Blockchain in Government


Blockchain as a technology has grabbed the interest of government agencies apart from its colossal applications in the public sector.

Governments around the world have shown their interest in blockchain development by testing them as pilot projects and some of them are in the experimental stage. 

Why blockchain has grabbed the attention of governments

Blockchain as a technology has demonstrated its might in terms of decentralization and this translates into the fact that states can gain much in revamping their infrastructure.

Maintaining certain sensitive information about governance or personal details of citizens can be a pricy affair provided how complex and costly it is to prevent data leaks on a centralized system. 

Blockchain’s innate ability to eliminate intermediaries and tamperproof way of record keeping have brought the attention of many government institutions.

The smart contract functionality and real-time transparency along with auditability have made many governments across the world believe that blockchain can help them in combating corruption while reducing costs.  

How blockchain can be used in governance

Establishing e-identities

Identity is an unalienable part of an individual and establishing an identity over an e-platform can be challenging as traditional centralized systems are prone to hacks.

Further, they have their own issues like fragmentation or data fraud. 

Blockchain technology lets an individual create, authenticate and manage digital identity with its decentralized identity approach which functions using cryptographic methods. 

Property registration

The real estate industry has been notorious for being low transparent and considering its expensive asset levels it has been literally restricted to small-time investors. 

Blockchain technology can be utilized by government land registry departments to streamline various processes like verifying details of the owner, transactions taking place, and further administration of taxes.

Further, those investors who seek to buy a fraction of a property can go forward to buy as blockchain can make that happen using digital tokens representing ownership. 

Government healthcare

Providing wholesome healthcare facilities is one of the prime concerns of governments in many developed countries. While at the same time, the costs of offering healthcare are increasing exponentially, and at the same time there have been issues of data breaches of patients. 

Blockchain’s DLT-based infrastructure can help governments in eliminating data breaches in healthcare and increase confidentiality in doctor-patient interaction.

Further, the activities like putting a stop to the counterfeiting of drugs and medical supplies, and devising a proper plan of action during an event of an outbreak or emergency can be effectively done. 

E-voting for citizens 

Voting is such an activity which have been subjected to rampant malpractice and corruption. There have been a lot of hues and cry from various sections of society regarding the manipulation of ballot boxes and even the disappearance of vote registers. 

Blockchain has a panacea to these problems of outdated voting systems by creating an immutable digital voting system comprising peers and nodes.

Blockchain lets citizens cast their votes through e-voting machines which register and record it over the decentralized blockchain network. 

Conclusion: The Future of Blockchain in Governance

Blockchain as a technology can revolutionize every sector government deals with replacing those unnecessary documentation and obsolete ways of functioning.

A senior blockchain developer at Rejolut says that blockchain empowers local governance at much smaller levels of states and counties by enabling them to work faster and smarter way.

But it won’t be wrong to say that blockchain implementation at the government level is still nascent, and government institutions can greatly benefit while maintaining unquestionable trust. 

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