How to Shake a Cocktail: Tips for Shaking Cocktails Properly

Shaking cocktails is an art. Most cocktail recipes call for using a mixer to shake the ingredients. Once the bartender has poured the liquor, ice, juice and other flavourings into the shaker and finished sealing it, it’s up to the bartender to use enough force to shake their mixture to avoid over-diluting the ingredients.

Shaking cocktails is not that difficult; with proper instruction and practice, you can shake the perfect cocktail correctly, no matter what type of Cocktail Shaker you have. So this guide will teach you how to shake cocktails properly and help you understand the best way to surprise them.

Start shaking with the cheapest ingredients.

When bartenders are shaking cocktails, they usually add the liquor last. Because alcohol is the most expensive ingredient in a cocktail, the bartender can start with the cheapest component, citrus juice or syrup, liqueur, and the leading spirits.

This order of putting ingredients is because the most expensive spirits will not be wasted if there is a mistake in the number of ingredients added.

Shake the mixer with both hands and close the shaker

The bartender’s shaking technique is also important. The bartender needs to be sure to hold the shaker with his or her dominant hand, with the palm facing the bottom of the shaker. Place the middle finger of the hand not holding the glass on top of the metal and fold all fingers around the shaker.

While turning the shaker, place the thumb under the glass, the middle finger on the metal and hold the glass with at least two fingers. Never point the glass at someone else in this situation, as the shaken liquid may spill on them if the shaker is not closed correctly.

If you want to shake martinis, iced tea, or other drinks, you can use the “up and down” bouncing technique, and if you are shaking milkshakes and other frothy drinks, you can use the “left and right” shaking to create foam inside.

Shake for 15 to 20 seconds

The shaking time will affect the quality of the cocktail, depending on the ice used and the room temperature. Adequate shaking cocktails is essential to ensure a good taste, and 15 to 20 seconds in the shaker is usually enough.

Professional bartenders generally instinctively know when a cocktail is thoroughly mixed. Also, the size of the ice cubes will affect how long the cocktail takes to shake. The more significant the ice cubes, the slower the dilution.

If the shaking time is too long, causing the ice to melt too quickly, it will dilute the cocktail too much and disrupt the flavour balance.

Never shake too hard or too lightly.

When you shake a cocktail with ice, the purpose is to mix the ingredient components but also to cool and dilute the drink. If you shake the cocktail too much, the ice in the shaker will break up and cut the cocktail faster. But if you shake it too lightly, the ice won’t dilute the drink either.

So the exact amount of shaking depends on your movements, and it’s best to keep it in the middle of the range. To make an egg white cocktail, you need to shake it twice.

The first shake thoroughly emulsifies all the ingredients, including the egg, and the second shake is for standard cooling and dilution.

These are the tips for proper shaking cocktails, and I hope the above tips will help you shake the perfect cocktail. If you need a suitable Bartender Kit to help you shake the perfect cocktail, you can go to to buy it at the best price.

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