Mukesh Mills: The Most Haunted Places in Mumbai


Mukesh Mills, Mumbai- the city that never sleeps! Within its magnificent buildings and packed streets.

However, in the locality of this dream city, some places are recalled for their forsaken condition or some menacing history.

M. mills Colaba is one of those places that has a dreadful past.

This is the Mumbai’s favourite shoot location, is now open to the public! The film sets are in a large compound, which has been designed with the convenience of Mumbai in mind. You can party and enjoy the nightlife while soaking in the refreshing waters of the city. You can also enjoy a tour around the set as well.

A number of big Bollywood movie shoots have also taken place here.

This is not only popular among the film set and productions that make use of it but is also known for its rich history and culture.

This helps make Mukesh a preferred destination by the local people and tourists alike. The area is also famous for the Bollywood films that are made there. It is definitely the top film location of Mumbai and other cities in India.

If You Are Excited To Know About Haunted Story, So Here We told you About Mukesh mills haunted Place In Mumbai.

  • Where Is Mukesh Mills, Exactly Located In Mumbai?
  • What Is the Mysterious Story Behind Mukesh mills?
  • Mukesh Mills Actual Haunted place Or It’s Rumors?
  • can you visit Mukesh mills?
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  • Which movie is shooting in Mukesh Mills?
  • Connection Between Bipasha Basu And Mukesh Mills?
Haunted Place


Diwakar Building, Narayan A Sawant Rd, Azad Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005.


This mill is 7.8km away from Mumbai central railway station.

Haunted Property

These mills were constructed by Muljibhai Madhavani, in the 1870s. He was the owner of East African Hardware limited.

It is said that the British East India Company established these mills.

It was the only mill in South Bombay, built on the Arabian Sea shoreline of the Colaba region.


Consequently, it had a massive private port where the boats used to unload the bundles of cotton and to stack finished yard goods.

Wedding At Mills

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However, the land was later remodeled in the year 1975, though they had to close the business within a few years.

In 1982, a devastating fire coerced these mills to shut down forever.

However, the cause of the fire is still a mystery to date. The mills haven’t been open, ever since.


The mill was deserted and untouched until a few years ago when a film director decided to shoot a movie on this spooky-looking property and started filming a horror movie.

In the end, the cast & crew of the production began witnessing several paranormal activities whilst working within the mills’ area.

At present, it is perceived that numerous actors & directors stay away from that area and shun shooting at the mills.

Various strange events such as ethereal footsteps, eerie sounds, ghostly figure, and sensation of being watched are said to happen within the mills area frequently.

Mukesh Mills Actress Possessed

This mill’s haunted story comprises the infamous story of a film actress getting possessed during the shoot.

Actress Possessed Mills

She was shooting at the spot, and suddenly, her voice changed; the voice coming out of her mouth asked everyone to leave immediately.

Everyone believed her to be possessed by an evil entity. Consequently, all the crew members left the place for that day and absconded as soon as they could and decided not to come back ever again to the mills.

Ghost Stories About Mills

Once the mills’ watchman closed the mills’ gates, and as he stepped out of the property, he heard some music coming from the inside premise of the mills.

Ghost Stories About Mills

No one was even shooting that day. He stated that he saw someone smoking there. However, his fear didn’t let him go inside, and he couldn’t confirm the whole situation.

Next day he went inside and checked but found no one present there. Another Mukesh mills story involves children.

In shooting, a ten-year-old girl on the set started moving oddly, and she began rolling on the ground with her hands turned backward, as if she was being possessed.

Everyone present there got scared, along with the kids. They started crying and screaming in terror.

Cinema shooting at Mukesh mills
Image Credit: Cinema shooting at Mukesh mills

The father of the possessed child asserted that his daughter returned to normal as soon as they drove away from the mills.

Image Credit

Do You Know Mukesh Mills’ Owner’s Name?

Mr.Muljibhai Madhvani

Mukesh Mills, Movies shoots in Bollywood

Luka Chuppi
Ok Jaanu

Can you visit Mukesh mills

Yes, you can visit Mukesh mills; it’s open to the public.

Mukesh mills movie shooting

Luka Chuppi

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