Unexplored Places in Gujarat: Hidden Places, View, Photos, & More

In this post, we would like to share the Unexplored places in Gujarat. Gujarat is one of the famous states of India. It offers a vast variety of different activities and locations. Apart from that, you know that Gujarat also offers unexplored places that are very quiet and perfect to visit occasionally. 

Gujarat is a place in India known for its exciting history and culture. But there are some places there that only a few people know about. These hidden spots in Gujarat are perfect for nature lovers. 

If you love nature, there are places with beautiful forests, lakes, and quiet beaches. You can see several species of animals and birds there. It is perfect for walking and watching birds. 

So, if you want a different kind of adventure and want to discover hidden places, Gujarat has lots to offer. Explore these secret spots and find the unique things Gujarat keeps hidden away. 

Best unexplored Places in Gujarat include: 

Below, we mentioned some unexplored places that offer excellent peace and attractions. These places are not tourist areas. They are lesser known. Here are these places: 

  • Girnar
  • Mandvi Beach 
  • Diu
  • Gopinath Beach
  • Wankaner
  • Pirotan Island
  • Saputara 


Girnar is a big mountain in Gujarat, India, known for its religious significance in Jainism and Hinduism. It is home to several pilgrimage sites. It is also a beautiful place with great views from the top. 

  • Location: Junagadh, Gujarat, India
  • Timings: 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Saturday to Sunday)

Mandvi Beach

Mandvi Beach is a lovely place in Gujarat, India. People go there to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. There is also a famous old palace nearby called Vijay Vilas Palace. It is an excellent spot for a perfect visit.


Diu is a small island town in India near Gujarat. It is famous for its lovely beaches and old forts. People visit Diu for a relaxing beach vacation and to see historic places. It is an excellent spot for tourists.

Gopinath Beach

Gopinath Beach is a calm and beautiful place in Gujarat, India. There is also a particular temple nearby called the Gopinath Mahadev Temple. It is perfect for those who love nature and peace. 


Wankaner is a city in Gujarat, India. It is famous for its old palace, called the Wankaner Palace. There are also ancient wells and temples to see. It is a unique and unexplored place to visit in Gujarat.

Pirotan Island:

Pirotan Island is a small island in the Arabian Sea near Gujarat, India. People like it because of its beautiful beaches and many sea animals and plants. It is a special place for nature lovers and tourists who want to see the ocean. 


Saputara is a pretty hill station in Gujarat, India. People go there to enjoy nature, boating, and seeing animals. There is also a museum to learn about the local tribes. It is an excellent place for tourists. 

Best time to visit Gujarat:

The best time to explore Gujarat is from October to March when it is not too hot or rainy. It is more comfortable for sightseeing and enjoying festivals. Summers are not a perfect time to explore, so planning your visit in the winter months is better. 


Can we explore Gujarat in the summertime?

You can, but winter is one of the best times to explore Gujarat. 

Is Saputara worth visiting?

Yes absolutely. Saputara is one of the best places in Gujarat. It is worth visiting. 

What are the timings of Gopinath Beach?

The timings of Gopinath Beach are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

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