From Punch Cards to the Cloud: The Evolution of Timekeeping Systems

Managing workers is an essential part of running a successful business, both in the past and now. However, with the advancement of technologies, attendance punching has greatly advanced, from punching cards to cloud based software tools.

In this article, we will talk about the evolution in the employee punching system. This will show you the benefits and the importance of using a new and advanced cloud based time clock system. Keep reading and find out more.

Tracking employee time in history

Throughout history, there have been several stages where the punching system has changed. Hour tracking began with punch cards where workers were tasked with punching in and out of work.

Although this seemed revolutionary, it had many drawbacks, primarily the clocking in of colleagues among themselves. Bosses and managers had no way to prevent this practice of clocking workers among themselves.

There was also a problem where frequent mistakes were made when calculating the hours manually, which caused dissatisfaction. For this purpose, machines were introduced that automatically calculated workers’ hours.

Next, we have the trend of creating computerized tools that have greatly improved the worker logging system. Instead of paper, chips and barcodes are used with which the employee logs in to the electronic device when entering work.

Finally, comes the innovative cloud based time clock system with which workers can log in from their mobile phones, and have seamless access to information about their hours.

The importance of time tracking method evolution

The entire evolution of employee scheduling systems has been made to improve business management.

Primarily, peer-to-peer punching is disabled by implementing a fingerprint login system. It also uses systems such as location during login, which not only prevents logging in from outside the workplace, but is also convenient for field workers.

Also, pressure on the evolution was put by the laws where it is mandatory for every company to keep records of the presence of employees for each working day.

Accurate and precise tracking of each employee’s hours is also an important part of the evolution of these systems.

Instead of manually collecting work hours and being subject to error, the applications now calculate the time and transfer it directly to the selected payroll method. This increases the satisfaction and responsibility of every employee in your business.

Why should you consider implementing a cloud based attendance punching system

We have already mentioned several features that cloud based time clock systems offer. However, that is not all. Namely, the very productivity of workers increases when no time is lost to record their presence. They simply need to take out their phone and click on the punch in option.

Hour records can be tabulated, which helps to better manage shifts as well as deliver accurate bills to customers in terms of the time required to perform their service.

In addition to location and fingerprint login, you can also use a unique IP address login option. This is especially important with remote workers. Also, an additional way of security is clocking with the help of a picture the employee takes during the login.

Finally, choosing a tool that fits your business and has all the features you need is important. But one thing is certain, cloud based time clock systems are the most effective and useful methods for managing your staff and successfully running your business.

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