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OAT, or Overseas Adventure Travel, arranges outstanding trips for adventure lovers. Small groups are taken to different places around the world. OAT wants you to experience the same old tourist stuff and to experience how the locals live. There are unique markets, exciting safaris, and far-flung places like Patagonia. OAT Travel is a company that teaches kindness for places and people. OAT is here to make that happen and to help you see the world in a unique and fun way.

Overseas adventure travel catalog:

If you want an adventure, Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) has a fine catalog of unique trips worldwide. Catalog is a book of magic that records some of the most exciting adventures, exotic cultures, and beautiful places. From the pages, one can imagine oneself in all these marvelous places and going through all these fabulous experiences.

Overseas Adventure Travel photo
Overseas Adventure Travel photo
  • Grand Itineraries: OAT’s extraordinary trips take you to Machu Picchu, Marrakech, and the Galápagos Islands. Each trip is a beautiful picture with scenes, sounds, and flavors that remain in the mind.
  • Small-Group Adventures: Travel with OAT’s groups of no more than 16 to get genuine personal travel. And you’ll meet many explorers and the people of the places you visit.
  • Active Exploration: OAT is for the adventurous at heart! They don’t just show you cool places; you can do exciting stuff like hiking in Borneo’s jungles, kayaking with icebergs in Patagonia, or biking in the pretty hills of Tuscany. Every adventure feels like a significant discovery!
  • Cultural Connections: OAT makes you feel the heart and soul of each place. You might stay with families in Vietnam, learn excellent weaving in the Andes, or taste yummy food from expert chefs in Thailand. Every experience helps you understand and love different cultures more.
  • Expert Guidance: The leaders at OAT know a lot about the places they take you; many are from there! They share beneficial information and make sure your trip goes smoothly. They love the places they show you and work hard to make every journey exciting and enjoyable.

Beyond the Ordinary:

OAT’s catalog is not just about regular stuff; it has unique things for different interests. 

  • Family Adventures: Discover wildlife in Costa Rica, or learn about ancient Rome— take breathtaking trips with your family!
  • Solo Traveler Adventures: If you want to travel alone, OAT offers excellent trips to make new friends and discover the world. 
  • Wellness Journeys: Go where you will make you feel good inside and outside. In Bali, you can also do yoga. You can bike and hike in New Zealand. Or you could practice mindfulness somewhere serene, like the Swiss Alps.

Opening the Door to Discovery:

OAT’s catalog invites people to try new things and feel the magic of travel—a door to a different world—each page. OAT will take you on a journey where every part is a new adventure and every place a special memory.

Overseas Adventure Travel 2024:

Prepare for exhilarating adventures in 2024. Overseas Adventure Travel (O.A.T.) is here to make your trips unforgettable. You can look inside to see what O.A.T. has in store for the coming year.

New Horizons:

  • West Africa Cruise: Take an exotic journey through Cape Verde, Senegal, and The Gambia. Living and traveling through these lively cultures, seeing beautiful places.
  • Scandinavia & Beyond: By exploring pretty Norwegian fjords with your cruising, learning about Vikings in Denmark, hanging out in cute northeastern cities in Sweden, and meeting dapper Germans. 
  • Mongolia & the Gobi Desert: Experience how the nomads live, see bizarre animals, and discover the mystery of this ancient, wild land. It is like taking a fantastic trip!

Classic Favorites:

  • Heart of India: Discover the wonders of India—famous places like the Taj Mahal, busy markets, and peaceful temples.
  • Japan’s Cultural Treasures: Visit the old temples, the lively cities, and the calm gardens of Japan. Combine traditional beauty and modern cool things.
  • Ultimate Galápagos Exploration: Explore the fantastic animals of the Galápagos Islands, as Darwin did. Find creatures you can’t find anywhere else on Earth.

Enhanced Experiences:

  • Small Ship Adventures: O.A.T. is going out to get small ships closer to faraway places.
  • Active Adventures: Hike in the giant mountains, paddle in the clear waters, or ride bikes in pretty places. Everyone can fit in with O.A.T.
  • Cultural Connection: O.A.T. has made real connections with local communities. You can stay with families, do old-fashioned things, and eat local fare.

Overseas Adventure Travel last-minute deals:

But O.A.T. is reputed for its great adventures and offers excellent last-minute deals for more spontaneous people. Here are some ways to find and explore their current last-minute travel options:


  • Last Minute Travel Deals Page: Last-minute deals have a page of their own at O.A.T. Filter by region, departure date, trip length, or price range to find your ideal adventure.
  • Search by Departure Date: On their site, just go to the search bar and choose a departure date in the next few weeks. Trip types will be mixed; some will be designated as Last Minute and have different pricing.
  • Active Adventures & Group Travel: You might give their Active Adventures or Group Travel pages a shot. Such trips tend to fill quickly, so last-minute availability is more common.


  • Call Regional Adventure Counselors: The Regional Adventure Counselors of O.A.T. can be reached by phone at 1-800-955-1925. They can help you find deals that suit your requirements and answer any questions.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals:

  • Be flexible: Last-minute offers often appear for destinations or dates that are not your first choice. To get the best discounts, be willing to forgo your usual travel places and to change your travel dates.
  • Act fast: Last-minute deals are usually taken up quickly. Book it If you see a value on offer.
  • Consider solo travel: Last-minute cancellations or empty seats often offer an advantage to solo travelers. Alone as a traveler, you may even find better deals.


  • Before making any last-minute booking, read the fine print about cancellation policies and additional fees.
  • For the latest information on their last-minute travel deals, contact O.A.T. directly.

Overseas Adventure Travel Financial Problems:

  1. Budget carefully and realistically. All possible expenditures: airfare, accommodation, food, activities, visas, and insurance.
  1. Spend some time shopping around for deals on flights and lodging. Travel comparison websites and booking may be of help.
  1. Check the currency exchange rates and plan. And you should get a travel credit card with no foreign transaction fees.
  1. Before going abroad, you should tell your bank. It will keep your cards from being frozen when using them overseas.
  1. The simplest way to avoid baggage fees is to pack light.
  1. Be flexible with your plans. Changing the dates or itinerary of your travel will save you money.


Is Overseas Adventure Travel Solvent?

Despite recent refund problems, trips still take place. Mixed news: a 2022 loss, cause for concern. Research & compare before booking. Weigh benefits vs. potential risks.

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