8 Men’s Toupee Haircuts worth Trying in 2024

One of the most commonly requested questions by men who wear hairpieces is, “What’s the ideal haircut to try on a toupee?” It is easy to understand why.

Many books and blogs on men’s toupee hairstyles are available, but only a few are brand new, and even fewer cover the latest trends. New Times Hair has got your back! 

This article will talk about eight toupee hairstyles for men that are getting more popular worldwide in 2023. These toupee haircuts will update your look and keep you updated with trends.

The top toupee haircuts for men are as follows:

Modern pompadour

The majority of you have probably heard of the traditional pompadour. The 1950s and 1960s saw the height of this haircut’s popularity.

Yet, it is now 2023, and it is clear that this toupee haircut has undergone dramatic changes that have given it a flavor of royalty. Stylists have modified the pompadour to fit what men want to wear now.

For this stylish hairstyle, males must trim the toupee hair to a length of 3 to 5 inches. For a more “dapper” appearance, you might choose buzzing or burst fades for the sides.

Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut will probably be the top toupee haircut for young guys in 2023. We call it a beautiful twist on the classic undercut that divides the top from the sides.

For a clear contrast, the toupee hair is kept at a medium length while the natural hair on the sides and back is buzzed short.

Where a distinct, clear line marks the short hair ends and the medium hair starts. It has a distinctive, high-contrast structure that offers the wearer a refined and elegant appearance.

Most facial shapes complement a disconnected undercut for a hairpiece, which looks much more fabulous when worn with a beard.


Although the quiff and pompadour appear similar, they are not the same. The top hair is pushed up and swept backward with the pompadour for a voluminous effect.

However, the hair above the forehead is brushed back and upward with a quiff. Many professionals appreciate this toupee haircut for its relaxed yet refined vibe.

The quiff hairstyle is shorter on the sides and back and longer on top, similar to a contemporary pompadour. Men can choose between a less noticeable fade on the sides and back and a stronger fade.

A more prominent fade will have a more relaxed vibe than a less pronounced one. A sharper fade will offer a clean, modern style.

French crop

Give the French crop hairstyle a try if you haven’t already. The French crop, one of the most popular toupee haircuts for 2023, is low-maintenance and perfect for anyone who wants to look stylish but doesn’t want to spend much time maintaining their toupee hair.

The French crop, which is neat and short, is always fashionable and ideal for men with receding hairlines or thinning hair.

As a classic toupee hairstyle, the French crop can be given an edgy twist by combining a fade with a French crop. That will undoubtedly give your crop a contemporary feel.

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Caesar cut 

For men who prefer a simple hairstyle, the Caesar cut is ideal. It’s a low-key, short hairstyle with bangs named for Julius Caesar, the legendary Roman emperor.

Caesar’s haircut, adaptable by nature, can be perfected with any style of hair toupees, including straight, wavy, or curly hair.

This men’s toupee hairstyle has significantly changed over the past few years. Several hairstylists say you can make a few small changes to this style to make it look more modern.

For example, combining a French crop and a Caesar cut could add a modern touch. For a more chiseled appearance, men can also receive a bowl cut in the style of a Caesar.

Man bun

This haircut is perfect for you if your toupee has hair that is longer than 8 inches! A man bun is a great, avant-garde replacement for having long hair naturally.

You can style this haircut by gathering all the hair from your sides, putting the toupee on top, and tying it into a bun.

Dislike the long sides of hair? Not to worry, the sides can be shaved or trimmed, but the crown hair should remain as long as feasible.

The longer hair on top will match the shorter hair on the sides. Whether you go for a high, mid, or low fade, you’ll become the “in” person.


Isn’t the military haircut for a toupee a little out of date? That may be true for military haircuts such as the crew cut and burr. Yet, the current version of the military cut, which features tapered sides and a back, is still stylish and will keep you in the lead when it comes to men’s fashion.

The side-parted toupee exposes a distinct line from the front to the back of the head. On the other hand, the sides and back have tapering strands that end at the skin.

Also, men can request that the stylist add curved lines to the sides. Their toupee haircut will appear more adaptable as a result.

Slicked Back

While toupee haircuts are a fad, the traditional slicked-back hairstyle is timeless. You can wear it professionally, like a stockbroker, or more casually and subtly, like G-Eazy.

When you embrace the slicked-back hairstyle, everything works. Most hair types and face shapes look good with a toupee that is slicked back. Starting with a damp hair toupee that has been towel-dried after rinsing is advised.

Scoop some pomade, then work your fingers through the toupee hair to incorporate it. Applying it to roots is not recommended because it can harm them. Take a comb in your hand, then comb the hair back!


The top 8 men’s toupee haircuts for 2023 are shown above. It might be challenging to keep up with the most recent hairdo trends. New Times Hair keeps its customers updated on the newest ways to style their hair and advises them on taking care of themselves.

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