Costa Rica Travel: 6 Tips for Using Domestic Airlines

Costa Rica has stunning tourist destinations, from high-spirited cities and rich rainforests to pristine coastlines. While there are many ways to get around, opting for domestic airlines can be more efficient. It’s a favorable option for travelers who want to cover more ground faster.

Costa Rica is a small country, but getting around the place with convenient access can help you get the most out of your travel experience. Domestic flights can be a better means to catch sight of some of the more remote areas of Costa Rica.

You also get to explore further the rich cultural heritage like the influences from indigenous tribes, Spanish colonialism, and African and Caribbean cultures. 

Check these timely tips for using domestic airlines when traveling in Costa Rica. Learn about the best travel guidelines and feel confident and excited as you embark on your adventure.

Tips for Using Domestic Airlines

1. Know Your Airport Options

Find out which airport is nearest and most convenient for you. There are several convenient airports in Costa Rica located throughout the country.

Before you book your tickets, it’s necessary to research your options and compare prices, as each has its pros and cons.

With two international airports in Costa Rica, catching a domestic flight is a breeze! Whether you choose San Jose or Liberia, you can see a flight on one of the four regularly operating domestic airlines in Costa Rica. These are:

  • Sansa Airlines
  • Nature Air
  • Skyway Airlines
  • Aerobell Airlines.

Costa Rica also has several small airstrips used by domestic airlines and private charter flights. Remote areas of the country typically have these airstrips, where road access may be limited or nonexistent. Drake Bay and Tortuguero are some of those small airstrips around the country.

2. Pack Light

Get ready for your vacation by packing light and smart. With small planes and weight restrictions, it’s vital to double-check luggage requirements to avoid extra fees and surprises at the airport. 

Leave behind those heavy or bulky items and only bring what you need. Plus, some airlines may restrict the carry-on size, so you better be sure before you pack.

Also, remember to keep your camera with you, because the views from above are breathtaking! 

3. Arrive Early

Like it is with international flights, arriving at the airport early when traveling via a domestic airline in Costa Rica is essential. This is especially during high seasons.

Remember to plan your time. Being early at the airport will give you plenty of time to do the following:

  • Check-in
  • Go through security protocols
  • Board your flight without feeling rushed and overwhelmed.

Besides, arriving early at the airport will provide you with not only peace of mind but also more time to explore the airport and its amenities. You can have time to grab some coffee or a snack. 

4. Prepare for Customs and Immigration

If you’re arriving from an international destination, you may still have to go through customs and immigration. This is because some of the country’s domestic airports also serve as international airports. 

Ensure you have all the necessary documentation to avoid any delays or complications. Keep your passport and visa at hand, and be prepared to go through the customs and immigration process.

5. Choose Your Best Seat

Make your flight as comfortable as possible. You can choose the window or aisle seats; some airlines even have seats with extra legroom. And if there’s an option for an upgrade, go for it!

Keep in mind that not all domestic airlines in Costa Rica assign seats. It helps to check the airline’s policies and reserve your preferred seat ahead of time. 

Window seats are great to enjoy the breathtaking views of Costa Rica’s landscapes, while aisle seats offer easy access to restrooms and overhead compartments.

Indeed, you can make the most of your domestic flight experience in Costa Rica by choosing the right seat.

6. Consider the Best Time to Travel

The dry season, spanning from December to April, is generally considered the best time to travel to Costa Rica, as the weather is usually sunny and dry.

If you want to avoid the crowds and avail cheaper flights, consider traveling during the low season. It runs from May to November, but this season can bring about heavy downpours and thunderstorms as it is the rainy season. 

Check your flight status mainly because of these reasons:

  • Flights sell out fast during peak seasons
  • Some flights may not be available during the low season
  • Flights may have limited availability. 

Ensure you use the online reservation forms to check accessibility before planning a specific getaway. So, depending on your itinerary and preferences, the best time to go to Costa Rica could be either season!

Is Costa Rica Safe to Travel?

Costa Rica is a country that welcomes tourists with open arms. Exploring the region is generally considered safe. Like in any foreign country, diligently exercise caution while traveling.

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and keep your belongings secure to avoid unexpected incidents. Do some research about your destination ahead of time and take note of any safety concerns.

By being aware and staying prepared, you can have a worry-free trip. You can freely enjoy the breathtaking scenery and vibrant culture that Costa Rica has to offer.

Costa Rica All-Inclusive Vacations

You’ll find plenty of options if you’re looking for an all-inclusive vacation in Costa Rica. All-inclusive vacations typically include:

  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Flights
  • Itineraries
  • Other activities. 

They can be a convenient way to enjoy a stress-free vacation, and a Costa Rica travel agency can do everything for you.

More Tips for Costa Rica Travel 

Consider carrying these travel essentials during your travel to Costa Rica:

  • Cool and lightweight clothing      
  • Sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from harmful rays
  • Insect repellent
  • Most comfortable shoes 
  • Rain gear: waterproof jacket and shoes when traveling in the rainy season
  • Medications and first aid kit
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Travel documents: passport, flight tickets, and other travel documents
  • Camera or phone


Domestic airlines are a convenient and efficient way to travel within Costa Rica. Follow the tips we’ve discussed above to make the most of your travel experience in this beautiful country!

Whether you’re an adventure seeker or a cultural explorer, your trip to Costa Rica will always be unforgettable! 

Remember to book your flights in advance, check the luggage requirements for your airline, and consider booking a travel package for added convenience. Be ready to take to the skies and enjoy your vacation in Costa Rica!

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