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A lot of people prefer traveling alone. They are usually the solo backpackers who simply want to explore the world at their own terms and pace. Are you one of those?

There are advantages to travelling with a buddy. But there are also many perks to traveling alone. You don’t need anybody’s approval on where you want to go first in your itinerary. Go at your own pacing at a certain stopover. Nobody is rushing you to go to the next stop. Even at the hotel room, you can have it all by yourself. Sleep in as long as you want.

As a solo traveler, have you ever thought of going to Oktoberfest? If this isn’t something yet on your list, why not try it?

You might think, hey it is a social party! Why would you go alone? Well, of course, you can always find somebody to go with you. Okay, so ask a friend to go with you. But if you still can’t find one, don’t let that stop you!

We assure you, with or without somebody to go with, it will be a fun experience! Don’t you worry, here are some tips for you if you are going solo to Oktoberfest

Book Oktoberfest tour package

You can plan your itinerary yourself. But if you wish to have less hassle, why not get Oktoberfest Tour Packages? With packages, you only have to pay, and they’ll do the rest for you. They will find you the hotel, plan out your day, and arrange for transportation to Oktoberfest. You only have to deal with one agency, and that’s it! 

Naturally, hotels are pretty jam-packed for Oktoberfest. So the advantage of going by a travel agency is their tie-up with hotels. You can be guaranteed of rooms.

If you intend to go solo, joining a group tour can be a good idea. It means you will be hanging out with the same group of people for the next few days! You will meet new friends. You will have the opportunity to bond with them throughout the trip. 

Write your Hotel Details if you are travel solo in Oktoberfest

In case you get tipsy or drunk at the party, it is better to have a back-up plan. You might not remember the details of your hotel and its address.

Do yourself a favour and get the hotel calling card. If they don’t have that ready, save the hotel address and contact details on your phone. Or write it in a piece of paper. 

Put in your pocket or wallet. 

This way, you can still have a back-up plan on your way back to your accommodation. 

Make sure you save extra money to pay for your taxi fare to get back okay! Separate that money from the money you intend to spend on Oktoberfest. There are so many great beers and food in there that you might end up spending all your money there! 

What to Wear in Oktoberfest solo travel

Oktoberfest is one big and fun party. So wear something comfortable. But you can also opt to wear the traditional Dirndl for women or Lederhosen for men. You can buy these at affordable prices at C&A in Munich. Also, bring some warmers like jackets if it gets chilly.

How much money to bring to Oktoberfest travel

That depends on you and your budget. It also depends on your beer tolerance level. If you plan on tasting the different beers per tent, make sure you have enough money to do that. 

There is also a variety of food if you wish to try different ones. If you want to save, canvas first the prices before eating. Or fill yourself before going to the Oktoberfest venue.

Don’t forget to have smaller bills to use as tips. You can estimate to give between ten to twenty percent tip, depending on how generous you want to be.  

Separate your budget for your buying souvenirs. Oktoberfest is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Make sure you have souvenirs to remember this special event. The beer mugs from the venue itself are not free, okay! Don’t bring them with you. You will be heavily fined. Buy those from souvenir shops. 

Find your Spot

There are so many tents, big and small! Check out the different tents first to see the beers and food they are serving. So find a place where you want to hang out. 

As a solo traveler, check out the crowd you want to hang out with. If you are on a group tour, ask them if they don’t mind you going with them.

You can also take this time to hop to different tents throughout the night to meet people from around the world. If you are single, who knows your destiny might be somewhere around! 

Drinking Beer and Eating

The beers are generally served in huge mugs. For food, try eating authentic German food. Check out the different pretzels and sausages.  

Since you might be a bit adventurous in drinking and eating, have candies or mints with you. This way you make sure to freshen your breath now and then.

Going restroom breaks

Big events like these mean long lines at the comfort rooms. So please don’t wait until you are about to burst before going to the restroom! If you start feeling like you need to pee, fall in line at the restroom right away!

Learning German words

As a solo traveler, it will be great for you to learn some German words. It will be great conversation starters. You can also easily connect with people.

Excited now? Book Oktoberfest Tour Packages and be ready for the adventure-of-a-lifetime! 

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