Top Women’s Shorts For Exploring The Unknown

Exploring an unknown destination can be exciting as it offers you brand-new experiences and it enables you to have unforgettable travel adventures. It is also a great way to grow as a person.

Traveling to an unfamiliar place helps you reinvent your life and makes you more open to trying new things and understanding new cultures.

Moreover, being somewhere different and forced to adapt to life outside your comfort zone can make you mentally resilient. As a result, aren’t these reasons enough to pack your bags and go somewhere you have never been before?

Before taking off for parts unknown, though, you need to be fully prepared, and you will need to pay attention to your wardrobe. For exploring, clothing brand Sanctuary reports that shorts for women are the perfect option.

They are light and easy to carry and launder, providing ease of movement. They also keep you cool on hot days and can be worn in different ways to suit your mood.

Whether on a two-week road trip, walking in the city, or camping in the mountains, there is a type of shorts for any activity during your holiday. Here are the top women’s shorts for exploring the unknown.

Cargo Shorts

Practical, rugged, and convenient, you can never go wrong with a pair of cargo shorts in your travel wardrobe. Featuring roomy pockets that can hold your phone and other necessities, cargo shorts allow you to explore hands-free (and bag-free, sometimes!). 

For hiking, pair your cargo shorts with a breathable tank top or t-shirt to keep you cool on the trail. Wear a long-sleeved top with your cargos at night to protect you from mosquitoes or sudden wind gusts. Pick cargos in dark neutral colors, like olive green or black, to disguise stains so you can wear them repeatedly during your trip.

If you like dressing up a little for an impromptu camp or beach party, consider cargo shorts in a fun print or an unusual color, such as metallic blue.

Pair it with a tank in a coordinating color, then throw a windbreaker over it to stay warm. Accessorize with a few fabric and leather bracelets, hoop earrings, sandals, or basic white sneakers. 

Jean Shorts

LA-based brand Sanctuary said that if you want a pair of versatile women’s shorts for your travels, you must pack a good pair of jean shorts.

You can wear your jean shorts cuffed or uncuffed, and they come in various washes, so they are easy to dress up or down. Some even come with exciting hardware and gems, but choose a classic cut-off in plain denim to get the most mileage out of your shorts.  

While exploring a big city during your trip, you will need a stylish look to blend in. During the autumn and winter, wear your jean shorts with tights, a cozy sweater, and a long coat, then finish the look with boots and a beanie or beret.

You can also wear your jean shorts with a plain shirt and an oversized blazer if you want to look put together but do not want to be overwhelmed by many layers. 

Consider wearing a distressed hoodie with fishnets and combat boots to give your jean shorts a bit of edge. A leather jacket can also help to toughen up a basic look, but instead of black leather, think of wearing a maroon, forest green, or slate gray leather jacket.

Pair it with relaxed-fit jean shorts just above your knees, a black tank, and black motorcycle boots. 

Bermuda Shorts

Shorts do not have to be itty bitty to look good. Occasionally, some coverage will do just the trick, especially if you want to protect your skin while exploring or do not feel like wearing short shorts. Bermudas are a good pick for your trip if you want a modest pair of shorts.

Bermudas let you stay cool and comfy during your trip and prepare you for any adventure. For a feminine look, pair your Bermuda shorts with a boho or tunic-style blouse, some flat gold sandals, and a summer hat– it is the perfect outfit for a tropical or beach destination. 

Just add some gold bangles and earrings, a woven bag, and some killer shades to up the luxe factor of your outfit, and you are ready to spend some time in any of the best resorts in the world. 

You can also wear Bermudas while sightseeing or going on tours, and they are the perfect alternative to jeans or trousers. However, if you are exploring a country that has a conservative dress code or if you will be visiting religious places such as temples, even the smartest Bermudas may not be appropriate for your trip.

Research your destination’s dress code to ensure you do not cause offense or draw unwanted attention while out and about.  

The best shorts for travel are the ones that make you look good and feel good, no matter where you are. Consider these types of shorts for your next trip to a new place, and have fun while exploring! 

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