10 Reasons to Visit Norway | Must-Try Scandic Activities

A trip to Norway sounds like a dream? Well, time to make it come true. If you need a bit of a push forward and are looking for more motivation for a Nordic holiday, check out our list and suggestions of the top 10 reasons and must-try Scandic activities to visit our gem in Northern Europe. 

1. Norwegian Fjords

If there is anything that tells you that you have reached Norway, it is the Fjords. These icy inlets of the ocean, running along in between two cliffs, are one of the most impressive natural sights in Scandinavia, and there are plenty for you to explore up close in cities like Bergen. 

Actually, the city is the best Fjordan one in the area and very easily reachable. Just take the Oslo to Bergen train if you are leaving from the capital, and enjoy these natural giants in the best way. 

2. Hiking

You cannot go to Scandinavia and not hike! Especially in a country like Norway, where there are mountains all over with more than enough hiking trails and routes suitable for all levels of difficulty.

Most of the locations coincide with Norwegian Fjords so that you can take a challenging walk and enjoy the views at the same time. 

3. Northern Lights

Yet another iconic activity, not specific to but most popular in Scandinavia, Northern Light hunting is one of the most beautiful and exciting things to do here.

With the help of trains in Norway, reach cities like Tromso and Lofoten and come face to face with the sky exploding in color. Unbelievable sights guaranteed! 

4. Whale Watching

Does anything really surprise you at this point? Knowing just how vast and complicated Norway is in terms of natural terrain, whale watching here is quite casual, even though it seems like something otherworldly to tourists.

They visit the Norwegian coast every year, so if you plan your time correctly, you can see them up close! 

5. Midnight Sun

Not as ominous as it sounds, Midnight Sun is actually a stunning natural phenomenon of the sun never setting above the Arctic Circle.

This happens yearly and lasts for some time, so places like Svalbard, Norway, stay well-lit 24/7 for a few weeks.

We suggest spending a few nights that way, but still warn you to be cautious – it might feel unnatural and impact your sleeping schedule, so be careful! 

6. Cycling

You may wonder why cycling is a whole separate reason to visit Norway. How enjoyable can a bike ride be, right? Well, if you know your routes, very!

If you are determined to cover some area of Norwegian landscapes, do it half-half so that you are on foot for some of it and riding a bike for the other part.

The best hiking routes are also equipped for cycling, so take the opportunity! 

7. Skiing

Obviously, Norway is perfect for you if you enjoy outside sports, activities, and adventures. This time we suggest you take up skiing, as there are numerous treks prepared so that you could have the best sceneries, comfortable rides, some challenging turns, and ultimately a very wild but safe experience.

Try the Lyngen Alps or even a couple of resorts in Tromso. Hey, you might be there already, waiting for the Northern Lights! 

8. Mountaineering

Norway is a magical place for mountain climbing and undoubtedly one of the best corners in the world to try out your strengths.

While you have plenty of choices to enjoy the Norwegian terrain, mountaineering also allows your adrenaline to play a part. Not even joking – you can find a mountain near you in all cities, so choosing a trail should be quite easy. 

9. The Samis

While a group of people might sound like an unusual reason to visit, it is quite essential that you learn about the Sami culture while in Norway.

The indigenous people of our North carry years of history with them, still honoring it and living in the same ways, which has had an impact on present-day Norway as well.

We suggest digging a bit deeper and finding ways to gain some knowledge of their history, development, daily life, and culture. 

10. Winter Wonderland

All the best things you imagine when thinking about winter are glistening snow, excellent hot food, Christmas, and starry nights; you can find it all here, in the big cities and villages, towns, and towns of Norway.

While there are almost the same number of winter visitors as in the summertime, Norway never gets overcrowded, but rather lovelier. So, grab your winter gear and plan the vacation! 

Try to have a few full days here, at least – we guarantee a new match made in heaven! Norway is appealing and suitable for everyone, no matter how you choose to spend your time.

Obviously, more than enough activities are available, so you will find something for yourself, and it might just turn into the best holiday ever. Farvel and good luck! 

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