How to Care For Opals Stone

If you want jewellery that doesn’t need much care, opal rings might be a good choice. Still, just like with any other jewellery, there are some things you should do regularly to keep your opal rings in good shape. Here’s what you need to know about taking care of your opal beads so they stay as beautiful as they are.

Common Causes Of Damage

Opals should be kept separate from your other gems, just like any other gem. You might be surprised to learn that the two most common things that break jewellery are:

1. Wearing your jewellery while sleeping:

You might be surprised by how much you move around while you sleep. Wearing jewellery to bed is risky because your body weight can crush or damage the jewellery. Or, you could accidentally hit your ring against something hard (like a wall or the edge of your bed) when you are asleep or not paying attention.

2. Bundling all of your jewellery together in a purse or carry bag:

The other surprising thing is how people put jewellery in a jewellery bag. This means that the diamonds, which are the hardest stones, and the gold settings will always scratch the opals, the sapphires will always scratch the pearls, and the chains, clasps, and findings will always scratch each other. 

Every time the jewellery bag moves, the pieces wear and scratch each other. Over time, this can cause a lot of damage. So, wrap each piece of jewellery separately, and then you can put them all in your jewellery bag without worrying about them getting broken.

Methods of Cleaning Opal Jewellery

When cleaning your Opal jewellery, you should never use chemicals, toothpaste, or anything that is rough. Using a soapy, warm water solution is the best way to clean your Opal jewellery.

Jewellery Cloths

The best way to clean your Opal jewellery is with a jewellery cloth. Keeping your Opal’s shine will be easier if you use a silver cloth on silver jewellery and a gold cloth on gold jewellery. If the cloth gets dirty and leaves black marks, try not to use that side. Put your cloth in a bag with a zipper so that dust can’t get on it.

Most silver jewellery cleaners on the market won’t hurt the Opal. Commercial dips that clean gold and make it shine brighter are fine, but try not to use them on Opal Doublets or Triplets.

Ultra Sonic Cleaners

If you bring your Opal jewellery to a jeweller to be cleaned, they will probably use an ultrasonic cleaner. Please never use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean jewellery with a doublet or a triplet of opal. These machines can make the glue weaker, which can cause your Opal to break. We have never had any trouble with ultrasonic cleaners and solid Opal.

How to care for opal rings?

Clean Your Opal Rings

Every other month is a good time to clean your opal rings. If you have a solid opal ring, you should use a soft tool like a cloth or toothbrush to clean it. Swish the solid opal ring in a foamy mixture of warm water and a few drops of mild, odourless dish soap. 

This will get rid of any dirt or other things that have built up on the stone’s surface. Then, put some of the mild solution on a microfiber cloth and use it to gently wipe down the ring. Last, use a dry microfiber cloth to dry your ring well.

Do not put an opal ring with a doublet or triplet stone under water. Instead, use a mild cleaning solution to dampen a microfiber jewellery cloth, wipe the ring carefully, wipe the ring with a damp microfiber jewellery cloth, and very carefully dry the ring with a microfiber jewellery cloth. Opals can get cloudy when water gets into them.

What if My Opal Ring Gets Scratched? 

If your opal ring gets scratched or starts to lose its shine, you will need to have it polished by a professional. So, if you keep your opal ring in a padded cloth bag, you shouldn’t have to worry about its quality going down for years.

Long-Term Storage Tips for Opal rings

If you aren’t going to wear your opal rings for a while, remember that water may leak out of the precious stone. If you plan to store your opal ring in a place with low humidity, you might want to keep it in some cotton wool that has been dampened with a little water. For extra safety, you should strongly think about putting your opal ring and some damp cotton wool in a sealed plastic bag.

How to care for Ethiopian opals?

If you want to clean your Opal jewellery, don’t use any chemicals. Instead, use warm water and a cloth or sponge that doesn’t scratch. If you can help it, try not to use too much water. Instead, use a wet cloth.

Don’t worry if water gets on your Ethiopian opal. The colour and transparency will change for a short time, but as it dries over a few days, they will go back to how they were before.

Avoid humidity that is too high or too low, especially if you live in a dry place like a desert. Instead, put your Ethiopian Opal jewellery in a small zip-lock bag with a damp cotton ball to keep it from drying out and keep it moist. Just let us know if you’d like your order to come with a bag and cotton ball.

Don’t worry if you catch your Ethiopian Opal jewellery on something or drop it. It is more stable than other types of Opal. For example, it won’t break if it falls from 4 feet and lands on a concrete floor.

How to Store the Opal Jewellery?

If you want your opal jewellery to last longer, the best thing you can do is to store it well when you’re not wearing it. When you don’t want to wear an opal ring or bracelet, you can store it safely in a padded cloth bag or cushioned box. Put your opal jewellery in a cotton ball bag with a few drops of water, and it will last forever. This will stop water from coming out of this unique mineral and drying it out due to humidity.

If you carefully check your jewellery and take care of it according to the tips above, you will be able to keep it safe, sparkling, and beautiful for years to come.

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