Things you must know before you visit Kerala

The state is flanked by the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats in the East. It is a small but beautiful state in the southern part of India. Kerala is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in India.

Lush green forests, gigantic mountains, serene beaches, beautiful backwater, exotic wildlife, amazing tea plantation; it is a treasure of excitement.

Kerala is a flag bearer of the rich and ancient culture and tradition in India. But, at the same time, it is a progressive, educated, and forward state.

The literacy rate in Kerala is the highest in India. People are educated and cultured. The healthcare facilities are amongst the best in the country.

Things you must know before you visit Kerala

How to reach Kerala from Mumbai

Kerala is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It is well-connected to the major cities in India by railway, road, and air network. There are several options to reach there. From all big cities and metros, you can find direct or one-stop air connectivity.

The capital city Kochi and all other big cities of the state have direct rail connectivity with the rest of the country.

Several operators arrange Tours and Travels in Mumbai for Kerala, “The God’s Own Country”.

Road connectivity from Mumbai to Kerala is excellent. The road is good and picturesque. There are direct flights from Mumbai to Kerala. It is a two-hour flight. The rail route is also very much interesting and beautiful.

You need to call the best Kerala Tour Packages from Mumbai.

Best way to travel Kerala

It depends on your distance from Kerala. Since it is located in the down south, you should choose the fastest mode of travel to save time.

Travelling by air is the fastest method and the best if the price is within your budget. Travelling by road is convenient, except during the monsoon. Rains are heavy in Kerala.

If you want to travel by train, you need to book the tickets in advance. Trains going to Kerala travel through many states and are usually long-distance trains. Therefore, giving birth could be tough.

Deciding about how to travel there is one of the things you must know before you visit Kerala.

Leading attractions of Kerala

Alleppey is called The Venice of India. It brings beautiful backwaters and scenic landscapes. The relaxing place is a “must go” destination. Munnar is the Tea Heaven. The tea plantation of Munnar is one of the best things to see. It is a great place for adventure seekers. There are unlimited opportunities for trekking and camping.

Those who love the sea and seashore must visit Kovalam. Its beauty is incredible. The relaxing environment of Kovalam refreshes the mind and body. The place brings a variety of exciting water sports as well. Fort Kochi is for history and nature lovers. This place brings a glimpse into the history and culture of Kerala.

When a leading tour operator plans a tour program, the best attractions can be planned.

This state brings a lot for wildlife lovers in the form of Thekkady. The Periyar National Park is home to various animal species, including tigers and elephants. The list of attractions is quite long. One has to plan the itinerary based on the availability of time.

When you talk to a tour operator about Kerala Tour Packages from Mumbai, you can learn about the leading attractions.

Kerala Tourism Policy

Kerala Tourism Policy is based on sustainable tourism development. The policy is to accomplish the target of a 100 per cent increase in the arrival of tourists in five years. Also, the policy would put a stop to unhealthy practices.

To attract more international tourists, the state is trying to showcase life and culture more prominently. Other than the tourist attractions, a lot of focus will be there on highlighting temples, festivals, cuisine, folk forms, and so on.

Get to know the culture.

Kerala is a land with special recognition as “God’s Own Country”. It is a beautiful and peaceful place with scenic beauty and rich culture. Kerala cuisine is very special. The love of bananas, meat, coconut, and fish of the Kerala people is well-known.

Kerala cuisine brings a great taste with its vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Kathakali and Mohiniattam are two world-famous dance forms. Kerala is a land of festivals. The whole year is marked by colourful and joyous celebrations.

The people of Kerala are simple and polite. They welcome guests with great warmth and hospitality. Every tourist carries great memories of Kerala that remain fresh forever. Leading travel agencies that can arrange the best travel plan for you.

Don’t miss out on the Kerala Food.

Food is important in Kerala. Since the state is a multicultural place, you can have various culinary dishes. Non-vegetarian food is popular in Kerala, but traditional vegetarian food is equally popular. Most of the restaurants serve a variety of traditional Kerala cuisine and international, national, and continental dishes.

Rice and meat are the staple food. Coconut is an integral part of various dishes. In temples, special Kerala food is prepared on special religious occasions. It is called Sadhya. This multi-course meal is a breathtaking experience. Malabar cuisine is a special type of Kerala food.

Shopping in Kerala

Kerala is a place with breathtaking natural beauty and delicious cuisine. It is a land of rich culture and traditions also. However, it is also a place where you can find a great tradition of art and craftsmanship.

You can buy fantastic kerala jewels, antique pieces, carvings, and many other handicrafts. Fragrant sandalwood figurines and coconut shell carving are other specialties.

The traditional Kasavu Sari (famous white sari with a golden border) is worn by Kerala women during festive occasions and is woven from the best cotton. Its meticulous work makes it unique.

And, of course, one cannot miss the spices. You can buy the best-quality spices there.

One of the important things you must know before visiting Kerala is what to buy from the local market.

Alcohol In Kerala Is Pretty Uncommon

If you are interested in Alcoholic beverages, it could be a problem when you are in Kerala. The state government issues a limited number of licenses to hotels. Beer and wine are served in most places.

If you check into a hotel that does not serve liquor, you should get it from duty-free shops. There are many government-owned Kerala State Beverages Corporation Outlets.

Nightlife is not popular in Kerala. In some big cities, you can find some hotels or restaurants open till midnight. But in small and medium-sized cities you cannot see shops open beyond 11 PM.

Do’s & Don’ts while in Kerala

Every place has certain rules. Kerala is also a place where you need to keep some points in your mind. Here are some Dos and Don’ts.

  • You should avoid late-night travel. The place is safe, though.
  • Smoking should be avoided in public places.
  • In temples, dress codes are strictly followed.
  • Kerala is a place where you have religious harmony and cultural diversity. Plus, there is religious plurality also. Hence, you should maintain decorum. Avoid making comments that will hurt the feelings of others.
  • Language could be a problem in interior places. In bigger cities, you can communicate in English and Hindi.

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