How to Spend the Best Week in Europe | 1 Week Itinerary

The perfect Eurotrip is quite easy to plan and exciting to attend! However, if you are planning on more than one place and have limited time, you might need some assistance in getting your itinerary ready. So, check out our model proposal for the best week in Europe.

Days 1-2: Edinburgh

Let’s start our explorations with Scotland. While the capital city is quite difficult to explore thoroughly in two days, you can make the best of it by having a clear plan. So, let’s see what we can see in just the short 48 hours!

First of all, you should purchase the tickets to see the great Edinburgh Castle. As Scotland’s main iconic monument, the fortress is an excellent way for you to catch a glimpse at the country’s historical background, cultural themes, and even some of the royal artifacts!

Apart from the stunning rocky surroundings and attractive interior, the castle is known to house the Honours of Scotland and the most important royal jewels.


Later on, we suggest taking a trip to the National Museum of Scotland. Just to get the education you might miss out on when visiting the castle! With much more vivid information and fantastic exhibits, the museum explains what Scotland is in detail and how it came to be precisely what it is today.

The Scottish Highlands are essential during a trip to Edinburgh. One of the most gorgeous terrains in Europe, the lands are famous for many castle ruins, media-famous sites, such as the Glenfinnan Viaduct, and wildlife so deep and vast, it will be hard to wrap your head around it.

However, we suggest leaving the museums and in-city locations for day one and dedicating the whole of the second day to exploring Scotland’s nature.

Days 3-4: London

Board the train from Edinburgh to London and carry on with your European adventure through the greatest cities ever!

You can very quickly enjoy England’s capital city in two days. We suggest hitting the hottest spots and the essential monuments to get the whole idea behind England. If you plan this correctly, you can call yourself an expert by the end of it!

Visiting such sites as Big Ben and London’s Eye is very important, but you do not necessarily have to go inside to enjoy it. Both are great and enjoyable from the outside, so walk along Oxford Street and the city centre.

If you are looking for some more excitement and historical background, we suggest getting visitation passes to Buckingham Palace.


As one of the most significant establishments of the British Royal Family, the palace is a grand touring spot and the most eye-catching display of England’s revolutionary life, culture, and royal residence.

The Harry Potter franchise is yet another symbol of all the best things in England, so if you are a die-hard fan of the movies, we recommend the Warner Bros Studio Museum tour, where you can spend hours exploring unseen features, props, and plenty of explanations from behind-the-scenes.

For your second day, visit the 19th-century Madame Tussauds Museum for the best collection of worldwide celebrities made solely out of wax! The exhibit is constantly improving and expanding, and its quality and innovation are one of unique features of the genius English mind.

Places like the National History Museum, Westminster Palace, or the British Museum can also be considered essentials, but you must choose carefully while planning your time, as these take a lot out of the day.

Days 5-6: Paris

While your trip is halfway done, the exciting stuff is just about to start! Spend two incredible days in France’s capital city, getting to know their distinct Parisian culture, historical sites, and the most widely acclaimed tourist attractions.

By the way, you can easily switch up your holiday locations by taking the train from Paris to London. These two are quite close, so it does not really matter if you want to visit one or the other first!

You might think these places are often overcrowded and even a cliche, but the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, and others are vital to the French adventure. However, you have to decide if you want to enjoy these from afar or get inside.

Notre Dame de Paris

If you want to go up the Eiffel Tower or see the complete gallery at the Louvre, which we absolutely suggest you do, it will take you the whole first day, and you have to take care of the tickets right now!

Take a stroll through the iconic street of Champs Elysees and enjoy French elegance and lavishness. Even if you do not end up buying anything, just admiring European wealth is worth your time!

Walk to the famous Notre Dame de Paris on either the first day or the second. The church is still under construction after the devastating fire in 2019, but you can still appreciate the French Gothic architecture from afar and feel its magic.

Day 7: Brussels

For your last day, for a quick look around, we suggest taking the short train to Belgium, Brussels. Visit the most important city to the EU, and enjoy the colorful cityscape. Since you will not have much time, we suggest omitting the museums and the galleries – you could just as easily enjoy your day outside, walking around the city.

Just make sure you end up the Grand Place – the most significant square in Belgium and Brussels’ beating heart. Afterward, have a drink at the Cantillon Brewery, and if you have enough time, step into Saint-Michel Cathedral, the most significant religious establishment in the city.

Aside from all of the places mentioned above, just make sure to enjoy simple walks and mapless adventures! Sometimes, you can find the most exciting things without really looking for them. So, walk freely, enjoy your week, and have the best Eurotrip ever. Goodbye, Au Revoir and tjuus!

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