Dilwara Temples: About History, Architecture, Timings & Attractions 

In this post we would like to share with you about the Dilawara temples; the Dilwara Temple located in the between of the picturesque Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan, India, the Dilwara Temples are a true evidence to the amazing art and architectural of ancient India. These temples are famous for their stunning marble carvings and their spiritual importance. 

Dilwara Temple History:

Dilwara Temples Photos
Dilwara Temples Photos

The Dilwara Temples, also known as the Dilwara Jain Temples, are a collection of five magnificent temples are situated in the hills of Mount Abu. They are dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras. The Dilwara Temples are built in the middle of 11th and 13th centuries.

Dilwara Temple Architecture:  

The Dilwara temple front view have stunning white marble facades that sparkle in the sunlight. They are located in the lush green surroundings of Mount Abu, Rajasthan. The atmosphere here is so peaceful and spiritual that it feels like you’ve stepped back in time to an era when architecture was at its finest.

They are filled with excellent marble artistry. The whole temple are made with detailed patterns, delicate motifs, and filigree work. These temples have an interesting story behind them.

Dilwara Jain temple built by built by two Jain merchants named Vastupal Tejpal and Vimal Shah. Vastupal built them in the 11th century, while Vimal Shah built his temple in the 13th century.

Explore Dilwara Temples: 

Dilwara Temples Images
Dilwara Temples Images

Dilwara Temple Rajasthan each of these has its unique charm and story. When you visit, you’ll be surrounded by stunning architecture and a deep sense of spirituality and history. 

Vimal Vasahi Temple: Temple of Vimal Vasahai: The Temple is very old and most famous among Dilwara Temples. Vimal Shah built this temple in 1031 AD. Inside, there is a central hall known as the rang mandap. This hall is a true architectural masterpiece. Imagine intricately carved pillars that hold up a dome with the most delicate designs. In the inner sanctum is a majestic black marble idol of Lord Adinatha, who was the first Tirthankara.

Luna Vasahi Temple: It was built in 1230 AD by two brothers. It is dedicated to Lord Neminath, who was the 22nd Tirthankara. The temple is famous for the ‘Navchowki,’ a hall with nine beautifully carved rectangular ceilings. 

Pithalhar Temple is dedicated to Lord Rishabhanatha, the first Tirthankara. The idol of Lord Rishabhanatha inside the temple is carved from a single marble stone. 

Parshvanatha Temple: This temple is dedicated to Lord Parshvanatha, the 23rd Tirthankara. What sets it apart is its exquisitely designed lotus-shaped dome. Inside, you’ll find intricate carvings telling Lord Parshvanatha’s life story. This temple was built in the 15th century. 

Mahaveer Swami Temple: This temple was built in 1582 AD. It is devoted to 24th thirthankara Mahaveer Swami.

Timings of Dilwara Temples: 

  • Monday, Open 24 Hours 
  • Tuesday, Open 24 Hours 
  • Wednesday, Open 24 Hours 
  • Thursday, Open 24 Hours 
  • Friday, Open 24 Hours  
  • Saturday, Open 24 Hours 
  • Sunday, Open 24 Hours 

Nearby attractions from Dilwara Temple: 

Various famous places surround the Dilwara temple, Mount Abu. Below, We mentioned some of them, so do not forget to explore these too when you explore the Dilwara temples: 

  • Nakki Lake
  • Toad Rock
  • Arduba Devi Temple
  • Trevor’s Tank
  • Achalgarh Fort
  • Universal Peace Hall
  • Raghunath Temple
  • Shankar Math
  • Brahmakumaris Peace Park
  • Closest Hotels to Dilwara Temple: 
  • Sterling Mount Abu
  • Hill ‘N’ You – A Boutique Garden Hotel
  • Palace Hotel
  • The Retreat Villa
  • Arbudanchal View Homestay
  • Hotel Garden Berry
  • Rose Cottage – A Heritage Retreat
  • Krishna Niwas – The Heritage House
  • B.Panchvati
  • Mid Town Inn
  • Abu Inn Mount Abu
  • Hotel Always Welcome
  • Raj Darbar Hotel
  • Hotel Lake Palace
  • Hotel Marigold Mount Abu
  • Cama Rajputana Club Resort
  • The Colonial Manek Manor
  • Royal Heritage Lake View Resort
  • Briars Heritage Retreat Home
  • Raj Darbar Hotel 

How to Reach: 

By Road: You can take bus from your location to the Mount abu Bus Station from here you can get public vehicle such as local bus, taxis and auto-rickshaws to reach Dilwara Temple. 

From Train: You can take train from your nearby railway station to the Mount Abu Railway Station, from there you can get local bus, taxis and auto-rickshaws to reach Dilwara Temple. 

By Air: Take a flight from your nearby Airport to the Udaipur Airport, from there from there you can get local bus, taxis and auto-rickshaws to reach Dilwara Temple. 


Where is Dilwara temple? 

The Dilwara Temple located in the Mount Abu, Rajasthan 

Where is Dilwara temple located?

The famous dilwara temple are situated in Delwada, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 307501

Who built Dilwara temple?

It was built by Vimal Shah. 

What is the contact number of Dilwara temples?

The contact number of Dilwara Temples is 088750 18311

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