Best Picnic Sites in Kenya

There will always be times that you just want to go out and have a good time outdoors. More remarkable is a well-spent picnic day you never want to end.

Picnics help get you together with your family and friends to have a great time in a spot outdoors. Picking the picnic destination might be a little tasking, but it all depends on the type of activities that catches your eye and leaves you super excited for days.

Kenya is certainly a lovely place in the world. It’s a country with outstanding centers, resorts, and landscapes. There are a lot of beautiful places in Kenya to match your ideal picnic place.

Kenya is home to the best picnic places for holidays and excursions.

Best Picnic Sites in Kenya for hangout with family and friends

Whatever your picnic expectations are, whether a wildlife park, beautiful seat out area, or white sand beach, you will find them in Kenya. To make your selection of a worthy picnic destination, here is a list of best Picnic Sites in Kenya.

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost Boat Kenya
Paradise Lost Boat Kenya

Paradise Lost is a unique picnic place and pride in Kenya. The spot has unusual attractions to feed your eyes. There are caves, waterfalls, boat rides, camel rides, and horse rides in paradise lost. And the dark caves are adventurous. The cool breeze in this spot keeps your picnic refreshing.

It has a skillful placement of rocks that makes a good site for pictures and videos for your gallery.

The adventure of the caves is one that is second to no other. You have fun and tightly hold your partner while walking through the scary cave with rough grounds. Other activities like horse riding, camel riding, and boat riding are also available for visitors in this park.

Rapids Camp, Sagana

Rapids Camp is one of the best picnic places in Kenya. It is beside the Sagana River, not far from the City Centre.

rafting in Sagana river kenya
rafting in Sagana river kenya

You would enjoy the exotic look of the manicured lawns. Rapids Camp is outstanding with provision for camping and picnic facilities.

You can completely engage in any of the exciting outdoor activities. These exciting activities include rafting, rock climbing, sport fishing, kayaking, and lots more. The environment is comfortable and perfect for your picnic adventure.

Diani Beach

This is no doubt one of the best Kenya’s beaches on the Indian sea. The site is great for a perfect sunset picture. This beach will certainly keep you excited throughout the evening with its spectacular views.

Diani Beach Picnic Sites in Kenya
Diani Beach Picnic Sites in Kenya

In the evenings, the ocean ruffles the trees by the shore. The renewing feel of the white sand on the feet and beautiful feeling of the Indian Ocean at Diana Beach will make your picnic a day to remember. Diana Beach is a cool place to rub off the dust of stressful days and take in fresh air for a healthier life.

Karura Forest

Karura Forest
Karura Forest (Credit)

The natural view of the Karura forest is simply amazing and breathtaking. The waterfalls, caves, and remarkable lake in Karura forest is an irresistible sight for your camera. The forest is such an aesthetic site filled with nature and a blend of culture and history.

The forest is considerably massive with trees, grasslands, and a site suitable for picnics. In the field, you can keep busy with biking and hiking activities. Karura forest is sure one of the best picnic places in Kenya; it is home to nature lovers.

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park Picnic site in kenya
Nairobi National Park Picnic site in kenya

The prestigious Nairobi National Park is a great picnic place for everyone. It is a tourist centre and a prestigious park in Kenya. The open space and excitement of wildlife will keep you having fun all through your visit. A fun-filled picnic would be one in Nairobi National Park where you try to play spot the animal with friends and family.

The park is set with wildlife glamour including a variety of animals like buffalo, giraffe, zebra, cheetah, hyena, leopard, lion, and rhino. The natural site of Nairobi National Park is unforgettable.

Ngong Hills

Ngong Hills

Ngong Hills is famous for its hiking exploration. The spot is perfect for adventurous and fun-filled picnics. The hikes and surrounding areas are endearing to hikers and nature lovers.

Ngong Hills is a fantastic picnic place for groups of friends and family. Each person gets to pay a fee to Kenta Wildlife Service for the excellent view.

Oloolua Nature Trail


Oloolua Nature Trail is a beautiful place for picnics. It is set in Karen, close to the Karen Blixen Museum. The atmosphere is relaxing and serene. You will find natural carves, eye-catchy flowers, vegetation, and waterfalls in the Oloolua Nature Trail. It is an exceptional garden and lodging to lovers of vegetation.

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is a spectacular tourist attraction; it is a very long mountain. It could take at least two days to get to the top of Mount Kenya. Hiking could be a scare for you, but not to worry, there are still many spots around the mountain where you can spend your picnic. The aesthetic value of this site is very precious.

Adjacent the hills and below the mountain are spots that you can settle for your fun-filled experience. The air is refreshing, and the environment is relaxing. Another breathtaking view is watching hikers get up the mountain.

Evergreen Park

Evergreen Park kenya

Evergreen Park is a serene and eye-catchy park second to none in the countryside. Its unique rides and recreational activities offer visitors expected delight.

It also has modern conveniences, and a good view provides a serene and beautiful environment for your ideal picnic. You could settle and make delicious meals and exotic drinks. There is also an entry payment for the park.

Wrap Up

Deciding on the ideal spot for your picnic with family is exciting. Wherever the spot is, a chance to have fun, go out, and spend time happily should always be outstanding and unforgettable. Set a date in a place you enjoy. Make sure you put on clothing suitable for the picnic, take a pack of your favorite chocolate, and set out to have an unprecedented experience. And don’t forget to take pictures.

Writer’s Bio: Melica is a picnic lover that provides simple house designs in Kenya. She offers her services to individuals in Kenya and Africa in general.

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