Top 5 Fun Things to Do in Yellowstone 

Yellowstone national park stands as a unique national treasure with its steaming  geysers, impressive waterfalls, geothermal features, and flourishing wildlife.

Its 2.2 million acres wilderness, in the Lower 48 states, makes it an thrilling destination for over four million outdoor enthusiasts every year.

Among the activities to partake in Yellowstone, here are a few bucket-list-worthy draws for awe-inspiring moments.

Spot Epic Wildlife in Lamar and Hayden Valleys

Lamar valley is called the American Serengeti for a reason. The huge and wide valleys are home to bears, wolves, bison, pronghorn, elk, grizzly bears, moose, bald eagles, deer, coyotes, osprey, and wolves.

It also offers two tiny primitive campgrounds namely: Slough Creek and Pebble Creek where you can easily spot animals around sunrise and sunset. 

Enjoy the Wonders of Biscuit Basin

Nestled within Yellowstone National Park’s Upper Geyser Basin, Biscuit Basin has a lot of geothermal features, including Sapphire and Black Opal Pools, Shell Spring,  Avoca Spring, Mustard Spring, Black Pearl Geyser,  and Silver Globe Spring. 

The Upper Geyser Basin is among the world’s majority active geysers with the highest concentration of  hydrothermal features.  The heat of these features is caused by Yellowstone’s molten magma that’s as close as 5 to 13 km underground.

The pools have fountain-type and steamy springs surrounded by reflective pools gently sending ripples of runoff over the colorful bacterial mats.

Yellowstone White Water Rafting 

While there’s no rafting inside the park, the pristin Yellowstone river is great for scenic floats and whitewater trips. You can enjoy a ton of Yellowstone rafting fun trips along one of the Park’s borders.

The high-volume river is fun and wide with rolling wave rapids that vary depending on the size of water levels. Along the way, you’ll enjoy spectacular views, from wildlife to the interesting natural features of the landscapes. 

Spend Some Time At a Historic Lodge

Yellowstone National Park hosts some of the most venerable old lodges, including the legendary Old Faithful Inn. This is the most requested towering lobby with a huge fireplace and a hand-crafted copper-made clock. It also has wood and wrought iron that act as its focal points.

Some of its accommodation suites include the Geyser Basin view on the East Wing of the hotel where you can partially view the famous Geyser Basin. The suite has 2 Queen beds, a separate sitting room, and a few other basic features.

The other is the Junior Suite that’s larger than most rooms. Deluxe Hotel Rooms, Standard hotel rooms, old house rooms with and without baths are all rooms in the hotel that feature basic items needed during your visit to the park. 

Hike at Mount Washburn

Mount Washburn is between Tower Fall and Canyon Village, and is lined with spectacular wildflowers and bighorn sheep. Its trail starts at Dunraven Pass’ parking lot and gradually winds up the mountain.

Be sure to wear sturdy hiking boots and carry a lot of water depending on the season. Once you reach the top, you can take shelter at the mountain’s fire lookout from the possible gusty winds. 


Yellowstone National Park is an amazingly wild place with unique hydrothermal features. You can enjoy viewing the wildlife, explore geothermal sites with active geysers, and wonders like Yellowstone River’s Grand Canyon.

If you’re looking to escape the summer heat, you can enjoy Yellowstone rafting, from lazy floats to intense rapids with your kids. 

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