Royal Vacation: a Luxury Tour Operator in Thailand

Thailand is one of the top visited destinations worldwide by tourists from all around the globe. The country is famous with its beautiful beaches, rich culture and amazing Food.

If you’re planning a luxury vacation in Thailand, you might want to consider Booking your Trip or Holiday with Royal Vacation. Royal Vacation is a luxury tour operator in Thailand that provides tailor-made travel experiences to customers who seek a personalized and high-end vacation.

In this article we will be highlighting the reasons why you should Book your luxury holiday to Thailand with Royal Vacation, and why it’s considered as one of the best Tour operators in town.

History of Royal Vacation

Royal Vacation was founded in 2001 by a team of travel experts who had years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. Over the past years, Royal Vacation has grown and expanded its services, focusing on high end clients for Luxury Thailand Tours.

Today, the company is considered one of the leading luxury tour operators in Thailand, and it provides a range of services to clients worldwide.

Royal Vacation in the Past years have collected several awards from internationally recognizable organizations for providing unique services and experiences for their clients in Thailand including awards from Luxe life Magazine, Tripadvisor and Travel and Hospitality awards.

Services provided by Royal Vacation


Royal Vacation has direct contracts with the best and Top luxurious hotels and resorts around Thailand, and that’s due for being a Local company with several branches around the Country with wide connections with professionals in The Travel and tourism industry.

If you will be booking a Luxury stay in Thailand, be sure that Royal Vacation is going to provide you with the best competitive Accommodation deal.


Another service provided by Royal Vacation is transportation. The company has a fleet of luxury cars and Buses, that can be used for rental and Airport Transfers.

The transportation provided by Royal Vacation is known for its reliability, comfort, and safety with drivers and representatives speaking multiple languages and being able to communicate professionally with the Clients.

Activities and tours:

The Company also offers a range of activities and tours tailored to its clients’ interests and preferences.

These activities can include private boat tours in beach destinations or the Chaophraya river in Bangkok, cooking classes, spa treatments, cultural tours or visits to theme parks and waterparks.

The company works with clients to create personalized itineraries that allow them to experience the best Thailand offers based on their preferences and travel style.

Food and dining:

Thailand is known for its amazing Food and unique Cuisines with many Dishes known locally and globally.

Royal Vacation is offering Food tours to let the customers try and Experience Thailand Food in either Luxury and Elite restaurants or in Local Food Stalls.

All of these tours are Guided with Professional tour guides that ensure the satisfaction and safety of the clients during their journey in Thailand.

What Makes Royal Vacation different from the rest

Personalization of itineraries:

The Team at Royal Vacation listens Carefully to every client’s preferences and needs and start to tailor and customize a Unique Itinerary based to meet the clients needs and expectations.

The team goes with the clients throughout all the steps from the planning phase until the client departs from the land of smiles.

High-end accommodations and transportation:

The resorts selected by Royal Vacation in the itineraries and travel packages provided, are the best resorts in the country.

Due to being Locals, the team is very aware about the best Hotels and resorts even if they are new to ensure providing the best Options to the clients when visiting Thailand.

In addition to the Accommodation, the company also has the best vehicles that guarantee the Comfort and safety of the clients when going around Thailand.

Private tours and experiences:

The company also offers Private Tours and experiences for its clients that are unique and cannot be compared with the other offered in the market.

Exclusive access to local attractions and events:

Finally, Royal Vacation provides clients with exclusive access to local attractions and events. This means that clients get to skip the queues and crowds and experience these attractions more intimately and personally.

This is particularly useful for clients who want to experience popular attractions without having to deal with thehassle of large crowds.

Customer reviews and feedback:

The reviews of the company by its Customers are very positive on the reviewing platforms including Tripadvisor, Google and many others. You can check their reviews before booking to read about previous customers’ feedbacks.

While most feedback for Royal Vacation has been positive, there have been a few complaints from customers. Some customers have reported issues with the booking process or communication with the company.

However, Royal Vacation has proactively responded to customer feedback and addressed these issues. The company has a dedicated customer service team that is available 24/7 to help customers with any issues they may have.

Pricing and value:

Royal Vacation is a luxury tour operator, which means that its prices are higher than those of other tour operators. However, the company provides exceptional value for the price.

Clients who book with Royal Vacation get access to high-end accommodations, transportation, and experiences that are not available to the general public.

Additionally, the company’s focus on personalization means that clients get to experience exactly what they want, without having to compromise on their vacation experience.

While Royal Vacation may not be affordable for everyone, but it provides exceptional value for clients looking for a luxurious and personalized travel experience.


Overall, Royal Vacation is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a high-end and personalized vacation experience in Thailand.

The company’s focus on personalization, luxury accommodations, and exclusive experiences make it one of the top luxury tour operators in the country.

While its prices may be higher than those of other tour operators, Royal Vacation provides exceptional value for the price. Royal Vacation is worth considering if you’re looking for a luxury vacation in Thailand.

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