Our guide to summer vacation in Ibiza

You probably think of Ibiza as a fun, carefree escape. The island has a notorious image for being a party hub, and it’s all for the right reasons. Ibiza will offer you any and every kind of distraction that you need for the summer.

We’ve put together the perfect guide for your trip to Ibiza, covering all the basics of when, where, and what to do! Before you book your ticket, though, don’t forget to check out the luxury villas in Ibiza for rent.

You won’t be able to make the best of your trip when you’re cooped up in a hotel room. A villa will give you an authentic experience on the island.

What’s the best time to visit the island?

The best time to visit the island is by far June. It’s early enough for the sun to show the island with lovely weather, but not too late for it to be scorchingly hot.

June will grace you with salty breezes and the perfect temperature to explore the landscape and dive into the waters. You can choose to visit in July and August if you want to go at a time with a larger crowd.

Most people tend to enter Ibiza after July, and the island is brimming with tourists. If you think that the more, the merrier, then opt for after the start of July.

What are the ways to get around the island?

The best thing about Ibiza is that you don’t need to worry about renting a car. While having your transportation will be convenient, it’ll also be an extra expense on your pocket. An island like Ibiza is best enjoyed when you walk through the streets on your own.

You can use public transportation when you need to cover significant distances or travel between cities but while you’re exploring an area, being in a car is a disservice to the views around you.

What are the best ways to kick off your trip?

You can start your trip on a relaxed note. Head to the Cafe Del Mar for a breathtaking view of the sunset. Nothing screams vacation mode than sitting back and watching the sky change colours and paint buildings around you in blue, pink and purple.

While you watch the sky turn pink, you can grab a cocktail or a glass of wine to get your mood going.

Afterwards, get ready to get into action. You can go scuba diving, surfing or swimming in the clear waters. Ibiza is by far one of the best places to wade into the water and try some jet-skiing.

Afterwards, don’t forget to treat your stomach to the delicious seafood paella. Ibiza has some of the best locally sourced produce. Don’t forget to take advantage of it!

Unwinding on the island of life

Ibiza will give you a perfect chance to let go of your worries and unwind. Then, you can hit the clubs and let the party vibe take over. Ibiza will guarantee all the entertainment that you need!

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