Desert Safari in Dubai|The Best Attractions and Activities of Desert Safari 


Dubai, the United Arab Emirates capital, has earned its reputation as the Persian Gulf region’s most opulent metropolis. Dubai has a dazzling skyline, exotic nightlife, and filthy-rich adventures, but the Desert safari in Dubai remains unparalleled.

A day and night in the vast Arabian Desert are full of unforgettable experiences, such as going on a Desert Safari in Dubai, observing animals from the comfort of a Land Rover, or spending the night in a traditional Arabic tent while taking in the beauty of the desert and the stars.

A desert safari in Dubai is an adventure of a lifetime, thanks to the immensity of the Arabian Desert, the wealth of experiences to be had among the dunes, and the wide variety of thrilling activities available daily.

Pick from various blue-lit photography trips, exciting desert safari adventures, and thrilling nighttime excursions into the desert.

This Dubai attraction showcases the finest of Arabian evenings with thrilling rides, traditional music, and delicious cuisine. Dubai’s desert safari offers various experiences, from lively evenings to picture-perfect mornings. We discuss the most acceptable ways to enjoy a day in the expansive Arabian Desert.

Dubai Desert Tour in The Morning

View The Sunrise Over the Sand Dunes

At first, light, when the Sun is at its highest and seems the largest on the horizon, you should go to the vast Arabian Desert. Admire the splendour as it shimmers with gold and takes your breath away. The desert in the morning is a gorgeous time of day.

The average length of a desert safari is just four to five hours long, and that’s only in the morning. Sunrise desert safari in Dubai has rooms for solo travellers and those with larger groups. Your experiences abroad will be with you for the rest of your lives.

Desert safaris at sunrise in Dubai are a fantastic opportunity to take in the city’s stunning lights. Adventure Planet offers unique vacation packages designed to make your trip memorable.

The morning is the best time for a small group excursion since most visitors will still sleep, and you won’t have to worry about interfering with other trips. At first light, a driver will pick you up from your hotel in a chauffeured 4×4 luxury SUV and take on a 4WD smash through the dunes.

dubai desert safari deals

An early morning desert adventure In Dubai, you may have a reviving and entertaining experience that lasts many hours. There are also many exciting and active pursuits available to you.

If you put in the time and effort to prepare correctly, you’ll be able to make the most of your brief time in the desert and seek new experiences. The energy boost you’d get from your newfound excitement is a guaranteed bet. Desert safaris in Dubai are a must if you’re a nature lover.

Dune-Bashing: Exploring the Sand Dunes of The Arabian Peninsula

The most fabulous desert safari in Dubai is a thrilling early-morning trip in a 4×4 SUV on a jeep safari over the immense Arabian Desert with its brisk wind and sand. The typical jeep trip is around 30 minutes long and begins with a pickup at the campsite and ends with a thrilling descent.

You’ll have 20 minutes of dune bashing with our expert drivers and then return to our camp. Activities, including camel rides, sand skiing, and quad riding, are also available at the centre. The ride ends when the driver deposits you at your hotel. The total time commitment is close to two hours.

Camel Safari And Enjoy A Relaxing Walk Around The Desert

A camel safari in Dubai typically lasts 45 minutes and takes place in the morning before the day’s heat. Ride a camel caravan through Dubai’s Desert Conservation Reserve and learn about the local fauna.

The camel desert trip also includes a presentation with a falcon, where tourists may take pictures of themselves with the stunning bird.

When you ride a camel, you’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time to a simpler, more peaceful era in which automobiles and loud sounds were rare. It’s a chance to hear and see the desert and the vastness of space as they were before the advent of modern technology.

The camel rides of his youth are what our resident Bedouin, now 80 years old, misses most about the days before Dubai modernized. IN

In addition to a 45-minute camel ride during Desert safari in Dubai, visitors may see a falcon display to learn about traditional Bedouin hunting methods and the Bedouins’ methods of training their loyal hunting partners.

Adventure Planet is proud to provide the area with the highest quality, most memorable desert safaris. Only one firm has the credentials to make your Camel Safari one for the books.

The Excitement of A Sand Ski Ride In The Desert

Dunes in Dubai are perfect for sand skiing, an extreme activity unlike any other. Some dunes reach 200–300 meters, making them ideal for sand skiing. Gently sink your skis into the sand and feel the speed as you descend. That’s the pinnacle of desert enjoyment!

Something new and unique. There was a time when ski season and snow were necessities. When you come to us, you won’t be sand-boarding or sand-surfing in sub-zero temperatures; you’ll be doing it in the warm Sun and crimson dunes. Feel the sand under your board as you go down the hill instead of snow.

High dunes, reaching 200 to 300 meters, are uncommon. Sand surfing at 40°C is unforgettable, but you don’t want to do it for too long without a drink and a break in the shade, so we’ll drive you to the largest one (known as “Big Red” by the locals), where the temperature is more bearable.

