Marauder Mini Dual Beam Flashlight 

The Marauder Mini is a miniature version of the Olight Marauder series of torches. It is a strong rechargeable dual beam LED flashlight with throw and follow. Following the Marauder 2 lens design and composed of nine LEDs surrounding the center, it permits 7 brightness levels that give 200-7000 lumens.

A big round LED has been included to the center, providing a 600-meter spotlight beam. Three color RGB LEDs are uniformly distributed around the converging lens, making it perfect for use during any occasion.

The toggle switch in the middle of the body permits fast access to pick either flood light or spotlight, while the upper rotary knob is intuitive to adjust brightness levels.

Surrounding the rotary knob switch are indicators that show the battery level, brightness level, and 3 RGB light colors. The flashlight makes sure of a thermal sensor that mechanically downshifts the light to get a body temperature below 50 degree when there is continuous high output use.

Powered by a customized 24Wh 32650 rechargeable lithium battery, it provides high runtime and is compatible with Olight MCC3 magnetic charging cable. Wrapped by 270-degree silicone, the torch body surface gives a more relaxed and stable grip.

The hidden lanyard hole design immediately manifests for ease of carrying, storage, and daily use. Little in size but still run like a beast, the Marauder mini is a must have for rescue & research, hunters, and all outdoor lovers.


·         Beam distance: 600m

·         Maximum performance: 7000

·         Charge type: MCC3 Magnetic charging cable

·         Light intensity: 90,000

·         Compatible batteries: Customized 6500mAh 3.7V 24W 32650

·         Lens/reflector type: TIR Lens

·         Light source: High performance cool white LED

·         Form/size factor: Medium size

·         Mode operation: Rotary knob switch

·         Series: Marauder

Lighting levels

·         Strobe: Yes (Floodlight); No (spotlight)

·         SOS/Beacon – No

Technical features

·         Weight: 26.5 oz

·         Length: IPX8

·         Length: 5.51 in

·         Body diameter: 2.09 in

·         Head diameter: 3.11in

·         Use rescue, research, military, outdoor, law enforcement


Little in size, yet strong: A little smaller than the previous Marauder series torches but with all function and power.

Dual beam with spot and flood: features a 600-meter round spotlight beam from the central LED and a 7,000 floodlight lumens from nine surrounding LEDs.

Uniformly distributed RGB color LEDs: 3 RGB color LEDs are uniformly distributed around the converging lens, making it perfect for use during any occasion.

Big battery capacity: Customized 24Wh 32650 rechargeable lithium battery makes sure high runtime. Now compatible with Olight MCC3 magnetic charging cable.

Easy toggle switch & 3D rotary knob switch operation: A simple toggle switch to pick either flood light or spotlight, a creative rotary knob switch to activate the light and circle via seven output levels.



This flashlight has seven throw and seven flood modes. That is plenty of lighting, provide you full control over the performance levels you need.


It is worth noting that the lumen output on this torch changes with time and so does the runtimes.

User interface

This torch is not the hardest to use. For the functions this torch has, the interface could not be more straightforward to use.

For safety reasons, in order to turn this torch on, you have to turn the dial knob 90 degrees and then click the same dial knob. This is how you turn this light on. Then, you can now use the dial-knob to replace the light configuration.

There is a separate switch to pick between throw and flood.

Strobe function

Though the strobe feature only works on Flood Mode, it is still a helpful feature.

The strobe feature is amazing for when you need light signaling. You may want to catch the focus of someone on another shore.

It is best for scaring away wildlife, which is why this is a remarkable outdoor torch.

Build quality

Made of High-Grade Aluminum, this torch can take a punch.

The tail cap can be turned to show the USB-C port that this torch comes with.

The build standard of this torch tells us the Olight Marauder mini is one of the excellent tactical flashlights on the market.

Tactical flashlight uses


You could be walking in unsafe or dark areas, and you know there are lots of chances for potential risk.

This is when the flashlights come in, providing you some strong light.

Tactical flashlights like Marauder mini flashlights are much lightweight, convenient, and portable and can fit your pocket purse, or handbag and can provide you relaxation of mind, providing you light whenever required, whether it is night or day.

A tactical torch was designed with a lowest of 200 lumens. At the same time, if you narrow the beam, it can cover a perfect distance.

Signaling for help

Again, when you are in risk or in an emergency and need a helping hand, what first comes to your mind is to make sounds by yelling or make actions by waving your hands.

There are possibilities for you to miss your way and get lost in the wilderness or mountain, or you need to be rescued after being attacked. Your movement to seek help may be hidden from drivers or individuals at night.

Additionally, a tactical torch can help you. If you want to signal any person from a distance using a torch, you would put your hand in front of the light and take it back and forth to simulate off/On for Morse code.

Where there is risk around you

Attackers are very active during night hours, which is why they would be relaxed carrying out their activities successfully. This is where tactical torches are overlooked and are much more successful.

The bright light can help you identify the risks and tackle the benefit of the attacker stalking in the shadows.

You could immediately eliminate the potential risk by just shining the bright light straight into the attacker’s eye, momentarily blinding them and disorienting them.

While your attacker struggles, you have time to defend or flee yourself further.

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