Top Tips for Entertainment as a Solo Traveler

In recent years, the popularity of solo travel has increased. This is especially true for younger adults who wish to explore the world on their own terms. Today, there is a growing trend of adults combining a love of travel, whilst earning an income at the same time by working as a digital nomad.

In these circumstances, a few tech devices (such as a laptop and smartphone) in a backpack with spare clothing can be sufficient to travel the world and experience different cultures in truly authentic surroundings.

However, you do not need to be a digital nomad to enjoy solo travel. A short city break can be enjoyed on your own or even a longer visit to a more exotic destination.

Regardless of the purpose of your travels, it is important to find suitable forms of entertainment as a solo traveler. In this article, three top tips will be described that will provide inspiration for this.

Make use of the Hotel Wi-Fi

In 2023, even the most budget of hotels tend to have free Wi-Fi access for their guests. When you consider that over 85% of the world’s population owns a smartphone, the demand for fast and reliable hotel Wi-Fi should be self-evident.

Solo travelers should use this internet access to plan their sightseeing activities and consider it for entertainment purposes. Many adult travelers enjoy gambling online at professionally run casinos as a form of entertainment.

If you are visiting America, search for the best online casinos for US players from the comfort of your hotel room. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of the highest-rated online sites, along with information on the bonuses that are available.

Spending a few hours enjoying slot machines or card games can be the perfect way to entertain yourself as a solo traveler. This is especially true if you have had a busy day of sightseeing and simply wish to relax in your room with an entertaining range of gaming options.

Go on a guided walk

If your trip involves a city break rather than visiting a beach resort, it is likely that local tour guides will be present to take tourists on a guided walk.

Your hotel should be able to provide information on these services or may even work with a recommended tour representative, allowing such tours to be booked on-site.

Guided walks are an ideal way to explore a city whilst gaining insights into the history and culture of the location from a local expert.

Put simply, such tours will give a more comprehensive and authentic understanding of the city that you are visiting. Click here for more information on some of the best cities to visit that have a range of expert-led and in-depth guided walks.

Get a local map from reception

As a brief and final tip, it is important to remember the value of asking for a local map from your hotel reception. This simple request is often overlooked by modern solo travelers, who prefer to rely on their smart devices for navigation.

However, a local map may include less publicized and more traditional locations to visit. In addition, it can be easier to navigate through a busy city by using a physical map, rather than being constantly focused on your smartphone.

In short, with a local map, you may be able to find a range of entertainment options that are more authentic and less likely to be tourist hotspots.

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