A worthwhile exploration – Manila

A vibrant city full of life embracing all the aspects of fun, excitement, thrill, and amusement – Manila the capital of the Philippines is a bustling metropolitan which has a strong culture, economy, and quality of life for the citizens.

This amazing city is densely populated and has millions of tourists visiting the city to get a glimpse of the lifestyle and the wondrous attraction spots.

Though unknown to most people this ultimate city has a long history that dates back to many centuries.

The city has been under the authorities of Spain, America, and Japan in the past by which the city has a lot of influence in the present culture and tradition.

The city has beautiful architecture, places to visit like historical monuments, churches, amusement parks, etc. you will love to visit the popular destinations of the city with Cathay Pacific which is awaiting exploration.

The outstanding Malacanang Palace

Most of the visitors try to get a glimpse of this beautiful place which is the official residence of the President of The Philippines.

It has an unbelievable history as it was built in the 18th century in the Bahay na Bato and neoclassical style. The palace is clean and it is open for visitors to look at the presidential museum and the library to understand the history of Manila. It is open for visitors from Monday to Friday 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

Manila zoo

For people who love the wildlife zoological parks are the best places to visit – the manila zoo has amazing wildlife creatures like hippopotamus, elephants, Bengal Tiger, monitor lizard, and others. It is one of the best places to visit with kids to see the wildlife and enjoy.

This particular zoo has more than 500 animals from over a hundred species. The zoo park not only contains wildlife but also has botanical gardens and Arboretum visitors can learn plenty about a variety of plants and their significance.

If you are interested in watching wildlife you can either spend an hour to see the animals here or look for a day or a half-day tour that includes the zoo.

Extraordinary craftsmanship the Manila Cathedral

Manila Cathedral boasts intricate designs and woodwork.

It is special because it is strong as it survived earthquakes and conquest for over 400 years. It has a history that dates back to 1571 but it has been evolved since then it has survived challenging situations and the present architectural building is the eighth renovation.

It is made in similar lines of neo-Romanesque architecture, people who love architecture would find it interesting, the main attraction of the place is the huge pipe organ and high vaulted ceiling.

Arroceros Forest Park

Manila is considered as one of the bustling cities this metro is known for the huge traffic jams and busy lifestyle. In order to relax the visitors can hop into the beautiful forest Park for few hours.  

Though it is a small park it is dense and has lush gardens and trees that make the tourists relax and enjoy the greenery and fresh air. The park contains 60 varieties of species of trees and more than 8000 plants.

It also is a home for 10 different types of bird species. If you are interested in a variety of plants and birds this is a beautiful place to visit. Not only does the place offer relaxation due to its beautiful scenery but it also makes a great place for wedding photoshoots.

For the love of adventure rides visit – Star City amusement park

After watching a lot of historical monuments and architectural buildings engage in some thrilling and exciting fun activities in the beautiful and colourful amusement park.

It is one of the best sightseeing places in manila, this place is thoroughly enjoyable and excites children mostly as the Ferris wheel twinkles with abundant lights in the night, the fast rides in the park attract visitors and kids mainly, and you can also visit the Snow World and experience playing with cool snow.

There are different kinds of rides for all ages one of the extreme rides include the Star Frisbee.

How can you forget the nightlife visit Republiq

Now that you have visited historical places, zoos, and amusement parks, you can end your day by grooving to the best music in the popular club in Manila.

Feel the striking musical vibes that give you an extraordinary experience of the nightlife.

If you want to experience Las Vegas-styled clubs you must visit Republiq it is a place that hosts amazing events that include EDM house genre music with playful DJs that come from different parts of the world.

It makes the best place to hang out and enjoy music and party hard all night. It is located in Newport mall, Resorts World Manila and open on Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays.

The bay walk

Make sure that you witness the amazing sunset at the Manila Bay walk when you are here; it is a must-visit.

It gives you a glimpse of the Shore and it measures around 2 kilometers along the coastline it stretches from the American Embassy to the Cultural centre of the Philippines.

While you are on here you can witness amazing skyscrapers, also the manila Yacht club welcomes most of the Tourists and visitors enjoy street performances to unwind and relax in trendy cafes and restaurants located in Malate, Manila creates a feel-good ambiance that lets you relax and spend quality time with great views.

Find the best Bargains in the Divisoria market

Every tourist would like to shop while they are on holiday. Normally we like to get souvenirs, clothes, decorative items and many other things from holiday destinations.

This particular market is a Flea Market which is located in the heart of the city it is a very crowded bustling market.

It is known to offer everything that you need also the best thing about the Flea market is you can find amazing products at reasonable rates, this overwhelming place lets you shop, eat, enjoy and have fun while you are in Manila.

It is a great place to get souvenirs, accessories, bags, footwear, and more.

Casa Manila

The city of Intramuros is equipped with famous architectural and historical monuments.

This museum stands strong from the year 1980 it depicts Spanish colonial architecture and it is built in the form of a San Nicolas house which was in a way resembling the colonial lifestyle of Filipinos. With beautiful and striking elements in the exhibit, this place is a must-visit for all the history buffs.

Shop till you drop at Robinson’s mall; A great news for all the shopaholics; this Robinsons place Mall is one of the best shopping complexes which offers amazing clothes, accessories, and footwear.

You can find high-end showrooms in the mall which has a huge collection of clothes from all brands also the mall offers different types of food courts that satiate your hunger. 

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