10 Impressive Reasons to Visit Riga, Latvia

The beautiful city of Riga, Latvia continues to grow in popularity with tourists, digital nomads, investors and those who love to get off the beaten track.

Considering its gorgeous green lush landscape, incredible nightlife, Europe’s largest food market, incredible art nouveau buildings and friendly locals, it’s easy to see why.

Nicknamed ‘The Paris of the East,’ this UNESCO World Heritage site looks set to become one of the top destinations for 2023 and beyond. Travel to Riga and you will see why.

1. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997, Riga city features a stunning collection of historic buildings, cobbled lanes, beer gardens, street cafes and everything that makes travelling to Riga an unforgettable experience.

Highlights include Riga Cathedral (the largest medieval church in the Baltics), St Peter’s Church with its amazing views and The Three Brothers (three houses built in different centuries.

2. It’s just 20 minutes from the beach

When you visit Riga, don’t forget to check out the stunning golden sandy beaches nearby. By travelling just 20 minutes by train, you can visit beautiful beach towns like Jurmala and bask in the Baltic sunshine.

3. It’s a foodie heaven

Whether you adore the traditional hearty Latvian dishes or prefer an international and eclectic approach, you’ll find it right here in Riga city.

The famous Central Market is one of Europe’s largest with over 300 vendors and a growing number of high-quality restaurants around the city blend cuisines from across the world.

4. The eclectic blend of architecture is amazing

Travel to Riga, Latvia and you can enjoy a historical and fascinating display of architecture throughout the ages. The city boasts the largest collection of art nouveau buildings in the world with more than 800 listed art nouveau buildings in the Old Quarter alone.

You’ll also find former Soviet Buildings here including the Museum of Occupation of Latvia and the Academy of Science skyscraper.

5. If you love lush greenery, you’ll love Riga (and the rest of Latvia)

Lush forests cover over 52% of the country with beautiful city parks, romantic water features, winding canals, beautiful flowers, fountains and monuments scattered across the country. Whether you want to soak up nature, enjoy a stroll in nature or a picnic or simply want some green space, visit Latvia.

6. It’s extremely budget friendly

Despite being a thriving Northern European city and using the euro, Latvia is a very affordable travel destination. With low accommodation and food prices, your budget will go even further when you visit Riga.

7. Riga’s nightlife is fantastic!

You’ll never be short of things to do in Riga when you experience the vibrant culture and nightlife in the city. There’s something for all tastes and eggs including wine and tapas bars, unique clubs, cheap theatre tickets, live events and much more.

8. There’s incredible variety throughout the city

Travel to Riga and you’ll discover the incredible variety that this city offers. Each district is completely different and the more you explore, the more you find. Whether you’re looking for a taste of the Soviet past, prefer medieval history or want to bring your travel experience up to date with modern, innovative experiences, you’ll find it here.

9. It’s compact and easy to explore

Although Riga is the largest city in the Baltics, it has a population of just over 600,000. This makes it easier to explore, friendlier than other cities and cosier and more intimate than many other larger European destinations.

10. You’ll feel like you’re in a fairytale

If you’re looking for fairytale forests, ancient castles, waterfalls and an authentic sense of magic, travel to Riga and use it as your base to explore the rest of the country. Unspoilt, lush and unlike anywhere else in the world, Latvia certainly won’t disappoint.


Whether you’re looking for history and culture, unique architecture, thriving nightlight, foodie experiences or simply to get out into nature, travel to Riga. This undiscovered gem offers a unique charm and beauty that simply cannot be matched in the rest of the world.  

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