Questions to Ask Before Enrolling in Private Jet Card Membership

Private jet card memberships offer an efficient, simple, and convenient way to sign up for private aviation travel. If you are a frequent flyer, instead of committing to long-term fractional ownership or negotiate with a charter broker for every trip, flyers can enroll in pre-agreed membership programs.

Jet charter company membership cards follow a contractual set of rules that enable flexible access to charter flights as easy as a simple click from your app or a call.

However, finding the right membership program for your flying requirements can be challenging. It would help if you researched before buying into a program.

Here are some vital questions you need to ask to identify which programs offer the best fit for your needs:

What is the Ownership and Scale of the Jet Charter Company?

There are several new jet card providers, and each company varies in size. From boutique charter agencies to privately-held multinational airlines, you can choose from several options.

While smaller players offer greater flexibility and the opportunities to personalize your travel experience, bigger players have a more extensive fleet offering a lower lead time to make reservations.

Either way, you need to ensure who you are dealing with before signing up for the membership program.

What is the Pricing Structure?

Most jet card membership programs follow a defined price guideline. The most popular jet cards adhere to fixed hourly rates on the flight of your choice.

This will ensure no hidden fees or last-minute surprises as you pay by the hour. On the other hand, certain cards follow dynamic pricing based on prevalent market prices each time you fly.

Do They Offer a Guaranteed Availability?

The primary reason you opt for a jet card is to access a chartered flight based on your convenience and preference.

Therefore, it’s vital to check whether the private jet charter provider combines fixed hourly rates with assured flights’ availability when you need it.

Outside of inclement weather and other unavoidable circumstances, you should be able to access a private aircraft wherever and whenever you want it.

What is the Primary Service Area?

The primary service area constitutes specific areas where you can fly according to the jet card services’ contractual rules.

If you deviate outside the area, you may be liable to pay extra fees.

This can include surcharges above your hourly rates, ferry fees, cost of crew’s overnight stay, and market-based variations depending on where you are flying. Therefore, ensure that the membership program you enroll in covers the region you frequently travel to.

What are the Perks Associated with the Card?

The best private jet charter carriers offer elite perks to make your travel experience a delight. Hence, check out whether the jet charter company provides complimentary catering allowances, jet grade upgrades, and other notable perks.

This way, you can avail of an unrivaled travel experience each time you fly.

Do they Follow High Safety Standards?

Be it, brokers or operators, each follow specific safety standards. Ensure that the provider holds each flight crew and aircraft they source accountable for the highest safety standards.

This can include safety certifications, audit reports, and updated maintenance records. When you are flying privately, it’s of utmost importance to prioritize safety.

Therefore, check if the air charter brokers impose safety restrictions and inspections that go above and beyond the mandatory government-imposed minimums of commercial operating certificates.

Besides, for business travel, you may also want to look into insurance options for greater safety.

Know the Peak Rate Policies

Peak day policies may carry peak surcharges, which can go as high as up to 40%. Therefore, before you buy, check whether travelling on high-demand days entails peak day premiums and more lead time for making a reservation.

What is the Expiration, and Do They Offer Any Refunds for Unused Deposits?

Another vital feature to check is whether the jet cards have any validity period or never expire.

Certain programs also have the option to refund unused credits or rollover funds to a new jet card. So, make sure to check for all the clauses to ensure a seamless travel experience.

While jet cards are designed to make travel easy, comparing different programs can help you find the perfect membership program to make the most of its perks.

With careful consideration of your estimated trips annually, the nature of travel, and your flexibility to move dates to avoid peak premiums, you can narrow down on the best programs.

When choosing the right private jet charter company, focus on your requirements and find the right membership programs that match your flying needs and budget.

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