Dusk or morning is a great time to go sandboarding. You’ll need to wake up early to catch a wave along the dune line before work. Walking across the dunes at sunrise is a breathtaking experience. Another option is to wait until the Sun sets and then slide down the hills.

If you’re going on a trek, make sure you’re wearing something breathable and loose-fitting. Dress comfortably, keeping in mind that your shoes and clothes can quickly get buried in the sand. A picnic is something you can organize and bring with you.

luxury desert safari dubai

Go Quad-Riding Like A Pro!

Quad riding is a great way to see the desert landscape outside of Desert Safari in Dubai, and thrill-seekers will love it. Dune buggy safaris in Dubai may be the most popular off-road activity, but quad biking in the deserts of Dubai is quickly gaining popularity among thrill-seekers.

Dubai’s Quad Bike Safaris provides a novel take on the classic adventure activity. Desert safaris in Dubai are famous for their high excitement levels, which you will feel when your guide guides you across the treacherous dunes.

After your Dubai Quad Bike safari ride, go to the desert tent for a traditional Arabian welcome before your nighttime quad bike safari. Experience authentic Arabian camping with traditional Arabian rugs, low tables, and pillows. Desert camp activities include camel rides and henna tattoos.

Dinner is a lavish buffet, including a selection of grilled meats, salads, main dishes, and sweets. The evening’s highlight is the unforgettable show the exotic belly dancer put on in the moonlight (except during religious holidays or government orders).

A Hot Air Balloon Flight Over The Arabian Desert

On a hot air balloon tour, you can see the Arabian Desert’s vastness from every angle. The hot air balloon, which can carry as many as 24 people at once, will have your heart racing as it floats above the clouds and provides breathtaking vistas.


Animals typical of desert environments, such as gazelles and camels, may see roaming the neighbourhood. Shopping, dining, and nightlife aren’t the only activities available at Dessert Safari in Dubai; visitors may also take hot air balloon rides over the desert.

Seeing the city of Dubai come to life from above first thing in the morning is a rewarding experience. Picture yourself soaring through the Hajar Mountains and dunes at an altitude of 4,000 feet, passing under a soft carpet of cotton candy clouds.

Each morning is like waking up on your birthday; seeing the Sun peeking out from behind the cityscape of the future is an experience unlike any other.

Evening Dubai Desert Safari at

Take Advantage Of The Most Outstanding View Of the Sunset

Even more beautiful than a rising sun over the Dubai desert is a sunset sun. The Sun’s orange glow as it sinks below the dune is a sight.

Take a Range Rover out to the dunes and soak in the atmosphere as the Sun sets behind the enormous peaks. That’s an excellent opportunity for some spontaneous snaps!

A Night Full Of Exciting Events!

Stilt dancing, fire eating, whirling, and the exotic belly dance are just a few of the highlights of this unforgettable evening. Set your camp in style and have thrilling experiences with loved ones.

Spend the night outside the tent enjoying the desert nightlife of Dubai by way of a BBQ, a bonfire, and a celebration.

private desert safari dubai

A BBQ and Supper Buffet Featuring The Finest In Arabic Cuisine

Dubai’s food is renowned for its deliciousness and subtlety. A Luxury desert safari Dubai Deals includes a buffet with classics like kebabs and hummus and more exotic options from the Iranian and Lebanese cuisines. A traditional Arabian evening would consist of supper, belly dancing, and music.

Overnight Safari: Dune-bashing and Stargazing

The most fantastic desert safari in Dubai features dune bashing, a desert safari, and stargazing. The windy, chilly evenings are perfect for a trip in the Range Rover with your significant other.

Take a long trip out to the dunes and enjoy the nighttime beauty of the Arabian Desert. Among the many options available on Dubai’s nighttime desert safaris, camping and breakfast in the morning are among the most sought-after.

After a fantastic night in a traditional Majlis gathered around the fire, you may go to your room. The conventional Bedouin architectural style inspired these Arabic stone dwelling chambers. When night falls, the electricity in the camp is turned off, so there are no lights or noises to disturb your sleep. A bed and soft sheets are waiting for you in your room.

During November through March, nights may become rather chilly, ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, so make sure to pack accordingly. Highs between October and April are often in the low to mid-60s, which is still 8 to 10 degrees Celsius lower than the city.

Optionally, you may add a once-in-a-lifetime hot air balloon ride and delicious breakfast to your desert trip before the Sun rises.

The Best Dubai Desert Safari Camps

In the middle of the desert, there are many great places to stay during Desert Safari in Dubai Adventure, setting the desert safari apart. Campfires, live performances, and tasty meals are part of these stays. Visit us soon!

Camp in the Dubai Desert for Safaris

  1. Adventure Planet Tourism
  2. Bedouin Camp
  3. The Arabian Nights
  4. A Tourist Oasis Palm
  5. The Al Maha Resort, Dubai

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