The Top 10 Countries for Online Gambling in 2024

As online gambling continues its explosive growth around the world, some countries have emerged as hotspots for operators, like Unibet Casino, and players alike due to progressive regulations, vast markets, and excellent growth prospects.

With so many options, which countries truly represent the best destinations for online gambling in 2024? This definitive global ranking will analyze the top 10 countries using key criteria to crown the premier online gambling hub.


To create the definitive top 10 ranking, countries were assessed based on four major criteria:

  • Market Size: Total estimated gross gambling revenue and number of active players
  • Regulations: Degree of legalization and licensing regimes for online gambling
  • Growth Prospects: Recent and projected future growth rates
  • Innovation: Early adoption of new products like live real money online slots and daily fantasy sports

Using this methodology, the 10 most attractive countries for the online gambling industry were selected and ranked based on their total score.

10. Denmark

Although Denmark clocks in at number 10 on our list, this northern European nation remains a very gambling-friendly jurisdiction. Home to major operators like Bet365, Denmark legalized online gambling in 2012 and features a well-regulated but open marketplace.

While growth has stabilized in recent years, the country still generates over €250 million in online gambling revenue.

9. Belgium

Despite its small size, Belgium has emerged as an unexpected leader in the European regulated online gambling market. With nearly 80 licensed sites, Belgium enables operators to offer a wide range of gaming products to its population of over 11 million Belgian adults.

While the market is nearing saturation, online gambling revenue continues to grow steadily year-over-year.

8. Ireland

Benefitting from shared language and cultural ties with the massive UK market, Ireland punches above its weight in online gambling GDP contributions.

With a population of just 4.9 million, Ireland already generates over €2.7 billion in total gambling revenue. With continued double-digit growth, Ireland should continue climbing the ranks of the best online gambling countries.

Table 1. Online gambling revenue growth (Ireland)

YearRevenue (€ million)Growth
2022170+10% Projected

7. Italy

Despite having one of the most robust retail gambling cultures in Europe, Italy has been slow to regulate online gaming. But following the opening of the Italian internet gambling market in 2017, licensed sites have thrived thanks to rapid adoption by Italian players.

With over €2.2 billion in revenue and growth rates of 15-20% in recent years, Italy appears poised to become Southern Europe’s next online gambling hub.

6. Sweden

Sweden’s regulated online gambling market opened in 2019 and rapidly exceeded revenue projections, cementing its status as one of Europe’s premier markets.

With its population of tech-savvy young adults and excellent mobile infrastructure, Swedish players have embraced legal gambling sites en masse, generating over €800 million in revenue to date. Recent growth checks in at over 25% annually.

5. Australia

Despite having under 26 million citizens, Australia consistently generates the highest gambling revenue per adult capita rates globally thanks to its thriving, newly regulated online gambling market.

With over 15 licensed online sportsbooks and casinos operational domestically, Australia produced over €1.2 billion in online gaming revenue in 2021 alone. Coupled with 22%+ yearly growth, the Land Down Under seems poised to dominate the Asia-Pacific region.

4. Germany

As Europe’s largest economy, Germany long seemed destined for online gambling dominance once regulated. Despite only opening in mid-2021, Germany’s nascent internet gaming market now counts over 130 providers servicing German adults.

Though still early, the market produced €886 million in 2021 revenue and projects to easily eclipse €2 billion in 2023. With less than 50% population penetration, Germany remains full of unlocked potential at #4.

3. United Kingdom

Home to pioneers like Bet365, the UK nurtured one of the first and strongest online gambling cultures globally. While year-over-year growth has stabilized around 2-5%, the sheer scope of the £5.7 billion UK internet gambling market cements its status as a premier destination both for players and operators alike.

With nearly 200 licensed brands competing domestically, expect Britain to remain a fierce competitor for #1.

2. Canada

Benefitting from a shared border, cultural history, and language with the massive US market, Canada has nurtured one of the largest online gambling populations anywhere.

Following progressive legalization at the provincial level post-2015, Canada now plays host to scores of licensed operators like DraftKings, generating over €2 billion in revenue in 2020.

With year-over-year growth still above 15%, Canada seems on track to lead North America in the years ahead.

1. United States

While legal online gambling remains restricted to a patchwork of states, the sheer immensity of even the current US internet gaming scene cements its status as the premier global market.

With over 100+ licensed operators spread across more than a dozen states, regulated US online gambling easily exceeds €5 billion in gross gaming revenue annually even in its infancy.

As additional states like New York open markets annually, expect the United States to cement its dominance over the next decade.

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