How to Have a Relaxing Psychedelic Experience in Calgary while traveling?

If you live in Calgary and are looking to have a psychedelic experience, you can purchase magic mushrooms from dispensaries throughout Alberta. For thousands of years people have been consuming shrooms and weed for many reasons, some for medicinal reasons and others for recreational purposes. Now you can buy these products from authorized dealers, where customers feel a lot safer. 

If this is your first time taking shrooms, don’t underestimate the power of the substance. It is an experience like no other, so consider asking a person who has plenty of experience taking magic mushrooms to join you on your trip. In Calgary, it won’t take you long to find someone with a history of taking shrooms!

Make sure you are in a Good Mood

If you are not feeling in a good mood or experiencing feelings of depression, perhaps it’s best to leave off taking mushrooms until another time.

The chances of having a bad experience are much higher if you don’t feel in the mood. It would help if you had a positive mentality going into a trip; otherwise, your entire experience might go bad. 

Finding the right environment is key to having a good trip. There are plenty of places around Calgary such as the Calgary Tower, The Riverwalk, and Prince’s Island Park, worth checking out while taking shrooms, but you might not feel comfortable. Consider staying at home, and surround yourself with people you trust.

You can have a terrible experience taking shrooms if you are in an unfamiliar environment with people you don’t know. A heavy trip can be hard to handle, even for those who have years of experience taking magic mushrooms.

Consider asking a “sitter” to join you for your first time. A sitter is someone who will take care of you during your trip. A sitter won’t drink alcohol nor use drugs during your entire mushroom experience. The best sitters are experienced users, as they know what to expect and how to calm you down if things go bad. 

Be Prepared

The last thing that you will want to do in the middle of your trip is drive off to the local grocery store. Don’t forget to stock up on water, fruit juice, cigarettes if you smoke because cigarette prices may vary according to your location, and some snacks. Although it is unlikely that you will feel hungry during your trip, you might want to eat a few small snacks now and again.

When you buy shrooms in Calgary, keep in mind that the trip may last for 6 hours. By the time your trip is coming to an end, all the stores might be closed, so having food close by will help.

Before taking the shrooms, avoid eating food for around three hours. A lot of folks, especially those who are new to shrooms, experience nausea if they take shrooms just after eating a meal. 

Avoid Mixing Shrooms with other Drugs

Although many people might tell you that shrooms are better when you are drinking alcohol, smoking weed, or after consuming other mind-altering substances, don’t waste your time.

Mixing shrooms with other drugs can ruin your trip. Although consuming a little cannabis or drinking one or two beers won’t make much of a difference, avoid taking mushrooms when intoxicated.

Many folks consume cannabis to help them relax before they use shrooms, which is not a major issue. Other mind-altering drugs, especially LSD, should be avoided. 

Are Shrooms Dangerous?

Although many folks claim mushrooms can kill a person, there are no official documented cases where someone has died from an overdose after they have taken mushrooms. They can, however, make the user feel that they have lost track of reality, but this feeling will go away after a while. The problem is doing something dangerous while tripping. People have jumped off tall buildings or driven motorized vehicles while under the influence of magic mushrooms.


Shrooms are not for everyone, and every person experiences a different trip. Although people might have similar trips, everyone’s trip is unique. Users often experience feelings of euphoria, and sometimes they tend to laugh at everything they see. It can completely change the way you look at the world and make things feel alive. It gives people a sense of freedom that only people who have taken mushrooms can understand. 

When starting, don’t go overboard and consume a lot of shrooms. Keep in mind that many of the magic mushrooms available in Calgary are very strong, so consider taking around a quarter of a gram. Most dispensaries employ staff members who understand a lot about the products they have for sale. Don’t hesitate to ask them for advice on the amount you should consume for the first time.

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