Best Slip on Shoes For Women

When it comes to women’s shoes, there are hundreds of types. One such that stands out among the others and is loved by many is the slip-on shoes for women. Slip on shoes for women rose to fame for one reason: they can quickly be worn and removed without much effort.

This might not seem like a deal breaker, but slip-on type shoes come in handy for situations like adventures where the feet might sweat a little extra and hence needs some rest. This is just one of the many use cases of slip-on shoes.

If you are entirely new to the slip-on section for women, worry not, as we have made a list of the best slip-on for women that you can buy, which might potentially replace your other shoes in the long run due to their comfort.


Loafers are famous and reputed among men because of their classy and aesthetic looks. This is the same for female loafers too. These loafers are semi-formal.

Thus, if you are more of a pant and blazer-wearing woman while attending formal meetings, you can easily pair them with loafers to look stunning and traditional.

Though I am not sure about other slackers in the market, the slip-on comfortable knit loafers from BURUDANI are intended to be worn inside the house with your loungewear and worn out with everyday outfits for occasions like office meets, shopping and even some parties.

Knit Mules

white slip on shoes

Sandals, as slip-on shoes, are more casual and are intended to be worn indoors. But what if you want something slightly less straightforward that can be worn outside with an everyday outfit? Then’s where Knit Mules come into play.

Knit mules are eco-friendly, and their uppers are completely hand-knitted. This makes them highly breathable and skin-friendly, ideal for long periods in moderately harsh environments.


When talking about slip-on, the first shoe that comes to many women’s minds is the sandals. Thanks to their design, sandals are by far the comfiest shoes available in the market. This also makes sandals the most casual shoe on this list.

Thus, many women prefer wearing sandals at home in one of their comfiest clothing or at the beaches where it becomes easy to get rid of sand from the feet thanks to the superior breathability of sandals.

Knitted Flats

Lastly, we have one of the most loved flats among women, the knitted flats. These shoes are a direct descendant of dance shoes.

Hence they both are similar in many ways, the only difference being these flats are suitable for walking. These flats match well with jeans, dresses, and cotton pants when paired with the right top.

Slip On Heels

Slip On Heels

Heels are formal occasion shoes. Get a slip-on heel if you are a party freak or attend numerous business meets and need something easily worn and removed.

The significant advantage of slip-on heels is that you can remove them in your free time, giving your feet air and time to breathe before seamlessly putting them on again for your next meeting.

This way, you can wear them for an extended period without worrying too much about foot pain.


Moccasins fall under the category of loafers; hence they are a slip-on as well. The only difference is that, unlike slackers, moccasins have a soft and flexible soles. Though this might seem like an advantage, soft soles can cause foot pain when worn for walking for an extended period.

Slip On Sneakers

Yes, sneakers are everywhere. They are one of the very few shoes that can be worn for all seasons and all occasions. This is true for slip-on sneakers as well.

Unlike other sneakers, these shoes have a laceless design with a tight glove-like fit to your feet so that it doesn’t get too loose or come off the feet quickly while walking.

Also, because of their laceless design, slip-on sneakers are better looking, in my opinion, than traditional sneakers. Make sure to look into a slip-on sneak if you want one shoe in the slip-on category for all purposes.

Slip On Hikers

People love trekking and other mountain-based activities. Sometimes, the only irritating distraction we face in our mountain adventure is the constant need to tie our loose shoelaces or want to remove the shoe so that the foot can breathe, but unable to do so because of the number of laces we have to tie again.

For people like us, slip-on hikers are the only solution. As for slip-on hikers, there are two major types, a laceless design and a lace design, which does not require you to tie them.

But don’t be alarmed by slip-on hikers. Even though they cannot tie your laces, they still provide the same protection, comfort, and breathability as any other tactical/hiking boots on the market.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, slip-on shoes are still one of the most suitable everyday shoes for many women. Some women have also started replacing their usual shoes with slip-on style shoes.

As a beginner’s rule, ensure you only buy from a reputed seller, even if it costs a little extra. With that said, enjoy your new shoe by matching them with various outfits of your liking.

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