8 Best Cat Toys for Your Fluffy Mate

Are you lucky enough to have a fluffy mate? A cute little cat who keeps you busy with its little antics? Then it’s your sole responsibility to ensure you keep them happy and healthy. For the healthy stuff, make sure you feed them the best food and get them to exercise.

To keep them happy, you must buy many cute best cat toys they can chase around the house daily. The problem with this is that you cannot just buy any toy for your cat. Cats are notorious and fun creatures who need specific types of toys to relax, scratch, play with, and be happy with.

Therefore, you need to buy the best cat food and accessories to ensure they can grow happy and healthy. Here are a few fan favourites to help you pick the best cat toys!

Your cat will undoubtedly love them.

Rainbow catnip toy

A catnip toy in a rainbow or banana shape attracts a cat the most. A cat plays excitedly with a rainbow catnip toy as it identifies different colours while knocking it around the floor.

A durable catnip will allow your cat to lick it, roll it around the floor, and have fun with it.

Bliss balls

Cats love to hunt and play with bliss balls. They like to hook their claws to a ball to chase and toss it around. That’s why you should buy the best bliss balls and sun-dried catnip.

It will allow your cat to use its instincts to use sound, sight, and touch to hunt its prey (the ball). You can buy cat food and accessories online, along with the best cat toys. It will ensure everything is in place to keep your cat happy and healthy.

Best interactive cat toys

Empty cloth or paper bag

This is a little DIY toy for your cat, especially for new cat parents. It is something you can whip up when you have yet to learn the best shops to buy cat supplies.

Use paper or cloth shopping bags to cure into a hiding place for your cat. It will give them a space to relax and play. Never use plastic ones! Also, chop the handles off the bag and put holes for better breathing.

A Multipurpose Rug

A multipurpose rug has many configurations that will keep your cat engaged for hours. It helps them play, scratch, jump, groom, and sleep. Have multiple cats? Then get a multipurpose rug to allow them all to play together.

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Chew Toys

As the name suggests, they are chewable by cats and even kittens, who adore chewing toys. Having tons of chew-best cat toys at your home will ensure your cats develop their curiosity as they love to play and explore using these. If you want to keep your houseplants or shoes safe from kittens, get them multiple chew toys.

Colourful springs

Cats love colourful springs. When they bounce, they love to catch it and toss it around. It will move around the house, chasing and pouncing with the springs. They are small, so your cat will lose them under the fridge multiple times. However, they are also affordable and cat-friendly, so a cat parent must have them.

Interactive robotic toy

Does your cat keep chasing every other pet in the building? Or does she love playing with your electric mixer or vacuum? Then, it is time to buy the best cat toys. A mechanical critter or mouse is an example of this toy.

They can roll on tiles, wood, or carpet, and cats love stalking them as it’s similar to chasing prey. Buy a robotic toy with multiple attachments so you can add new things, like a feather & a ball, to make playing time fun for cats.

Dry leaves

Another DIY toy is to get tons of leaves, add them to a party box, and let your cats enjoy it. Dry leaves allow the cat to enjoy the scent of nature, which is one of the best ways to keep them happy while they play.

Buying the best cat toys for your cat is more than just keeping them engaged. For example, when you set up a cute toy mouse for the cat to chase, you build a relationship with them. It helps you strengthen your bond while also teaching them discipline & behaviour.

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