A Detailed Guide on How to Be a More Spontaneous Traveler 

To be a spontaneous traveler means to get out of your comfort zone and make last-minute decisions for a new adventure. Saying “yes” to a new trip a couple of hours before the flight will make the traveling process easier and skip the planning headaches together with the overwhelming expectations. 

If you haven’t decided where to travel and how to start, feel free to travel spontaneously and wake up the wildness inside of you by diving into the unplanned.

It’s absolutely fine to have some basic preparations depending on your destination, but usually, most pre-planned activities are made on the go. Before you pack your suitcases, you should consider a few things that will make your spontaneous traveling more successful.

1. Define the final destination and accommodation

You can’t just take your clothes and leave your home without knowing where to go and how to get there. To have a pleasant experience from your spontaneous traveling, define the place you want to stay before saying “yes” to your new adventure.

Summer is in front of us, so choosing sunny places, like Houston, Austin, San Jose, Miami, and others can be a great destination idea. You have to sleep somewhere and accommodation is an important part of your traveling too.

If Texas is your choice, you can find many cheap apartments in Houston or Austin, as well as other types of affordable accommodations throughout the state.

Knowing your final destination, you can easily define your means of transportation. If you want to visit populous places, the transportation is already known, like going by plane, train, car, bus or similar. 

2. Don’t wait for your mates

If you want to travel spontaneously without any barriers at the very beginning, don’t expect your friends to accept your traveling idea and join you.

Keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to have a travel companion because most people take time to make plans which is not a characteristic of spontaneous traveling (except for the basic preparations). 

All of this will make you feel the freedom of traveling whenever you want independently. Instead of waiting for anyone, start packing your suitcase and don’t think about potentially postponing your travels.

3. There is no perfect time 

Your to-do travel list is full of places you want to visit, so are you sure that you should wait for a perfect time to go there? As a spontaneous traveler, you should be aware that the right time for a new trip is at the moment you want it, no matter what time of the year it is. 

If your trip is blocked because of the weather or other circumstances, try to find an alternative destination or better timing for it. In other words, chase your interests and don’t allow your new adventure to fall into the background.       

4. Plan what to do after you arrive

It’s a fact that the reality can be different from your expectations, so decide what you can do when you reach your destination. Sit in a taxi and see different things and spots during your drive, so you can easily decide where to go and what to visit first.

Create yourself an option to see the situation you are in at first, then create a to-do list of how to spend quality time there.


5. Bad situations are a part of the spontaneous traveling

Very often, things can go wrong because spontaneous travelers are diving into unplanned adventures without analyzing the circumstances in the background. If your life or health is not affected, be comfortable with the bad situations because they will become memories of that trip one day. 

Keep in mind that things can go wrong when it comes to weather conditions, transportation, accommodation, documents, baggage, and so on.

It’s up to you how you handle those situations and find an alternative solution effectively. Always prefer to have money for just-in-case scenarios to escape additional headaches on your trip.

Final thoughts

Spontaneous traveling is for everyone who prefers last-minute decisions and accepts new adventures without any plans. As a spontaneous traveler, you have to be ready to step out of your comfort zone and face many challenging situations. All of this will let you feel free and you won’t have to wait for someone else to plan your trips. 

Most of the time you will probably travel alone because plans and details are not included. Before you leave your home, always define your final destination and take enough money according to it.

Keep in mind that there is not a right moment for traveling, the right moment is every day and you just need to pack your suitcase and enjoy the trip as never before.

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