Boston To New York City: 4 Best Ways To Get There

Boston and New York are among the most iconic cities in the United States of America. However, these two cities differ significantly, with Boston having a more relaxed vibe making it the perfect place to head to when looking to escape the frantic New York city life.

Fortunately, this shouldn’t be a hassle because these two cities aren’t that far from each other. In addition, there here are numerous traveling options available to choose from depending on your budget. 

New York

With that said, here’s a look at the best ways you should consider when traveling from Boston to New York City:

#1 Travel By Bus 

If you’re on a budget, bus trips from Boston to New York are certainly the stand-out means of transportation you should consider. It is usually an excellent option because numerous bus lines traveling between these two cities.

It includes Greyhound buses that depart from South Station in Boston to Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City. These buses are full of exciting amenities such as onboard toilets, Wi-Fi, power outlets, and leather seats. You can also choose other bus services including;  

  • Mega Bus 
  • Lucky Star
  • Peter Pan 
  • Flix Bus 
  • Bolt Bus 

The fare charged by these buses usually varies per person depending on the comfort and the available amenities. It makes it one of the most affordable ways to travel between these two cities.

Another advantage is that there are many departures between Boston and New York City, so you can book a trip that fits your schedule.

However, it also has some shortcomings, including inconvenience, especially when traveling with your children. In addition, it isn’t as comfortable compared to your car or train and can be somewhat unpredictable.   

#2 Travel By Plane 

It is undoubtedly the fastest way to travel from Boston to New York City, having a flight that takes about an hour. However, this doesn’t count the hassles in the airport, such as needing to arrive at the airport one or two hours prior to your flight and going through a security check.

There are also lots of trips each day and numerous carriers, including United, Delta, American Airlines, and JetBlue.   

An advantage of flying is that it’s cheaper than the train and is also quick. Nonetheless, it has one main drawback and this is needing to go through lots of hassles when arriving and leaving the airport, which cost you a lot of energy and time.  

#3 Drive Your Car 

One of the most flexible and convenient ways to travel from Boston to New York City is thru yourself. If you opt to take your car, the three routes you can take and all with the exact driving time.

However, these routes can sometimes have enormous traffic during rush hours or weekends. And to know which is an ideal route to take, you should use either Waze or Google Maps to identify tracks with lesser traffic.

The driving time varies depending on the weather conditions and traffic but usually ranges between four to six hours.  

Driving yourself to New York, however, is not ideal because garage fees are expensive. Expect to have a hard time searching for a suitable parking space.

It is made worse by finding that many New York City hotels valet park in the garages nearby instead of using theirs. Driving is not fun due to the possible heavy traffic you’ll experience across these different routes.  

Despite the shortcomings, taking a car from Boston to NYC is an affordable option if traveling with a family or a group. Because you don’t need to buy a plane, bus, or train ticket for each person, you also don’t have to observe any specific schedule for this road trip. So, you may start traveling at an off-peak period with the slightest traffic.

#4 Travel By Train 

If you want a comfortable, convenient, and less stressful way of commuting from Boston to New York City, you should travel by train.

When traveling to New York’s Penn Station; there are three available train stations: Back Bay Station, North Station, and South Station. Amtrak is in charge of servicing the train route, and its two offers are;  

  • Acela Express: It’s a higher-speed train that offers you optimal comfort and efficiency. However, it’s a lot more expensive but depends on the depends on the class of service. Some of the available amenities include power outlets at the seats, restrooms, Wi-Fi service, and a café where you can buy drinks and snacks. 

The Acela Express trains feature first-class and business-class seats, with adequate legroom to give to provide you with room to stretch during the trip. The business class seats aren’t reserved, so you can take sit on any you like if they’re still unoccupied.  

  • Amtrak Northeast Regional: It is also another viable choice when traveling from Boston to New York City without rushing and on budget. The price of a one-way ticket usually depends on the departure time, dates and season. While the train ride doesn’t match the Acela Express, it’s still a great choice because it’s comfortable. It also has some of the amenities found on Acela Express, including Wi-Fi. However, this train makes many more stops, so you’ll take longer to reach New York City.

Taking a train from Boston to New York City is ideal when you want a direct, fast, and efficient way to travel between these two cities.

You also don’t have to worry about lengthy security checks before boarding the train, which can save you a lot of time. In addition, taking a train is more reliable and convenient than taking a flight or going by road during winter.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about delays due to poor road conditions or flight delays. Train stations are within the city, unlike airports primarily located on the city outskirts; hence you can access them conveniently.   

Nonetheless, traveling by train has some shortcomings, such as being expensive even than boarding a plane. It is because you might need to pay for other costs that further increase your travel expenses, such as cabs, baggage fees, and parking.  


Choosing the best way to move from Boston to New York City is quite daunting due to the various deliberations you need to make. Because of this, it becomes hard to know what’s the best transportation method.

Fortunately, this guide has helped ease your worries by detailing the four best ways to consider when moving from these two cities. 

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