New Year Party in Ludhiana | Party Places, Events & Price

The celebration of the New Year party in Ludhiana is delightful—parties everywhere, from expensive hotels to hip clubs. Expect to experience traditional Punjabi elements and modern fun, including great live music, dancing, and excellent food.

They can participate in special events with fireworks lighting up the sky at midnight. Safety comes first, and you should book your tickets early for discounts.

New Year’s parties in Ludhiana are a mixture of cultural flavor and modern fun, and they offer a fantastic start to the New Year to all the visitors!

Image of New Year party in Ludhiana
Image of New Year party in Ludhiana

New Year party places in Ludhiana

It has various venues where individuals can participate in New Year celebrations. In the city, there are opportunities for everyone, from luxury hotels to buzzing event spaces.

They will turn malls into buzzing hubs while lounges and cultural spots will be full of life. Craft beer and dynamic settings are appealing to those who flock to br

eweries. One can find stylish options, ranging from chic to sophisticated, in all of Ludhiana.

Every city venue’s different New Year happenings promise memorable experiences for its residents and visitors. Ludhiana receives a celebratory New Year because of the number of choices.

  • Park Plaza Ludhiana
  • Hyatt Regency Ludhiana
  • Klasston Grand
  • Ludhiana Westend Mall
  • Barcode Lounge and Grill
  • Hotel Maharaja Regency
  • Hingoli
  • Brew Estate
  • Kava Restaurant – Fairfield by Marriott
  • Sky Lounge – Hotel Nirvana

New Year party in Ludhiana price

The prices for New Year parties in Ludhiana differ concerning the venue, the type of event, and its inclusions. If you want specific and current information on the New Year party charges in Ludhiana, contact the venues or the organizers of events.

Early booking also ensures better prices and availability for a perfect New Year celebration. Typically, prices can range 2000 to 10,000 per person, depending on factors such as:

  • Type of Venue: There might be higher ticket prices for high-end hotels and resorts than for smaller bars and other event spaces.
  • Inclusions: The price usually includes entrance to the party, entertainment, and sometimes food and drinks. Additional benefits offered in high-priced tickets include exclusive seating, gourmet meals, and premium beverages.
  • Early Booking Discounts: Some venues also give early booking discounts, encouraging people to book in advance.
  • Family Packages: A party may offer special prices for family-friendly parties that include children.
  • VIP Packages: There are also VIP packages with additional amenities but at an extra cost for those wanting a more exclusive experience.

Best Restaurants in Ludhiana for Couples

The best places for couples to have a special meal can be found in Ludhiana. The restaurants create a cozy, romantic environment with dim lights and comfortable seating. For instance, one can try local Punjabi cuisine or foreign favorites.

Modern and traditional vibes in the restaurants. They create an environment where a couple enjoys a memorable meal together. Therefore, Ludhiana has some nice spots to check out if you want a good meal date place for your partner.

  • Indian Summer
  • Flames – Hyatt Regency Ludhiana
  • Basant
  • The Yellow Chilli
  • The Brewmaster
  • Barbeque Nation
  • Moti Mahal Delux
  • Pal Dhaba
  • Hotel Nirvana
  • The Chocolate Room
New Year party in Ludhiana Photo
New Year party in Ludhiana Photo

New Year Events in Ludhiana

Enter Ludhiana’s center this New Year and participate in an unparalleled event! Vibrant activities in the city promise the ideal fusion of contemporary and tradition. Ludhiana is welcoming the new year with full arms, complete with street celebrations and cultural performances.

Embrace harmony, optimism, and this vibrant city’s unwavering spirit with us. Together, let’s celebrate the new year in Ludhiana with delight!


Private places for couples in Ludhiana

There are beautiful places where couples in Ludhiana can get some privacy. There are cozy cafes, peaceful parks, and quiet areas in restaurants. You could have a calm time amid beautiful nature or choose a soft corner in a small, cozy restaurant.

There is always something nice for young couples in Ludhiana. Ludhiana has places where couples can share moments in a quiet and romantic atmosphere, like a sweet walk in the park, a dinner, or coffee in a cafe.

  • Rakh Bagh
  • Lodhi Fort
  • Leisure Valley
  • Restaurants: Indian Summer, Flames, Basant
  • Coffee Shops: The Chocolate Room, Starbucks
  • Rose Garden
  • Breweries: Brew Estate
  • Lodhi Club
  • Hardy’s World
  • Oregano – Hotel Park Plaza
New Year party in Ludhiana Picture
New Year party in Ludhiana Picture


Where to go for a New Year celebration with family in Ludhiana?

Many options are available in Ludhiana: Visit “Colonel’s Cabin and Yellow Chilli” as family restaurants in Ludhiana and “RadissonBlu and Nirvana” as hotels.

Which are some of the best places for a New Year party in Ludhiana?

Hyatt Regency Ludhiana, Sky Lounge – Hotel Nirvana, and others are the places to celebrate the Ludhiana New Year Party 2023.

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