Top 6 Tips to Having a Budget-Friendly RV Road Trip

Travelling in an RV is one of the best experiences since it gives you all the flexibility, comfort, and freedom you need for your road trip. Imagine going on a road trip at your own pace in your own space.

You can rest for days, change the route and do everything else you want to have the most fun. However, the venture can be expensive, depending on what you are doing and where you are going.

Therefore, you should find a balance between your budget and expectations before you begin your trip. If you want a budget-friendly road trip, here are things you should do.

1. Find a Small RV

The first thing you need if you want to save money on an RV road trip is to find a small RV. It is best to use rent or hire an RV to accommodate you and the people you are traveling with. Smaller RV’s have less to go wrong and get far better fuel economy. 

Getting an too large RV means you will also pay for the space you might not even use. Smaller RVs are also easier to navigate and cost much less for camping spaces than larger rigs. 

2. Travel during the Low Season

Another trick to a budget-friendly road trip is travelling during low seas. Avoid travelling during peak season when every RV is on the road. Be flexible with your travelling date.

Avoid travelling during summer since it is the most popular travelling season. School is closed, and the weather is favourable. Therefore, everything, including the camping spots, is expensive.

It is also advisable to book early. If you plan to travel during summer, ensure you book before the season starts and the prices hike. You will have access to the best spots at favorable prices.

3. Find Low-cost Camping Sites

It is also possible to get free or low-cost camping spots depending on where you are going. So, keep a close eye on such places where you can spend a night or some days for free. This will frequently be without hookups but getting off the grid is a great way to use an RV.

4. Stock Up the Refrigerator

Eating out will only add up to the cost of the trip. Therefore, cooking your own meals in the RV can be a good idea. So, fill the refrigerator with the food you will need on your trip.

This will save you a great deal since you will not need to travel long distances to look for groceries. Bring enough snacks and freezer meals.

5. Look for Discounts

Look for a way to cut down the cost of everything you will need on your road trip. Whether attractions, food, souvenirs, or parking spots, know where you will find discounts.

It is possible to save when you book online and compare several options. There are also many fuel discount programs and camping-specific discounts or programs to reduce costs.

6. Don’t Change Campgrounds

We also recommend driving your car instead of the whole RV if you plan to take a short ride and return to the campground. If you have a towable RV, consider leaving it behind and taking your ride with you.

Only take the RV if you don’t plan to return to the campground or you are going away for days.


These are simple things you can do for a budget-friendly RV road trip. Campsite, food, gas, and entertainment expenses can pile up and disrupt your trip. So plan for them and enjoy a low-cost RV road trip.

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