Brick City Adventure Park: Unique Ocala, Ropes Course, Hikes,

In this post, we would like to share with you about the Brick City Adventure Park. The Adventure Park is one of the great parks in Ocala for people who love nature and fun. You can go on incredible hikes and bike rides through the beautiful forests and pretty views. 

If you’re a thrill-seeker, there are exciting things to do, like flying on zip lines high in the trees or climbing up walls. Families can have picnics in particular spots, and kids can play on fantastic playgrounds.

Brick City Adventure Park cave:

Brick City Ocala may have caves for people to explore. Inside, you can see exciting rocks, formations, and even animals that live in caves. It is a unique experience for visitors who want to discover the hidden adventure underground.

Brick City Adventure Park events:

Brick City Adventure Park Photos

Adventure Park likely hosts various events throughout the year, such as outdoor festivals, sports tournaments, and community gatherings. These events make the park even more exciting and give people lots of things to do and enjoy when they visit. 

Brick City Anime Festival: 

The Brick City Anime Festival is fun for people who enjoy anime. Anime is like colourful, exciting cartoons from Japan. At this festival, anime fans can watch their favourite shows and movies, dress up as anime characters, buy anime things, and meet others who love it too. It is a place to have a lot of fun and share your love for anime with others.   

Brick City Adventure Park Timings: 

  • Monday, 7:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M 
  • Tuesday, 7:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M 
  • Wednesday, 7:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M 
  • Thursday, 7:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M 
  • Friday, 7:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M 
  • Saturday, 7:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M 
  • Sunday, 7:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M 

Nearby attractions to Brick City:

Below, we mentioned some famous attractions close to the Brick City Adventure Park. These places are fantastic and offer a variety of fun. Here are the locations: 

  • Silver Springs State Park
  • Appleton Museum of Art
  • Fort King National Historic Landmark

Silver Springs State Park

Silver Springs State Park in Florida is known for its clear water and many animals. You can take a unique boat with a see-through bottom to see what’s under the water. There are also extensive forests to explore, and you can do things like kayaking and having a picnic. It is a beautiful place with lots of nature.

  • Location: 5656 East Silver Springs Boulevard, Silver Springs, FL 34488, United States

Appleton Museum of Art

Located in Ocala, Florida, the Appleton Museum of Art showcases a diverse collection of art spanning different periods and cultures. With over 18,000 artworks, the museum offers a cultural journey through paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts.  

  • Location: 4333 East Silver Springs Boulevard, Ocala, FL 34470, United States
  • Timings: 10:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M (Sunday to Saturday)

Fort King National Historic Landmark

Fort King, situated in Ocala, Florida, is a The historic landmark that played a crucial role in the Seminole Wars of the 19th century. It is a perfect place for a history lover. 

  • Location: 3925 East Fort King Street, Ocala, FL 34470, United States
  • Timings: 7:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M (Sunday to Saturday)

Nearby Hotels

Brick City Adventure Park Map:

Address: 1211 SE 22nd Rd, Ocala, FL 34471, United States,-81.4107152,9.04z/data=!4m20!1m13!4m12!1m4!2m2!1d75.7952836!2d26.9533186!4e1!1m6!1m2!1s0x88e7d35e8ffe899b:0x2bc66c12b3222104!2sBrick+City+Adventure+Park+Map!2m2!1d-82.1230957!2d29.1665915!3m5!1s0x88e7d35e8ffe899b:0x2bc66c12b3222104!8m2!3d29.1665915!4d-82.1230957!16s%2Fg%2F11bx1y3tq6?entry=ttu


What is the address of Brick City Adventure Park, Ocala?

The address of Brick City Adventure Park, Ocala, is 1211 SE 22nd Rd, Ocala, FL 34471, United States. 

What is the contact number of Parks Marion Brick City?

The contact number of Parks Marion Brick City is +1 352-671-8560.

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