Creative Uses of Stacked Monitors in Design and Artwork

Are you a creative?

Then, art is a big part of your life.

But whether you’re a fashion designer who expresses themselves through clothes, an artist who takes inspiration from their surroundings, or a graphic designer trying to make it big in today’s digital-first world, you need to get your hands on Geminos stacked monitors — a setup that can boost your productivity and inspire creativity.

Wondering how we can say this?

Take a look at its many benefits in design and artwork, and you’ll see why it’s a hot accessory among professionals who spend the better part of their day behind screens.

We’ll start with the obvious —

1. More Working Space

Stacked monitors double your working landscape.

Think of how it can benefit you.

You can use the top panel to store all your tools and reference images — anything you want to see at a glance while making all the magic happen at the bottom. You can even optimize its ergonomics by angling your main screen at about 15 degrees below your line of vision to make it gentler on the eye, neck, shoulder, and your overall posture.

2. Enhance the Immersive Experience

In addition to ultra-thin bezels that minimize distractions, Geminos features dual 24-inch 1080P full HD monitors, equipped with IPS technology.

What does this mean?

  • Better color contrast (1000:1)
  • Brightness of up to 250 N
  • Fast response times (60 hz)
  • Insane color accuracy

It works better than most VA/TN panels and is an excellent multi-monitor setup to continue your journey of art and design with. It gives you a truly immersive experience that improves your ability to influence how your audience feels about a particular design or product.

Stacked Monitors

3. Get More Work Done in Less Time

Adding another screen can take up valuable space on your desk. Factor in cables and accessories, and you’ve got a messy workstation, which can affect your cognition, emotions, and behavior as well as have negative effects on your stress and anxiety.

The good news is that’s not a problem you’ll face with Geminos.

It uses vertical space instead of horizontal, has 10-in-1 multiport docks, and prevents panel overflow. These keep your workstation clean, functional, and tidy, helping you focus and process information better so you get more work done in less time.

4. Conducting Research

Research is an integral aspect of any profession. In the field of design, stacked monitors help you get ahead in this area. Instead of having all your references stacked on top of each other, you can have key pieces of information readily available across your screens, making it easier to cross-check and confirm different data.

They maximize real estate, so you can have all the hard facts on hand for a more nuanced understanding of your project — be it a full-fledged advertisement or a cute fashion style. This makes it easy to invest your time and resources toward something that generates great aesthetic interest.

5. Supports Multi-window Design Programs

At any given time, popular design programs like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign require designers to have several windows open. Each window allows you to take advantage of different design functionalities that you can tweak to get your project just right.

If you only have one monitor, you’re computing workspace can look crowded and become difficult to navigate. However, imagine if you had an additional monitor or two…

Instead of piling them on top of the other or constantly opening and closing different toolbars to keep your screen uncluttered, you can move different tools into different monitors. You can then keep your file on your primary monitor and see it better. Meanwhile, your other tools remain handy on your other screens.

6. Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

From time to time, you’ll have to collaborate with your colleagues and clients. In a physical office, this wouldn’t be much of a problem since you can easily gather together in a meeting room and share your screen on a table or through a projector.

But when you’re working remotely, you need to give this extra thought since you’ll need to take care of how you can effectively share your work during meetings and presentations.

This can be difficult to do with a single screen, especially since you have to keep tabs on your actual workspace and the screen you’re sharing with others. After all, accidentally sharing a personal chat or email can be embarrassing not to mention make you look unprofessional.

If you have extra monitors, you can easily dedicate one screen to your presentation and another for all the behind-the-scenes activities you have going on like your personal notes and the names of attendees (while keeping your personal files safely out of sight!).

7. Check the Final Output

Whether you’re editing images or videos, you need to make sure that the final result is flawless. That means getting a number of aspects right — color balance, color correction, contrast, syncing, transitions, text, and more. But you can only do so if you can closely simulate the viewing conditions of your audience.

The best way to do that is to calibrate one of your monitors and dedicate its use to viewing the final render. By having one dedicated monitor for viewing and enhancements, you can easily spot inconsistencies that need to be addressed.

You can then weed out potential concerns before submitting the file to your clients. Over the long haul, this can help you build a good working relationship with your clients since they’ll be less likely to point out basic technical issues.

Breathe Life Into Your Creations With Mobilepixels

The stacked monitors are every designer and artist’s dream. Foldable and stacked on top of each other, you get 24 inches of additional screen real estate in 1080 pixels full high definition resolution.

Despite instantly doubling (or even tripling depending on your setup) your workspace, it can easily be folded away because of its compact build and thoughtful design.

Even better, you can try it for 30 days as long as you make a $50 deposit. Once you’ve decided to make your purchase, you can opt for an easy payment plan that can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years.

Sure, you can get additional monitors from almost anywhere these days but if you want utmost functionality, style, exceptional image quality, and durability, Mobile Pixels and its Geminos Series is where it’s at.

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