Mukesh Mills | Mumbai’s Mill where Ghosts Haunt

Mukesh Mills Mumbai story: the city that never sleeps! Within its magnificent buildings and packed streets.

However, in the locality of this dream city, some places are recalled for their forsaken condition or some menacing history.

M. mills Colaba is one of those places that has a dreadful past.

Mukesh Mill Colaba is an abandoned mill in the Colaba area of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The mill was established in the 1870s.

It was one of Mumbai’s largest and oldest mills until it closed down in the 1980s.The mill is situated on Narayan A Sawant Road in Colaba and is easily accessible by road.

Mumbai’s favorite shoot location is now open to the public! The film sets are in a large compound designed with the convenience of Mumbai in mind. You can party and enjoy the nightlife while soaking in the refreshing waters of the city. You can also take a tour of the set and enjoy it.

Several big Bollywood movie shoots have also taken place here.

This is popular among the film sets and productions that use it, and it is also known for its rich Mukesh Mills history and culture.

This helps make Mukesh a preferred destination for locals and tourists alike. The area is also famous for the Bollywood films that are made there. It is the top film location in Mumbai and other cities in India.

Mumbai is known as the “city of dreams” and is famous not only for its glamorous film industry and iconic landmarks but also for its chilling haunted places. One such place that has intrigued and scared people for years is the Mumbai haunted mills, or Mumbai Mukesh Mills.

If You Are Excited To Know About Haunted Stories, So Here We Tell You About Mukesh Mills, a Haunted Place In Mumbai.

  • Where Is Mukesh Mills, Exactly Located In Mumbai?
  • What Is the Mysterious Story Behind Mukesh Mills?
  • Mukesh Mills Actual Haunted Place Or Its Rumors?
  • Can you visit Mukesh Mills?
  • How was Mukesh Mills destroyed?
  • Connection of Mukesh Mills Amitabh Bachchan?
  • Who is the owner of Mukesh Mills?
  • Connection Between Varun Dhawan And Mukesh Mills?
  • Which movie is shooting in Mukesh Mill Mumbai?
  • Connection Between Bipasha Basu And Mukesh Mills?
  • Exploring the Industrial Beauty of Mukesh Mills Photos.
Haunted Place

Address of Mukesh Mills

Diwakar Building, Narayan A Sawant Rd, Azad Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005.


This mill is 7.8km away from Mumbai Central railway station.

Mukesh Mills Haunted Property

Muljibhai Madhavani constructed these mills in the 1870s. He was the owner of East African Hardware Limited.

It is said that the British East India Company established these mills.

It was the sole mill in South Bombay, built on the Arabian Sea shoreline of the Colaba region.


Consequently, it had a massive private port where the boats used to unload the bundles of cotton and stack finished yard goods.

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History of Mukesh Mills

However, the land was later remodeled in 1975, though they had to close the business within a few years.

In 1982, a devastating fire coerced these mills to shut down forever. However, the reason for the fire is still a mystery to date. The mills haven’t been open ever since.

The mill was deserted and untouched until a few years ago when a film director decided to shoot a movie on this spooky-looking property and started filming a horror movie.

In the end, the cast & crew of the production began witnessing several paranormal activities whilst working within the mills’ area.

history of mukesh mills

Currently, numerous actors & directors are perceived to stay away from that area and shun shooting at the mills.

Various strange events frequently happen within the mill’s area, such as ethereal footsteps, eerie sounds, ghostly figures, and the sensation of being watched.

Mukesh Mills Actress Possessed

This mill’s haunted story comprises the infamous story of a film actress getting possessed during the shoot.

While she was filming at the location, something peculiar occurred. Her voice unexpectedly transformed, and the voice that came out of her mouth instructed everyone to evacuate immediately.

Everyone believed her to be possessed by an evil entity. As a result, all the crew members departed from the location for the rest of the day, absconded as soon as possible, and decided not to return to the mills again.

Actress Possessed Mills

Ghost Stories About Mukesh Mills

Once, the mills’ watchman closed the mills’ gates, and as he stepped out of the property, he heard some music coming from the inside premise of the mills.

