How Are Some Games Played Differently Around the World?

Since we live in a heavily globalized world, it’s easy to imagine that everyone now plays their favorite games the same way. Yet, some research reveals that there are still plenty of interesting global variations to be aware of.

The Different Versions of Casino Games Are Gathered Online

Casino games provide an interesting starting point, as the likes of roulette and poker have traditionally been played in different ways in the planet’s many casinos.

The move to online casinos means that we can now play all of the different versions in one place so that it’s now clear how the rules have been adapted in each country or region.

With the example of blackjack, the number of decks used and the dealing process are among the factors that are most regularly changed.

When you play blackjack online you’ll find live dealer versions that cover the varied rules as well as introducing new features such as multipliers and tables where an unlimited number of players can join in at one time.

Historic Soccer Games in Italy and the UK

Soccer is regarded as the world’s most popular game, with some sources suggesting that the sport has five million global fans. It has traditionally been played in different ways in each country or region, with the World Cup giving us the chance to see these contrasting styles meeting once every four years.

While the rules are generally the same everywhere, there are some historic games that still exist in modern times and that show us the evolution of the game over the centuries.

Calcio Fiorentino is a tough style of soccer that’s played in Florence, Italy, while the Royal Shrovetide game played in Ashbourne, England dates back to at least the 12th century and involves the two sides of the village facing each other in a massive mob-style event.

North Korea Has a Different Way of Scoring Basketball Points

Basketball is a more recent game, with its inception traced back to the late 19th century when James Naismith invented it as an indoor winter sport where players tried to throw soccer balls into fruit baskets. The rules and equipment have changed greatly since then, although the basic concept remains the same.

The rules are standardized across the world, but one exception can be found in North Korea. Here, we can find differences such as slam dunks being worth three points and a point getting deducted for every free throw shot missed.  

How Chess Varies Across the Planet

Even chess isn’t the single game you might expect. In the majority of cases, the key difference is seen in the pieces used, with many regions having sets with local themes such as the local animals or historic characters, although these boards are often aimed mainly at tourists rather than local players.

More fundamental changes can be seen with the likes of Shatranj and Xiangqi, which show how the original chess-like games have evolved in a variety of ways.

These differences remind us of how the most-loved games tend to evolve over time to meet changing tastes and technology. It seems certain that they’ll continue to change in the future, with new versions and innovative rules emerging across the planet.

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