Ballygally Castle | Castle Owner’s Wife Haunts Castle as Ghost

Located in the village of Ballygally Castle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, just about 3 miles north of Barnes.

Castle is now known as the Ballygally Castle Hotel. Built-in 1625, it is the only building from the 17th century still used as an abode in Northern Ireland and is well-known to be one of the most haunted places.

The Ballygally castle game of Thrones door no. 9 is known to be its home.

Door 9 represents the prominent battle between House Stark and House Bolton in the second last episode of season 6.

Front View of the hotel

Sculpted on this magnificent door, you would see the crown of House Stark and House Bolton, Ramsey’s hungry dogs, and Winterfell castle.

Ballygally Castle History

James Shaw of Scotland built the castle in 1625 when he came to the land and rented it from the Earl of Antrim for 24 pounds a year.

The Irish army at Glenarm attacked the castle several times during the revolt of 1641.

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However, each attempt turned out to be unsuccessful.

The Shaw owned the castle until it passed onto William Shaw in 1799, which he sold at 15,400 pounds. The castle is currently owned and operated by the Hastings hotel Group.

Ballygally Castle Haunted History

The Bellegally castle is popular for holding numerous ghosts.

However, the most frequently seen and the most ‘active’ is the ghost of the former resident, Isobel Shaw.

She has a habit of knocking on the doors of the hotel rooms and vanishing.

She died falling off a window after her husband locked her in her room, leaving her with nothing to eat.

Another ghost named Madame Nixon from the 19th century lived in the hotel and could be heard wandering around in her silk attire.


The petite room in the corner of the tower of the Castle is called the ‘Ballygally castle ghost room.’ No one uses that room in the hotel.

Ballygally Castle Ghost Story

In 2003, Olga Henry, manager of the Castle, started after spending a few nights in the hotel. That the idea of supernatural activity never really seemed real to her.

However, she did sense something in the hotel; she asserted that the more she stayed there for his work, the more she could feel something was in this hotel.

She further talked about an incident with a guest who stayed in the hotel; his room was right beneath the ‘Ghost room’.

During the nighttime, he woke up suddenly, thinking he was inside his own house, and he could sense one of his children had laid a hand on his back.

He could hear a noise of a child running in his room, laughing, though he couldn’t see visually. However, could hear it. Frantically, he ran out of his room.

castle haunted history

Another incident took place in the year 2003. When Henry set up the dungeon’s room in the turret as they were anticipating some guests and ordered the table for a meal.

ballygally castle hotel
Ballygally castle hotel (Source)

After sometimes, when she returned to the room to check up on it, she witnessed napkins being unfolded and glasses with an odd scum around them were organized in a circle on the table.

Mediums who spent the night there claimed that the Ballygally castle hotel haunted by ghosts, have been detected to be more than there were guests apparently residing there. For Ballygally Castle Game of Thrones, click here


Ballygally Castle menu

One of the popular attractions of the castle is its restaurant, which serves a variety of traditional Irish cuisine. The Castle menu features Irish stew, Guinness pie, fish and chips, and other delicacies made with locally sourced ingredients. The menu also offers a range of vegetarian and gluten-free options

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Ballygally Castle reviews

It is a popular hotel in Northern Ireland, famous for its extensive history and stunning views of the Antrim Coast. The hotel has comfortable rooms, friendly staff, and delicious food. We also enjoy exploring the castle’s historic features, such as the 400-year-old ghost room and the charming gardens. Castle is a highly recommended destination for those seeking a unique and memorable stay in Northern Ireland.

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