No one was even shooting that day. He stated that he saw someone smoking there. However, his fear didn’t let him go inside, and he couldn’t confirm the situation.

The next day he went inside and checked but found no one present there. Another Mukesh Mills story involves children.

In shooting, a ten-year-old girl on the set started moving oddly and began rolling on the ground. With her hands turned back as if she was being possessed.

Ghost Stories About Mills

Everyone present there got scared, along with the kids. They started crying and screaming in terror.

The father of the possessed child asserted they noticed that his daughter returned to her usual state as soon as they drove away from the mills.

Cinema shooting at mill
Image Credit: Cinema shooting at Mukesh Mills

The Chilling Tale of Mukesh Mills: A Haunted History

It is a well-known location in Mumbai, India. Once a thriving textile factory, it has become a place of interest for thrill-seekers and ghost hunters due to the numerous stories of paranormal activity surrounding the area. This article will explore the chilling tale of Mukesh Mills haunted story.

The history of Mill dates back to the early 1870s when the East India Company established it. It quickly became one of Mumbai’s most successful textile mills, producing high-quality cotton and silk fabrics. However, its success was short-lived, as it was shut down in 1980 due to financial troubles.

It is a historic textile mill. However, the mill is infamous for its haunting history that has intrigued and terrified people for years. It started in the early 20th century when the East India Company established it.

Rudra Mills Mumbai, India, is an abandoned textile mill in the heart. Like many other mills in the city, Rudra Mills has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. The mill was established in the 1870s and was one of Mumbai’s oldest and largest textile mills. However, after financial troubles, the mill was eventually shut down in the early 2000s.

The Haunting of Mukesh Mills: A Terrifying Horror Story

The Mukesh Mills horror story date back to the 1980s, when the mill was still operational. It is said that a worker died gruesomely after getting. He got caught in one of the machines, and his ghost now haunts the premises. Workers reported hearing strange noises and seeing apparitions, and many refused to work the night shift for fear of encountering the ghost.

Mukesh Mills, located in the heart of Mumbai, was once a bustling textile mill, but it has since fallen into disuse and decay. The abandoned mill is now rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of its past, and many people have reported. Experiencing terrifying paranormal activity within its walls.

It continues to be one of Mumbai’s most famous and terrifying Mukesh Mills Mumbai horror story, drawing visitors and ghost hunters from all over the world.

Whether the stories are true or not, the abandoned mill remains a chilling reminder of the past and the unknown terrors that lurk within its walls.

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Do You Know Mukesh Mills’s Owner’s Name?

Mr. Muljibhai Madhvani

Mukesh Mills, Movies shoots in Bollywood

Luka Chuppi
Ok Jaanu

Can you visit Mukesh mills

You can visit Mukesh Mills; it’s open to the public.

Mukesh Mills movie shooting

Luka Chuppi

No member died in Mukesh Mills

No data is available on the number of member deaths in Mukesh Mills. However, it is known that the working and living conditions in the mill were poor and that many workers died due to accidents or diseases.

Mukesh Mills’ real story in Hindi?

You can read Mukesh Mill’s story in Hindi by clicking the link.

What are some of the reviews of Mukesh Mills?

Mukesh Mills has garnered much attention from visitors, especially those interested in the supernatural. A lot of people have shared their experiences of visiting Mukesh Mills online, with various reviews describing it as a creepy and unnerving place.

Where can I find Mukesh Mills’s address in Mumbai?

Mukesh Mills is located in Colaba, Mumbai, and its address is Narayan A Sawant Rd, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005, India. The mill is situated in a prominent location and is easily accessible by road. If you are traveling to Mumbai and wish to visit Mukesh Mills, you can use the address to locate it on a map or ask a local for directions. It is important to note that Mukesh Mills is an abandoned building and may not always be open to the public. It is recommended to consult local authorities before visiting the site.

Which actress was possessed in Mukesh Mills?

No credible reports or information suggest any actress was possessed in Mukesh Mills. The stories surrounding Mukesh Mills and its alleged haunting primarily revolve around strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena experienced by visitors.

Mukesh Mills Owner

Vikas Agrawal is the owner of the mill.

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