If you’re looking for a new skincare product, you may have heard about Cannabis-infused beauty products. But what are the roots of cannabis and how does it impact the lifestyle industry? Despite what many people think, the roots of cannabis have been around for thousands of years.

Rastafari religion

The Rastafari religion has a long history, stretching back to 1930s Jamaica. This cult has become synonymous with marijuana, or ganja, which is often referred to as ‘wisdom weed’ or the ‘holy herb.’

Cannabis is also associated with the lifestyle industry, with the marijuana ban being a recent example. The relationship between the two has a variety of complex facets, but they share many common ground.

Bob Marley

Privateer Holdings, a four-year-old Seattle firm that owns a few marijuana-related companies, recently launched a line of products modeled after the swanky lifestyle of the reggae singer Bob Marley.

Privateer is known for creating Leafly, an app that features a variety of strains. The app has recently been awarded GeekWire App of the Year. Privateer also owns the Tilray medical marijuana brand.

Marley’s family approached Privateer Holdings in early 2013, and they embraced their philosophy in the legal cannabis industry.

Marijuana-infused cosmetics

The marijuana industry is taking the beauty industry by storm. Beauty products are a $532 billion global industry, with the United States accounting for 20% of that total.

Even though many consumers are loyal to existing brands, many are willing to experiment with greener, more sustainable options if they’re sure they’ll get the same results.

Cannabis-infused cosmetics are bringing the industry a step closer to its vision of greener beauty. This also explains why many users tend to grow lemon crush weed and other unique cannabis strains at  home.

Cannabis-infused beauty products

While there is still a lot of controversy surrounding marijuana, the market for cannabis-infused beauty products is growing rapidly. The products are generally made from cannabinoids, specifically CBD.

Recent clinical trials have found that marijuana has a wide range of health benefits. Despite this, the demand for cannabis-infused beauty products is expected to grow dramatically in the next few years.

The CBD and hemp-derived oil found in cannabis are widely used in a variety of products, including skin care.


Cannabinoids are compounds found in the cannabis plant, which can have many therapeutic properties. They reduce appetite and are psychoactive only at high doses. Another cannabinoid found in cannabis is CBDA, which must be decarboxylated in order to produce CBD.

This compound is non-intoxicating. Cannabidiol (CBN) is the second most abundant cannabinoid found in cannabis, after THC. Unlike THC, CBN does not produce intoxicating effects and is not capable of binding to CB1 receptors. The CB2 receptor is involved in the process.

It’s also possible to make your own cannabis-infused lotions at home. You need to learn how to differentiate over ripe trichomes and begin the decarboxylation process, allowing cannabinoids to interact with your body

The future of cannabinoids and cannabis in the lifestyle industries is looking bright, with the potential to be used in personal care products, cosmetics, and toothpaste.

These compounds are becoming a mainstream part of the international marketplace, and a growing number of companies are now supplying quality-controlled herbal cannabis to consumers. There are many challenges to overcome, however, and individual consumer reviews are the best source of information.

Researchers from Oregon State University conducted a study on this topic and published their findings in the Journal of Natural Products. Other cannabinoids in cannabis have antibiotic or insecticidal properties. Scientists are now working to discover what these compounds do for humans and their health benefits.


The evolution of the cannabis industry mirrors that of the wine industry, where women have traditionally been the main players. While women have traditionally been drawn to the self-care elements of cannabis, male consumers have been more open to functional products.

Likewise, CBD is now being leveraged in the beauty industry through hemp seed oil. This has led to a more diverse range of product offerings, from cosmetics to body care.

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