top 10 largest national parks in the world:

Top 10 National parks in the world photo
Top 10 National parks in the world photo

The biggest national parks in the world are like giant natural playgrounds. They cover huge areas with lots of different plants and animals. Some are icy and hot, but all help keep our planet’s extraordinary places safe from harm.

Northeast Greenland National Park, Greenland:

It is 972,000 square kilometers long. You can see ice sheets, calm fjords (like big, narrow bays), and musk here. It is one of the world’s top 10 most famous national parks. 

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia:

Dive into the big underwater world of the most extensive coral reef system. It is enormous, covering 344,400 square kilometers. Picture colorful coral gardens, dolphins playing around, and giant humpback whales in this fantastic water kingdom.

Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, USA:

It is a big area, 1,510,000 square kilometers, in the faraway Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. It is a safe home for lively coral reefs, unique birds called albatrosses that need protection, and old Hawaiian places important to their culture.

Phoenix Islands Protected Area, Kiribati:

It is a vast underwater world in the Central Pacific, covering 410,000 square kilometers. It is a magical place with clean coral reefs, islands with many seabirds, and a safe home for marine animals like green turtles and giant humphead whales.

North and East Greenland National Park, Greenland:

It is spread over a massive area, 972,000 square kilometers, unlike other big parks in Northeast Greenland. This place is also icy and has glaciers, floating icebergs, and rough mountains. It is a home for polar bears, seals, and narwhals. 

Wrangel Island National Park, Russia:

An Arctic island in the Bering Sea, an extensive park covering 41,600 square kilometers. It is a special place with lots of different living things. Polar bears, walruses, and millions of travel birds often come here to stay safe in this cold and icy area.

Svalbard National Park, Norway:

It is a big area, 61,000 square kilometers, in the Svalbard islands. It is a safe home for polar bears, reindeer, and Arctic foxes. This fantastic place has big ice mountains, snowy peaks, and fjords. It is one of the most. 

Yellowstone National Park, USA:

It is a famous park in the Rocky Mountains, and it is massive, covering 898,300 square kilometers. It is a place where the ground is super interesting, with geysers shooting up, hot springs bubbling, and mud pots making funny sounds. Animals like bison, elk, and grizzly bears live in this incredible area with forests, mountains, and valleys.

Death Valley National Park, USA:

It is a big park covering 134,345 square kilometers. Massive dunes rise, flat areas shine because of salt, and deep canyons like Badwater Basin go far into the ground. 

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, USA:

A southern Colorado park covering 325,361 square kilometers. It is a big ocean but made of sand. Some of the sand piles are even more than 750 feet high! The wind moves the sand, and the sand makes soft sounds, so the park is always different when you come to explore it.


Are there things at these parks we can use?

They do, indeed; many have places to study and things to do. Others, however, are more nature-oriented, so they have just a few things.

Are these parks for animal lovers only?

Nope! These parks are for everyone. If you like animals, that’s cool, but you also can go hiking, take photos, or just appreciate how pretty everything is.

How do they determine what size a park should be?

Parks can be excellent because they have mountains, oceans, etc. The largest try to cover many different places.

Why are these the top parks?

The specialty of these parks is that they have beautiful scenery and many different kinds of animals, and they protect nature.

How can I protect these parks?

When you go there, you can be friendly to nature. Keep to the rules, don’t make a mess, and sometimes you can even clean up. Another good way to help is to donate money to groups that help animals and parks.

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