Setting Up Camo Netting On Your Vehicle

Camo netting is designed to conceal people and properties from sights and sensors. The way you’ll set up your camo netting depends on what you’re trying to achieve with it and what you’re using it on.

Most people think camo netting is used only for military personnel and equipment-concealing purposes during operations. However, it’s actually widely used for various reasons such as shelter, camouflage photography, decorative element, hunting, car covers, camping equipment, and many others.

The idea of using camo netting on your vehicle is exciting, but learning how to set it up can pose a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, it’s actually not a daunting task once you understand what the process entails.

Listed below are some guides to follow when setting up a camo netting on your vehicle:

Camo Netting On Your Vehicle

Camo Netting

Know Your Vehicle’s Dimensions

To determine the netting module that will occupy your vehicle, measure your vehicle’s body and know its dimensions. If you don’t know how to do this, inform your camo netting provider.

A good camo netting store will be ready to offer assistance by giving you tips on how to get the proper measurements.

Ensure you’re providing the right information to prevent joining nets together or returning it. Your supplier may even know the right size that will fit your car by providing your card details. Then, when you receive your net, lay it out next to your vehicle to confirm if it’s actually the right size.

Spread Out Your Camo Netting

Do this right after you remove your camo netting from its packaging. It’s advisable to spread it out in a place with a natural breeze to get rid of the remains of the chemical used to preserve it from the manufacturer before draping it on your vehicle. Then, shake out the entire camo netting to remove foreign objects.

This process will dissipate any chemical odor from your net naturally. Such chemicals, when inhaled, may be harmful to your health. You have less incentive to speed, which maintains your clean driving record.

Not just for your health alone, but the residue of these chemicals may also be dangerous to the car, leading to rust or other modifications. Ensure your personal safety before anything else.

Find The Ends Of Your Camo Netting

It’s sometimes confusing to identify the front and rear parts of your camo netting. Don’t stress yourself dribbling the net over and over to determine its ends. Most nettings have a printed tag labelled front, top, back, and more, sewn or stamped on the spot where those ends are located.

Identify these labels and use them to determine which end is which. If you can’t locate the ends, it may be impossible for your vehicle to fit into the netting. You can also picture the mental image of what the netting will turn out to be on your vehicle when positioned wrongly.

Secure The Bumpers Of Your Vehicle

The bumpers are critical parts of your vehicle that need attention, not only when you’re cleaning your car but also when you’re setting up the camo netting. Secure the cover of the front bumper with the area identified as front on your camo netting. Always drape from the front to the back and not vice versa.

Then extend the net over the vehicle to cover the top. The bumper located at the rear end of your vehicle can now be covered. Covering one part after the other will help you ensure that the netting fits each part well.

Starting from another part like the top of the vehicle will give you an unsatisfactory result. It may even dislocate the part of your netting that’s supposed to be used for a different part of the vehicle.

Use Your Mirror Pockets

This is applicable if your camo netting has customized mirror pockets. Ensure you cover your side mirrors first before you secure the ends of your vehicle bumpers.

You can cover the front bumper before sliding the mirrors into the pocket but not after securing the back bumper. It’ll be easier to secure your side mirrors this way than having to extend the net over them after the latter has been done.

The process will be like forcing the net to cover the mirrors, which can eventually damage the mirror. Apart from this, it requires more energy. Don’t delay the process of setting up your camo netting because of a mistake that can be avoided. Instead, slide the mirrors into the pockets before getting to the back bumper.

Covering Your Vehicle’s Antenna

Be mindful of your vehicle’s antenna. If it’s not retractable, you’ll have to order a camo net with a customized antenna patch. Then mark a spot on the netting where the antenna touches the camo netting. Once the area is marked, apply the self-adhesive patch to the area.

This self-adhesive patch will be provided by your camo netting supplier.

After doing this, punch a hole carefully in the middle of the patch. This is the hole where your antenna will slip through. This will create a custom-fit space for your antenna. The patch will prevent the hole from damaging the appearance of the camo net. Doing this will help secure your antenna and also prevent damages.

Roll Down The Sides Of Your Netting

Ensure the front and back bumpers of your vehicles are secured before pulling down the sides. Camo nettings made for vehicles are intended to fit around your vehicle’s bumper. This means that when your bumpers fit well into your camo netting, then rest assured that the other parts of the vehicle are secured.

There’s no way your camo netting will look out of shape for your vehicle. You can now pull the rest of the netting over the vehicle by rolling down the sides and securing it under the rear bumper. At this stage, you have finished setting up your camo netting for your vehicle.


Setting up a camo netting for your vehicle can provide many benefits. Follow the steps explained above to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Ensure your camo netting pattern colour is similar to or reflecting the environment where your vehicle is parked to achieve camouflage successfully. Visit a camo netting store today to secure the best option for your vehicle.

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