Christmas Party in Surat | Affordable Places to Celebrate Christmas

Surat is a fantastic place to celebrate Christmas! There are parties in every city corner—happy vibes, cool lights, and bright decorations. Discover happiness at the greatest Christmas party in Surat, where traditional and contemporary fun are combined.

They play games with their friends and families as they exchange gifts during the festivity. Restaurants and shops also have the Christmas spirit by using different Christmas items.

The whole experience of being in Surat during the festive season is fun since everyone has a happy time.

Christmas party in Surat photo
Christmas party in Surat photo

Best Places for Christmas Celebration in Surat

Visit Surat, a city where tradition and modernity blend vibrantly during Christmas celebrations. Take in the charm as the streets are illuminated with holiday lights and the aroma of delectable sweets fills the air.

Surat Christmas celebration is more than just a holiday in this vibrant city beside the Tapi River; it’s a magnificent spectacle that brings people together in happiness and warmth. Check out these cool places:

  • The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception: Experience the Christmas magic of this ancient and quaint church. Enjoy the choir’s beautiful sound, serene surroundings, and calming atmosphere.
  • VR Mall becomes a winter wonderland with lights, Christmas trees, and decorations. Enjoy a wonderful Christmas in Surat, buy some gifts for friends and family and listen to singing from carolers.
  • Dumas Beach: Christmas is more unusual at Dumas Beach, where there are market stalls and street food that are fun. Feel the fresh sea air in your lungs and live.
  • Fun City: The largest amusement park in Surat is called Fun City. Enjoy yourself! It becomes a Christmas village with decorations, games, and rides. Have fun with your families and associates during Christmas.
  • Lake View Garden: Visit Lake View Garden, a quiet town area. Strolling through the park with beautiful Christmas lights is also possible, while picnics can be held on the green grass.
  • Restaurants with Christmas Menus: Surat’s restaurants will also serve their festive meal this Christmas as your way of treating yourself. Other restaurants have special menus with traditional turkey and other festive dishes.
  • Christmas Baking Workshops: Christmas baking workshops can boost your creativity in the kitchen. Bake tasty Christmas cookies, cakes, and treats to make it a sweet festive season.
Image of Christmas party in Surat
Image of Christmas party in Surat

Christmas party in Surat with Prices

Christmas party costs in Surat can differ depending on the venue, number of guests, and services offered. Nevertheless, you will pay anything from Rs. 550 to Rs. 2500 per plate, which includes hall rental, food, and drinks.

If you are planning a Party for Christmas Surat, I advise you to book your venue and catering early. It will ensure the best price and availability offered.


Resorts in Surat

Visit a world of luxury and tranquillity tucked away in the centre of Surat, where opulence and tranquillity collide at every turn.

The resorts in Surat are an homage to the artful fusion of comfort and scenic beauty, providing a place to retreat for visitors looking to escape the bustle of the city.

Every resort is a haven where visitors can relax in the lap of luxury while taking in the breathtaking scenery and first-rate service.

Picture of Christmas party in Surat
Picture of Christmas party in Surat

How to Reach Surat

Travel smoothly to the energetic city of Surat, where charm and accessibility converge. Finding your way to this cultural treasure is a lovely adventure, with various travel alternatives to ensure your arrival is as enjoyable as the destination.

Come along as we examine the various options for “How to Reach Surat,” appreciating the ease and adventure that await you as you travel to this captivating city.

  • By Bus: Surat’s Central Bus Station is a major transportation hub, offering inter-state and intracity bus services.
  • By Train: The Western Railway zone has a well-connected railway station in Surat. It has regular train services to the cities of India. The traveller can easily access the station in the middle of the town.
  • By Air: Surat International Airport (STV) serves the city of Surat. It is a domestic airline that runs flights between Surat and significant cities in India. The airport has local air routes and is about 16 kilometres from the city center.

7 Things to Purchase for Christmas Party

Discover the fascinating realm of holiday celebrations with our list of the “7 Things to Purchase for Christmas Party.” With these thoughtfully chosen necessities, you can turn your Christmas get-together into a wonderful mosaic of happiness, coziness, and lifelong memories.


When should I commence planning my Christmas party in Surat?

Ensure you start planning your Xmas party in Surat at least two to three months before.

What are some of the top locations for Christmas parties in Surat?

Some familiar places include banquet halls, restaurants, rooftops, and outdoor venues.

What is the cost of a Christmas party in Surat?

It varies with the average amount ranging between Rs. 550 and Rs. 2500 per person.

What are some trendy activities in Surat at Christmas parties?

These activities include carol singing, Secret Santa gift exchange, Christmas-themed games, live music or DJ, and a photo booth.

How can I make my Christmas party in Surat stand out and memorable?

Create a one-of-a-kind party with personalization, interaction, themes, unique entertainment, and local flavours.

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