Trip to Sundarban: A Complete Tour Guide

Are you planning to take a trip to Sundarban, the most beautiful mangrove forest located in the delta formed by three mighty rivers- Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna? If yes, you have taken the best adventurous travel decision in your life.

You are sure to have thrilling experiences and exciting moments while stalking in the forest, floating on water and watching wild animals and birds from a watch tower.

This top-line tourist place in West Bengal has many places of attractions, hunting hotspots, and pleasurable as well as adventurous activities to explore and indulge in.

To satiate your wanderlust and hunger for adventure travel, you will have The Sundarbans National Park, tiger reserve, wildlife sanctuary, and biosphere reserve.

It offers a vibrant atmosphere, complex wildlife, and geomorphologic and hydrological character of land and coastline with climatic hazards.

A co-existence of a variety of flora and fauna has made the biosphere and ecosystem unique. The biosphere reserve and ecological niche of this place have made it amazingly awe-inspiring.

Best time to visit Sundarban

To have maximum enjoyment of this most sought-after travel destination, you can choose the winter.

Places to visit in Sundarban

You will have pleasures as well as adventures everywhere on the land, water and forest of Sundarban.  This largest mangrove ecosystem in the world is the home to India’s most iconic wildlife species – the Royal Bengal Tiger and the largest Crocodile ever.

Crisscrossed by hundreds of creeks, rivers and tributaries intersected by a network of tidal waterways, Sundarban offers many small islands dressed and laced by beautiful salt-tolerant mangrove forests created by Sundari, Goran and Geroa trees.

Each land appears to be emerald beauty open to mudflats.

Given below are the main attractions of Sundarban:

  • Sudhanyakhali watch tower
  • Do Ban Ki Watch Tower
  • Dobanki Canopy Walk and Watch Tower
  • Malta 5-river junction Face Panchamukhali
  • Netidhopani Watch Tower
  • Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower
  • Burrirdabri Watch Towe
  • Sundarban national park
  • Wildlife of Sunderban
  • Sajnekhali watch tower
  • Bhagabatpur crocodile sanctuary
  • Burirdabri watch tower
  • Sundarban Gosaba Island, Pakhiralay
  • Ravindra Nath Bungalow
  • Hamilton Bungalow Rangebalia Society
  • Satjelia Island ,Dayapur
  • Holiday island wildlife sanctuary
  • Kalashdeep
  • Henrys island
  • Bakkhali
  • Fraserganj
  • Netidhopani watch tower
  • Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary
  • Piyali
  • Halliday Island
  • Bhagatpur Crocodile Project
  • Kanak

Best things to explore in Sundarban

This largest mangrove ecosystem and biosphere offers significant numbers of things to watch and satiate your wanderlust.

Given below are the top 6 things to explore in Sundarban

  • Forest
  • Tiger
  • Crocodile
  • Seafood
  • Boating
  • Ocean
  • Campfires
  • Narrow creek
  • Core zone
  • Buffer zone watchtower


Apart from offering many wonderful things and attractions, it brings you a huge number of pleasurable, fulfilled and adventurous activities to indulge in.

Have a look at the important activities mentioned below:

  • Walking amidst nature
  • Boating
  • Bird watching
  • Boat Safari
  • Jungle Safari
  • Wildlife Exploration
  • Scuba diving
  • Watching fascinating local folk dance
  • Enjoying Banabibi drama shows
  • Watchtower Sightings

How to reach Sundarban from Kolkata

Water transportation is the single transportation facility to get entry into the Sundarbans National Park. Therefore, a journey by boat is the main way to get around the travel itineraries.

Sajnekhali Island is the main entrance of Sundarban. It is over 100 kilometers from Netaji Subhash International Airport in Kolkata.

From Kolkata, you can reach there by bus, by car, and by train.

By Train

The nearest railway station giving you the gateway to Sundarban is Canning. It is only 48 kilometers away from Sundarban. From Sealdah station, you need to take trains going to Canning.

After getting down at Canning station, you need to take a bus going to Raidighi, Godkhali, Namkhana, Sonakhali, and Najat.

Motorboat service is easily available from these bus stops to enter The Sundarban National Park. Besides, you can take a ferry or book a boat for hire from Sajnekhali.

By Bus

Sundarban is well-connected to Kolkata with a network of different roadways.  You can have many public and private transport buses from Kolkata.

They will drop you to nearby waterways starting from Sonakhali, Namkhana, Canning, Raidighi, and Najat bus stop.

By Car

AC cars, Non AC cars, shuttles and super-shuttles are available from Kolkata science city to take you to Gadkhali Ferry Ghat- end of the road. Gadkhali is the final land point from where waterways start.

By Waterways:

As a network of tidal waterways connected and crisscrossed Sunderbans, you can indulge in riverine transportation from land points or places like Namkhana, Sajnekhali, Sagar Island, Sonakhali, and Raidighi.

Where to camp for an adventurous trip

If you are an adventure seeker interested in exploring wildlife activities, you can indulge in a campfire. You can set up your base camp on a boat floating on the water or fixing it in the middle of a wide river or water body.

Don’t go to the side of it. Be alert and careful while spending time on the boat. Don’t let your boat float at the side of the water. Tigers might jump onto it or crocodiles might attack.

Dangers are everywhere when on land or water. Tigers are on the land and crocodiles are in the water.

Where to Stay Nearby

There are many hotels and resorts in Sunderban offering multiple exploration facilities. You can choose one or more for spending different days and nights.

Given below are the important hotels and resorts offering different importunities while spending your days and nights here:

  • Tiger Roar Resort
  • Mangrove Retreat
  • Chital Tourist Lodge
  • Jungle Camp
  • Tiger Camp
  • Tiger safari resorts

Sundarban Tour packages

If you want to avoid the hazards and risks of setting itineraries and hiring a boat, lodge, guide and other things related to wandering, jungle trips, safaris, and other adventure activities, you can hire a tour operator or organizer offering attractive Sundarban tour packages.

Travel Tips:

  • The permissible time for staying within the Sundarbans National Park/Tiger Reserve is from sunrise to sunset.
  • Hunting, fishing, and making any damage to flora, fauna & habitat entry in the core area is a serious offence.
  • Carry id proof for staying at a lodge, resort or guest house at Sundarban
  • Do not enter without a valid permit issued by Sundarban Tiger Reserve’s offices at Canning, Sonakhali, Sajnekhali.
  • Carry an excellent quality binocular with you to watch or spot distant animals.

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